The Whole Truth

ABC (ended 2011)





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  • Less than I wanted, more than I expected but has wonderful potential. I guess I am in for the ride.

    Haven't been watching many of the new shows this season but have been waiting for this one. Why? It marks the return of Maura Tierney to regular television and I was NOT disappointed in that. While I got that 'Katie Peale' is supposed to be tough as nails and the best at what she does, I did not get that she is supposed to be as driven as they said she was. There was too much of a twinkle in her eye when dealing with Rob Morrow's 'Jimmy.' But I LIKE Peale. And the sassy new 'do' on Maura is perfect for the character - regardless of how the actress got it. The story line was disappointing. It didn't keep me guessing as much as I was hoping it would. But I like the premise of following both sides of a case. The verbal games, the behind the scenes planning and wheeling and dealing, the disappointment in witnesses on the stand and the emotions of both victims and perpetrators were all there...for both sides. Two moments stand out in particular. One was the quick change on Kathryn Peale's face when she went from the verbal staccato of comments and orders for her staff as she strode confidently through their office to the turn at her desk and line of sight when she was faced with the murdered high school girl's parents. The second moment was when she perused her third chair - who she deemed earler to be an incompetent twit - after a suggestion regarding the case. The slightly pursed brow and slight tip of the head..."you just said something intelligent"....had me laughing out loud. Tierney is a master at such nuances. Its going to be fun watching this show grow.