The White Shadow - Season 1

CBS (ended 1981)


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Episode Guide

  • LeGrand Finale
    LeGrand Finale
    Episode 15
    The team wants to form a singing group, but elect not to include Thorpe, who begins a dating interest with Karen LeGrand, a white girl with an unsavory reputation around school.
  • Little Orphan Abner
    Episode 14
    Goldstein's grandfather is hospitalized and his grandmother stays at the hospital with him, so Coach Reeves asks the team to check in on him at home every so often. The other guys aren't too keen on this because Goldstein really doesn't fit in with them, but they agree to check on him and, in the process, take advantage of him and his hospitality. Goldstein threatens to quit the team, and Coach Reeves gives him a lecture on standing up for himself.moreless
  • Mainstream
    Episode 13
    A mainstreaming program is put in place at Carver, and as a result, Coach Reeves is forced to take in an autistic kid on the basketball team.
  • 2/24/79
    Salami has dreams of becoming a professional boxer, like his father was. However, his dad is dead-set against it. Coach Reeves offers to help Salami train, but gets more than he bargained for when he learns his father is against it and that he and Salami don't talk to each other.moreless
  • Spare the Rod
    Episode 11
    Coach Reeves substitute-teaches a P.E. class and runs into trouble with Lucius Robinson, a student with a past history of teacher abuse.
  • We're in the Money
    Episode 10
    The team pools some money in hopes of hitting it big in Las Vegas.
  • Airball
    Episode 9
    Reeves attempts to fly the team to an out-of-town tournament in San Jose. All sorts of trouble ensues, ranging from the players' mischief in the airport, to their fear of flying, and to the plane developing mechanical problems.
  • 1/27/79
    Reeves deals with a new player, Raymond Collins, who was forced to transfer from his old school because of rumors about his being gay.
  • 1/15/79
    When Gomez is kicked off the team for poor grades, he turns to a street gang he once ran with.
  • Wanna Bet?
    Episode 6
    Coach Reeves recruits Bobby Magum, a playground basketball hustler, for the Carver High team. Reeves soon finds out Magum carries a lot of baggage, such as being in trouble with loan sharks.
  • Pregnant Pause
    Episode 5

    College scouts are impressed with Reese and believe he has a good shot at a scholarship. However, Reese's plans are put on hold when his girlfriend, a Carver cheerleader, tells him she's pregnant. Coach Reeves, however, discovers her attending cheerleader practices, even though she is supposedly pregnant, and believes she may be lying about the pregnancy to trap Reese into marrying her.

  • Bonus Baby
    Episode 4

    Coolidge believes he's ready for the NBA, and thinks about signing with a crooked agent to get there.

  • The Offer
    The Offer
    Episode 3
    A beautiful young TV reporter is in town to do a special on Coach Reeves at Carver High and tries to lure him into quitting and going into broadcasting.
  • 12/4/78
    Coach Reeves and the team discover liquor in Jackson's locker, and fear he may have a drinking problem.
  • (pilot)
    Episode 1
    Ken Reeves, a forward with the Chicago Bulls, is forced to retire after suffering a serious knee injury. His old friend and high school teammate, Jim Willis, who is principal of Carver High near L.A., drops by to offer him a job as basketball coach. Reeves is reluctant, but agrees. Among the challenges he faces with the school and the team include a female vice principal who doesn't like him and a player, James Hayward, who has a lot of potential, but also is fatherless and may have to drop out of school to go to work and take care of his mom and little brother.moreless
  • The White Shadow
    Episode 1
    A serious knee injury forces Ken Reeves to quit playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls.