The Whitest Kids U'Know

Sunday 11:00 PM on IFC Premiered Mar 20, 2007 In Season





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  • A New York City- based comedy troupe, what else could be better? This hilarious sketch comedy show is in the midst of shooting their second season at the moment.

    The show is amazing. I stumbled upon it one day when I saw something called the Hitler Rap on YouTube. One thing that is semi-shocking is how disturbingly well Zack can play a female, and for the reason gets the female role in every sketch (Example: The dating game, The death of Abe Lincoln). And Timmy is hilarious no matter what he's playing, but you can still see that Trevor is the obvious leader and for a good reason. The stuff that comes out of that guys head is insane but still side-splittingly funny. Watch this and be prepared! The show gets a 9.5 from me, if you hate this show and do not find it funny at all, email me and we'll chat it out.