The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 5

Anthony the Clown!

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 12, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Song #1 Dr Knickerbocker
Murray introduces Troy Cassar-Daley, a guitarist and singer. He will help sing the next song.
Song #2 Old Dan Tucker - featuring Troy Cassar-Daley

Anthony sings an intro verse about the different Wiggles being there and what happens next is up to you The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword are at Wiggle Bay, The Captain Says it's good that the Wiggles are all wearing Sunhats to Protect there skin The Captain say's Henry should be hear soon Henry Arrives and says sorry he is Late Murray says your hear now and thats the main thing the Captain ask Henry What he has on his Arm Henry Replies it is a HandBag he found it on the Beach he ask Everyone if they Like it the Captain says it's very nice but who dose it Belong to?
Henry says it's his because he found it Murray say That does not meen it's his Huh? ask Henry, Sam say's just because you found something dose not make it yours Someone has Lost that Handbag and they will be wondering were it is Captain says if he Lost his Feathersword and dorothy found it it would not meen it was Dorothy's feathersword Henry say's but then you would know who ownd it I don't know who own's this Handbag Anthony say's he dosen't Eather.. Waite a Wiggly Minute! Anthony Steps out and sings a verse of his song "what happens next is up to you." Anthony Ask "how do we find out who owns the Handbag"? Oh! you think we should Look inside the Handbag thats a great Idea! Anthony opens the HandBag and Looks inside theres Money, Car Keys, and a Handkerchif but theres no Name inside anywere Henry ask if he gets to keep it Murray says no They will have to call the Police and Report that they found it, Henry ask why? Captain Say's that when People Lose Something they Call the Police and ask if anyone has found it, Sam call's the Police on his Cell Phone he tells them that Henry found a Gold Handbag Near Wiggle Bay that has Money, Car Keys and a Handkerchif inside the Police say that a Lady has Just Reported her Handbag Missing and that a Police officer will be there soon to Pick up the Handbag the Police Officer comes and thanks Henry for giving the Handbag back she Leaves and Captain and Henry go back to the SS Feathersword Anthony says he'll be back, and goes to sing one more verse of that "what happens next" song. He returns and Says it's time for a song were at the Beach Lets sing "Beach Beach Sandy Beach" Bauty Mate!
Song #3: Beach Beach Sandy Beach

Emily Leaves a Postcard in the Mailbox, Sam come out he checks the MailBox and gets the Postcard it has a Picture on the Front of an Island Sam Looks at the Back and says it is for Him because it has his name "Sam Wiggle" it's from Captain Feathersword Sam gose inside to show the Others

Anthony and Emily, and Sam and Claire walk across the Screen

Anthony the Clown
Anthony is dressed up Like a Clown. Sam arrives and greets Anthony. Sam asks what Anthony is dressed up as. Anthony responds, "Guess."

Sam looks at Anthony's costume and points to Anthony's Hat, saying it's a Footballers Helmet. Anthony replies, "Oh no, it's not." Sam replies, "Oh yes, it is." Anthony replies, "Oh no, it's not." Sam replies, "Oh yes, it is." After arguing this a few times, Sam asks what it is. Anthony replies, "Ask our friends." Sam asks the audience what they think it is, and gets the answer of a Clown Hat. Sam guesses a Clown hat, and that's right.

Next clue: Anthony points to his Ruffles. Sam knows that one; it's Clown Ruffles. That's correct.

Next, Anthony points tu his Shirt. Sam states it's a Sarfi Jacket. Anthony replies, "Oh no, it's not." Sam replies "Oh yes, it is." After some exchanges, Sam asks what it is, and Anthony tell him to ask their friends again. Sam asks the audience, and gets the answer that it's a Clown Shirt.
Next Anthony Points to his Pants what do you think These are Sam? Sam thinks it's a Ballet Tutu "Oh no it's not" "Oh yes it it" After arguing this a few times, Sam asks what it is. Anthony replies, "Ask our friends." Sam asks the audience what they think it is, and gets the Answar of Clown Pantaloons That's Right!

So Anthony is Wearing a Clown Hat, Clown Ruffles, a Clown Shirt, and Clown Pantaloons What is Anthony Dressed as? Sam says it's very Tricky he needs anthoner Clue! Anthony takes of his Hat and Removes 3 Apples and Starts Juggeling Sam says your a Clown! That's Right! Sam ask Were are you going Anthony Says I'm going to the circus to Perform my Juggling Act!
Song #4:Dry Bones