The White Shadow

Season 3 Episode 8

Mister Hero

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 13, 1981 on CBS
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Mister Hero
While out on a joyride in a stolen car, Stone moves an unconscious woman from a car blocking the road. Shortly afterward, the car explodes, and now Stone is a hero for saving the woman's life. He milks the attention for all it's worth until the truth is brought to lightmoreless

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    John Mengatti

    John Mengatti

    Nick Vitaglia (1979-1981)

    Joan Pringle

    Joan Pringle

    Sybil Buchanan

    Stoney Jackson

    Stoney Jackson

    Jesse B. Mitchell (1980-1981)

    Ken Howard (I)

    Ken Howard (I)

    Ken Reeves

    Kevin Hooks

    Kevin Hooks

    Morris Thorpe

    Byron Stewart

    Byron Stewart

    Warren Coolidge

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      • Wardell Stone: You don't understand! Everybody was...they was treatin' me like I was something special or somethin'!
        Reeves: So, great!
        Wardell Stone: What do you mean, 'great'?
        Reeves: So, great! So, keep, uh, feeling that you're something special.
        Wardell Stone: How am I gonna do that?
        Reeves: I don't know. Just, uh, keep thinking that you pulled an old lady from a burning car.
        Wardell Stone: Coach, you just said that wasn't important!
        Reeves: No, no, Wardell. It's not important for ME. But, obviously, it was the excuse you needed to behave like a decent human being. People paid you a little attention, so you responded.

      • Coach Reeves: Wardell, I don't care if you're a hero!
        Wardell Stone: Oh, yeah, sure!
        Coach Reeves: Not 'oh yeah sure'...I'll tell you a story. I went to college with a guy named Skipper O'Brien. He was the meanest guy I ever met. Everybody hated his guts. So, this guy goes to Vietnam, he rescues this patrol from an ambush, he comes back, he's a big hero. You should've seen the TV shows he was on. Parades, medals, the works. You know what? He was still the meanest guy I ever met and they still hated his guts. You know why I liked you yesterday? You helped me carry a box. I mean, it was no big deal, but at least you weren't strutting around like you usually do. That's all it takes to have people like you. You don't have to save somebody!

      • Coach Reeves: What am I supposed to say? Sorry you got caught?
        Wardell Stone: Hey man, don't say nothin'!
        Coach Reeves: Okay. (gets up to leave, Stone stops him)
        Wardell Stone: Hey, what do you know, huh? Yesterday, I'm the king of the world! Everybody wants a piece of ME!
        Coach Reeves: Yeah, and now nobody likes you. So, what's to like? That's right, I mean, what do you do? You blow up toilets, you lie to people, you steal cars. So, what's to like?

      • Reeves: You know, Wardell, the more I look at you, the more I realize some people are just born to be the class clown type.
        Wardell: (smirking) Yeah, well...
        Reeves: Yeah, well, you're not! You're not entertaining, you're not even funny! Waht do you think of that?

      • Wardell: Excuse me, Mrs. Buchanan. Let me get this straight. Now, you're askin' somebody on this championship quality team give up some of their valuable time, perhaps even a Saturday, to spend some time with a buncha ol' biddies?
        Sybil: No, Wardell. I'm not asking.

      • Sybil Buchanan: School property is not for your personal, anti-social, perverted impulses!

      • Reeves: So, Wardell, you guys are gonna be in a lot of trouble if someone doesn't come forward.
        Wardell: Yeah, I sure hope someone does. Boy, that's a doggone shame, blowin' up a toilet like that...
        Reeves: Wardell, shut up!

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