The Whitest Kids U'Know

Sunday 11:00 PM on IFC Premiered Mar 20, 2007 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • 510
      Episode 10
      Sketches include: It Was Pretty Good- when a seasoned journalist retires, a new batch of hires teach her co-anchor that journalistic standards aren't what they used to be; Mom Phone- a young man desperately attempts to get his mom's attention. Also in this episode: Sophomores.
    • 509
      Episode 9
      Sketches include: Homeless Show- an eager host teaches the homeless to live like kings, but the network finds his show isn't reaching a desirable demographic; Spaghettio's- a hospital patient can't seem to get away from the classic canned pasta. Also in this episode: Come Down here, Worst Orchestra, Joe has Syphillis, Cactus Wasp, and Inappropriate Dinner Conversation.moreless
    • 508
      Episode 8
      Sketches include: Baby Traits- new technology allows two expecting parents to choose race and sexual orientation for their newborn; Horse Announcer- a horse race announcer struggles to remember horses' names when a chance gust of wind blows away his notes. Also in this episode: Timmy Future, Bill's Back from Vietnam, and 1000 Dice.moreless
    • 508
      Episode 8
      Timmy travels into the future and has sex with someone who likes old-timey clothes and looks a lot like his grandma in "Timmy's Future". A young couple does genetic counseling with a persuasive black, gay, one-legged doctor in "Baby Traits". In "Horse Announcer" a horserace gets confusing when the announcer loses his notes containing the horse names. Civil War On Drugs series continues as Trevor and Sam meet General Grant, who drinks a lot and vomits a lot. He gets the drop on them and takes them prisoner.moreless
    • 507
      Episode 7
      Sketches include: Escape Artist- a magician that sets a world record by holding his breath for over 17 hours; Pledge of Allegiance- students pledge allegiance to the flag, General Electric, and Citigroup. Also in this episode: Going Home Alone, Liquor Store Robbery, and Dead Teacher.
    • 506
      Episode 6
      Sketches include: God Wants You...- a rock group explains that we are united by God's true desire for us all to wear hats; Zombie Press Conference- after learning zombie infections last mere hours, a Pentagon spokesman must retract his orders to shoot all infected people on sight. Also in this episode: Dad Will Take Care of It, Bad Drivers, Hot Sister, Milfy Mom, and Making Animals Kiss.moreless
    • 505
      Episode 5
      Sketches include: Stork Factory- the baby factory takes on a sinister tone when one of their employee's turns into a baby killer; Nerf Nuke- kids embark on nerf warfare. Also in this episode: Black Light, Nic-O-Dick, and Civil War on Drugs.
    • 504
      Episode 4
      Sketches include: Spanking Dads- Dads discuss that the best way to discipline children is by corporal punishment; Teacher's Union- at a teacher's meeting, the staff are told to do away with the traditional grading system; Didgeradoo- legendary Didgeradoo player, Sal Rosenberg, plays his soulful tunes. Also in this episode: Firetruck Pullover, Careful Commandos, MacDougals, Digging People Up and Civil War on Drugs.moreless
    • 503
      Episode 3
      Sketches include: John Williams- John finally figures out his perfect theme song, only to forget it in the morning; Herpes Commercial - a sincere public service announcement for the STD; Bikini Day- two kids lure their unsuspecting dad into an intervention. Also in this episode: Jizzle, Ants, Darren & the Giraffe and Civil War on Drugs.moreless
    • 502
      Episode 2
      Sketches include: Slow Mo Squirrel- as the Kids hot box a car, a rogue squirrel jumps through the sun roof causing havoc; First Date- what do you do if on your first date, the guy orders dog crap? Old Folks Home- Trevor makes a music video on the benefits of visiting the elderly." Also in this episode: Wedding Flip Flop, Ocean 2.0, Anne Frank and Civil War on Drugs.moreless
    • 501
      Episode 1
      Sketches include: Baked Beans- infomercial for one of the world's hottest sex call worker who erotically douses herself with baked beans; Little Hitler- how one hit of marijuana pushed Hitler over the edge; Songs of Olden Times- a new CD featuring such hit songs as "I'm Your Child Bride" and "That Women is Having her Period." Also in this episode: War Letter, Finger Ring Friends and Civil War on Drugs.moreless
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