The Whitest Kids U'Know

Sunday 11:00 PM on IFC Premiered Mar 20, 2007 In Season





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  • funny as heck

    Alot of people just do some funny stuff in different little funny things. one time they bring food to a rocket ship and falls onto the other people and hurt them lol . and people say banana and get shot . and someone makes a time machine and gets a past man and makes him freck out freck out I . and one time stuff happens ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . la la la la la la la and there is a dog with a diasese ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
  • This is by far one of the best shows I have seen in my entire life.

    I love this show so much it is the best show ever the skits are great the charecters are funny and the show in general is a laugh riot. All the skits are great it needs to get a little more popular but once it does you will be hearing kids talk about it all the time soon more people will be watching this then japanesse kids watch naruto. then some people can always say i watched it befor it was popular. once they get on there 3rd season i bet it will be like that. The Whitest Kids You Know Rocks.
  • This is great! I need IFC!

    I have to watch it on demand, or on the internet. It's a very amusing show other than all those stupid songs Trevor likes to do. He's my least favorite, but he's funny in many sketches. Their cutting edge humor is great with all the original sketches that I've never seen anything like on SNL or MADTV. With them being on IFC, they have more freedom to do their thing than the network sketch shows do, so that helps them. Also, this seems like one of those shows where the orignal cast will be the only cast. I really love the sketches with the arguments and/or when Timmy's dressed up as a woman.
  • Best IFC Show. Great, Funny, and just a little drunk.

    Best skit show on air. Better than snl
  • best ever.

    best show ever. ever in life. ok i have to say that i deffinteily pick favorites and at first i just loved darren. my favorite sketch of all in the cubicle one. and darren does the BEST job of not laughing while sam (being Mr. Brown) was yelling "Darren! Darren, im not finished! i'm not finish! let me paint my art! DARREN im not finished. im. not. finished. yet. DARREN." haha and there's people watching. great skit. but then i saw trevor's working in the opposite day one. and the bank robbery. yes. "oh so their identical buildings?" "no they're the same the building" "so theres tunnel?" "no" "i'll just have to see it"

    The Whitest Kids U'Know is probably the funniest thing to ever happen. My friend randomly ran around singing "Get a New Daddy" all the time and eventually I decided to just watch the show. From the moment I started watching, I was laughing so hard that I almost died. First of all, the sketches are all so genius that I have no idea how these guys come up stuff that funny. Second, these are some of the most talented actors I've ever seen and they could probably make a bad pun seem hilarious. The Whitest Kids U'Know is the best sketch comedy troupe out there and they're definately worth watching.
  • A New York City- based comedy troupe, what else could be better? This hilarious sketch comedy show is in the midst of shooting their second season at the moment.

    The show is amazing. I stumbled upon it one day when I saw something called the Hitler Rap on YouTube. One thing that is semi-shocking is how disturbingly well Zack can play a female, and for the reason gets the female role in every sketch (Example: The dating game, The death of Abe Lincoln). And Timmy is hilarious no matter what he's playing, but you can still see that Trevor is the obvious leader and for a good reason. The stuff that comes out of that guys head is insane but still side-splittingly funny. Watch this and be prepared! The show gets a 9.5 from me, if you hate this show and do not find it funny at all, email me and we'll chat it out.
  • Cringe worthy comedy that will catch you off guard.

    The Whitest Kid's U Know is crude disgusting... and freakin' hilarious! At forty years old, I realize I am not the target demographic for this show, but I love sketch comedy and clicked on just in time to see the sketch where the guy pulls a turd out of his pants in a business meeting. I was appalled but couldn't turn away. I was immediately reminded of my first time watching Kids In The Hall. I'm not suggesting its a rip-off, only that it has the same feeling of being on the cutting edge that "Kids" had in the early 90's. I think the guys are fearless and it pays off. I hope that with the switch from FUSE to IFC the guys will not allow the added freedom to make them lazy. So far it doesn't seem to be happening and the second season seems to be off to a good start.