The Whoopi Goldberg Show

(ended 1993)


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The Whoopi Goldberg Show

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Two hundred (200) episodes of this syndicated show were produced in 1992 and 1993. This was a talk show with Whoopi Goldberg interviewing Hollywood, political, etc. celebrities. The show was seen five days a week.
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  • Cool, relaxing, informative

    I could never understand why this show did not have a better following other than it was late at night and its mellow tone may have put some viewer to sleep. I loved the live piano music, which was usually jazz.

    Whoopie was always a gracious hostess and treated her guests with respect. Her questions, though, would get the guest to show a side that the public usually did not see. One of my favorite shows was when she interviewed Charleton Heston. Most people would expect that this would be a very combative show because Whoopie and Charleton have very differing political viewpoints. Instead they had a great conversation and even talked about grandchildren. Whoopie had become a grandmother a few years before the show went on the air.

    Another thing I loved about the show was that guests would also show talents that the public did not know about. Queen Latifah sang a melodic pop song only accompanied by the pianist that she and her friends would sing in high school. Up to that point, she was only known as a rapper. It is too bad that late night television seems to only attract the crowds that like loud and brash talk shows. Maybe if Whoopie's show was on later or in the morning it would have gotten a larger audience. However, I know that she will be a great addition to the View in the 2007-2008 season based on her experience with her own talk show.moreless
  • Whoopi goldberg interviews one guest per show and discusses various subjects with them.

    If this is the show that I think it is, I enjoyed the format. Whoopi talking one-on-one with a (usually) famous person about the guests' known past, their opinions on various subjects, and sometimes, just kidding around and being a bit goosy.

    If I remember correctly, the premiere episode had Elizabeth Taylor on. Not too much was revealed about Ms. Taylor, who has lived most of her adult life in the public eye, but it was cool to see a one-on-one interview with no audience and no band and no desk.

    The set was nice comfy chaise-style chairs with candles, sheers and softer-than- usual lighting. It was conducive to feeling relaxed and pampered.

    A great idea that did not catch on. I didn't watch every night (the syndictor where I was had it on opposite the other late night shows), but it wasn't because there were no big stars.

    If it is on somewhere and you can catch an episode, watch it- Whoopi was a decent interviewer and excellent listener.moreless

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