The White Shadow

CBS (ended 1981)


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  • How Cool Was this Show???!!

    This was a favorite show of mine back when I was a teen. Had a big crush on Salami!!!! LOL. I'm happy they are airing it again on NBA-TV and the characters are as fun and charismatic as I remember them. Good acting, good if sometimes silly plots. I also love that this show was made before political correctness reared its ugly head. You could never have this show today on network TV and that's a shame.
  • I was looking around the net and found a site for WHite Shadow fans!

    I was searching through different White Shadow sites and I came across a message board set up secifically for fans of "The White Shadow". If ya want to check it out go to It looks pretty new but it'll probably be pretty interesting when more fans of the show find it. It's about time someone made a site for that show.

    BTW - Any word on when the season 3 DVD set is coming out? I've checked FOX's site and Amazon and no info yet. Let's just hope they get the right cast members on the cover this time around. :-/

  • gibberish and garbage. basketball and high school. seems like two different things but this tv series takes the two and puts them together. what a waste of breath and time even thinking about this show. should have changed the channel and broken the remot

    the white shadow the only thing white was the coach and he wasn't all that great. what a time waster trying to fill a spot in the world of the great mind bending series of gibberish. should have been canceled in the first episode but great minds like money okay.