The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 12

Black Velvet Band

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 19, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Dressed as a sailor, Anthony explains the history of the hornpipe dance as an introduction to the following song:
Song #1: A Sailor Went To Sea / Hornpipe
Each Wiggle takes a turn singing a verse of "A Sailor Went To Sea" but with some changes. Anthony's first verse is straightforward, then Murray replaces the word sea/see with "chop, chop, chop". Jeff's verse replaces sea/see with "knee, knee, knee" and finally Sam finishes with "sea, chop, knee".
Anthony's drum roll on the snare transitions the song to the Hornpipe dance, performed by Clare, Emily, and Megan with the Wiggles cheering on through the boat's portholes.
Sam appears to say the Anthony's gone to investigate some wacky, crazy, sounds.
Three Organists Three organists are with Anthony (Jeff, Captain, Aussie Donnie) and each plays several melodies on their organs (though the second one has no organ but sings instead). When Anthony returns to the second organist to play, he again sings sounding like a organ, but ends with "Ahoy There". Anthony corrects the organist, though he sings again ending in Ahoy There. They repeat this several times.
Anthony begins to wonder who this second organist is. The audience thinks it's Captain Feathersword pretending to play the organ, so Anthony begins to compare the second organist to the other two. The first organist has a lovely top hat on, but the second has a pirate hat. The first organist is wearing a bow tie and organist jacket, but the second has no bow tie and a pirate jacket.
Anthony now thinks the second organist is in fact Captain Feathersword, but the second organist still says he isn't. Anthony says he is, the organist says no, repeat several times. Finally, Captain admits that it's him and he loves playing organ with these wonderful organists.
Dorothy introduces a song with a story about a handsome prince. Sam arrives and greets Dorothy. Dorothy briefs everyone about the story. The prince meets a lady with a black velvet band. Then the princess has gone missing, but the prince goes to find her. Now for the detailed story.
Song #2: Black Velvet Band
Captain Feathersword narrates the story. Sam sings the main verses with each of the characters in the story singing a verse as well. Anthony is the butcher. Fernando is the bicycle maker. Caterina is the florist. When the prince reaches the princess (played by Carolyn Ferrie, the voice of Dorothy the Dinosaur), he serenades her. They then proceed to dance and the princess even sings a verse.
Murray arrives on stage and plays a bit of Di Dicki Do Dum. He gets some applause. On playing the second part he gets stuck and brings Sam in who has a trumpet and Sam finishes the song. They both bow.
Anthony says it's time to paint a picture with music.
Painting with Music
Murray is playing guitar and Jeff is playing keyboard. They're going to paint a circus picture. What music will they need for clowns? As they play clown music, the clowns appear. What else they need? Trapeze artists. Let's all say "trapeze." Murray plays a sliding tune on his guitar and the trapeze artists appear. What else do they need? A ringmaster! Jeff plays circus music and a ringmaster is drawn in. Murray thanks everyone for helping paint the picture.
Captain Feathersword mimes shuffling along a wall and announces it's time for a nursery rhyme.
Song #3: Jack and Jill
Sam sings this one. Ben plays Jack. Lyn plays Jill. Then Dorothy sings a verse. The Captain sings a verse. Then all the Wiggles sing a verse.
Wags and Dorothy Wags greets us and shows how he's wearing a painting smock and painting beret and has his paint palette and paint brush, so Let's Paint! He's sits down to his painting on an easel when Dorothy arrives and wants to look at his painting. He says OK, but that it's not very good. Dorothy wants him to talk about what he's painting. Wags says he likes painting and wearing his smock and beret. He enjoys mixing paint on his palette and putting the paint on the paper.
Wags sighs so Dorothy asks what's wrong. Wags explains that his paintings never look like he wants them to look, like the horse, tree and dragon currently on his painting. Dorothy consoles him by explaining that a painting doesn't have to look like anything; many famous painters just use the paint to show colors and shapes, which Wags is already doing. She thinks his painting is really nice to look at. Wags realizes that he can be an artist after all, and Dorothy encourages him to keep painting. Hooray!
Song #4: Little Bo Peep
Larissa plays Little Bo Peep. Anthony plays conga drums. Captain plays the lost sheep. Lyn, Caterina and Kristy are the three sheep in the background.