The White Shadow

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Nov 27, 1978 on CBS

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  • Ken Reeves (Ken Howard), an aging pro basketball player for the Chicago Bulls realizes he can't continue to keep playing Pro ball any longer. An old college roommate makes Reeves an offer to coach a High School Basketball team. Reeves accepts and heads

    As with most TV pilots this episode is the mere stepping stone for what the future show will be. The entire tone of the show is nothing like what it will become. It plays very serious. Ken Reeves' character accepts the coaching job at a "ghetto school" and immediately seems like a fish out of water. The humor and horseplay common among later episodes is not there. Still, its an interesting set up. Reeves spends the episode getting used to the idea of being a high school coach. There are two characters introduced in this episode, Reeves sister and her husband, who seemed like they were to be regulars. After this episode there are only seen in 3 or 4 more shows. And even then only for a few minutes. As the novelty of seeing the shows origin this episode is watchable. Otherwise it does not represent what the show became. Rating C+