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The Widdecombe Project

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The Widdecombe Project is a lifestyle television series that originally aired in 2005 on BBC Two in the United Kingdom. It consists of six episodes featuring Ann Widdecombe, who is also a member of Parliament during the series. Widdecombe hosts this series in which she provides personal advice based on messages from viewers. Widdecombe uses a common sense approach that she delivers with a rapid-fire style, making the advice sound like an order. One case involves a father who is worried that his daughter plans to get breast enhancement surgery. Widdecombe advises the father to pay for his daughter to spend a year in Africa performing charity work. Another case involves Spud and Leah, a heavily tattooed couple who have been together for three years. Spud wants to get a final tattoo on his face, which Leah opposes. Widdecombe recommends the couple wait for six months, after which Leah will design the tatoo if Spud still wants it.