The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode 23

Box of Mystery

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Apr 28, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Greg waves and says, "Hello, here we go. It's The Wiggles Show!" Murray tells us that it's time to go to the Wiggly concert. Song #1: The Monkey Dance - Santa's Rockin concert version Captain Feathersword and the Pirate Crew dance and celebrate Captain Feathersword's Birthday. Greg and Anthony get us ready for the Mariachi Wiggles who sing songs in Spanish. Song #2: Ensalada de Fruta (Fruit Salad) - Mariachi Wiggles Wigglehouse - Greg is dressed in his magician's garb. He is going to show us his latest magic trick. Anthony arrives and is really excited. He asks Greg what he has for today. Greg replies today he is going to perform the famous Box of Mystery (the word "mystery" echoes.) Anthony thought that was grrrrrrrrreat, Grrrrrrrrreg, and whether he can do it again. Greg obliges. Cool! Now it's time for the trick. He shows us a box and tells us that, as you can see (flipping down the sides), that it's an empty box of mystery. Anthony says it's not empty; and Greg is confused. Anthony says technically the box is full of air. Greg replies okay, but apart from the air, it is a completely empty box of mystery. Anthony disagrees again, saying that since the box is painted inside. Okay, Greg replies, that apart from the air and the paint, it is an empty box of mystery. Anthony disagrees again. It's still not empty. Technically speaking, it's held together by glue, so technically it's not empty. Greg gives up and tells Anthony he is leaving and he'll come back when Anthony is ready to see the trick. After Greg leaves, Anthony wonders what the trick was, so he picks up the box and remarks that it isn't empty after all. Anthony pulls out a chain of handkerchiefs! All that magic is making him thirsty so he's ready to have some water. Song #3: Gulp Gulp - song is cut short Wags introduces himself and dances. Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - Anthony introduces the letter t. T is for tyrannosaurus rex. Let's do a tyrannosaurus rex dance, with little arms and a big roar. Greg opens a door and says hello. Song #4: Wags the Dog - (Oh me, oh my. He barks all day and night.) Jeff's animal of the week is the Bilby. They have long ears, a long snout, and a long tail. They sleep all day and come out at night when it's cooler. Greg introduces another wiggly concert song. Song #5: Toot Toot - concert version Jeff opens a door and says hello, Little Wiggles - The Wiggles have finished listening to the news on the radio Greg remarks he loves the news, and wants to be a Wiggly news reporter. He pulls out a radio mike, and the news theme plays. Cool! Here's today's news: Jeff fell asleep on his favorite chair. Anthony went to the fridge and got a big platter of fruit salad. When asked about it, he replies it was "Yummy Yummy." Murray played his red guitar; he is the king of guitars. Jeff was still steeping. Dorothy made a big pot of rosy tea for everyone. Jeff was still asleep. Wags the Dog was in the yard digging bones. Jeff wakes up and all the Wiggles help Henry shine his shoes. And that's all the news from Wigglehouse. Beauty, mate! Jeff plays charge! Greg asks everyone to join in the fun of the Mandarin Wiggles. Song #6: Gulp Gulp - Mandarin Wiggles version All the Wiggles dance. Song #7: Brown Girl in the Ring Caterina, Murray, and Clare say goodbye.
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