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  • Shaping up nicely.

    Seeing as the show will be cancelled, I didn't see the harm in reviewing it this soon. I don't normally review a show this early in its life, but considering the premise and basic nature of the show, it's pretty obvious where it's headed. This is no bad thing as the show even in its early stages is well written with an excellent and very familiar cast. Maura Tierney sporting a short new hair-do after recovering from breast cancer performs engagingly and it's good to see Rob Morrow still fresh from the recently cancelled Numb3rs, who plays well off Tierney.
    If this show manages to survive, and it certainly deserves to, I expect it to get better as we become more accustomed to the characters. Good show.
  • Less than I wanted, more than I expected but has wonderful potential. I guess I am in for the ride.

    Haven't been watching many of the new shows this season but have been waiting for this one. Why? It marks the return of Maura Tierney to regular television and I was NOT disappointed in that. While I got that 'Katie Peale' is supposed to be tough as nails and the best at what she does, I did not get that she is supposed to be as driven as they said she was. There was too much of a twinkle in her eye when dealing with Rob Morrow's 'Jimmy.' But I LIKE Peale. And the sassy new 'do' on Maura is perfect for the character - regardless of how the actress got it. The story line was disappointing. It didn't keep me guessing as much as I was hoping it would. But I like the premise of following both sides of a case. The verbal games, the behind the scenes planning and wheeling and dealing, the disappointment in witnesses on the stand and the emotions of both victims and perpetrators were all there...for both sides. Two moments stand out in particular. One was the quick change on Kathryn Peale's face when she went from the verbal staccato of comments and orders for her staff as she strode confidently through their office to the turn at her desk and line of sight when she was faced with the murdered high school girl's parents. The second moment was when she perused her third chair - who she deemed earler to be an incompetent twit - after a suggestion regarding the case. The slightly pursed brow and slight tip of the head..."you just said something intelligent"....had me laughing out loud. Tierney is a master at such nuances. Its going to be fun watching this show grow.
  • Original

    It needed some work but I did enjoy the set up. That you see what really happenes in the end, great idea.
  • Cut down before its time

    The Whole Truth was a show that had potential. Both the prosecutors and public defenders were fun and snarky- Rob Morrow and Maura Tierney played well off of each other, Christine Adams is beautiful and statuesque, and while the cases were convoluted, they were entertaining in that Jerry Bruckheimer CSI sort of way. While it may sound endlessly shallow, I still feel the show would have been better if Tierney wore a wig to evoke her look in the days of ER... people may feel that's an unfair or silly criticism and for those people I have one word- 'Felicity.' In the end, this was a fairly competent legal drama that for unclear reasons never caught on- I hope they will at least have the decency to air all of the episodes in time.
  • I tuned in mainly because i love Rob Morrow. I may keep watching just to see where they go with this.

    I almost turned it off in the first 15 min to study for an Econ quiz. I kept watching because i wanted to see the part with Rob Morrow. Maura Tierny and Rob Morrow are both great actors and they both play their respective characters well. Over the last 6 years I've gotten used to Morrow as the tough, justice seeking FBI agent on Numb3rs. It was interesting to see him play a defense lawyer and more of a loud character.

    The show premise is interesting showing both sides of the law. However in execution was a bit off. The pilot did show both the defense and the prosecution but it came off as more of the usual law show where the prosecution gets the bad guy. If in the next few episodes they show more of the defense defending the not guilty guy. And then kind of alternate it might turn in to a decent show. To early to tell and it will probably get canceled anyway. Although because it's on Wednesdays it may have a chance.