The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode 20

Captain Feathersword Pirate Crew

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jan 14, 2008 on Hulu

Episode Recap

Sam, Anthony, and Caterina say, "Hello, here we go. It's The Wiggles Show!"

Greg is wearing a life jacket and a sailor hat. He blows a whistle and invites everyone to join Captain Feathersword and his pirate crew for lots of pirate dancing.

Sailing Around the World - Captain Feathersword is on deck of the SS Feathersword. "Ahoy there me hearties!" He talks about what he likes to do best, which is pirate dancing. He dances around. He likes practicing his dance moves like the pirate pirouette, the nautical knee kicks, and seaside splits. As he demonstrates each move, when he gets to the split, he loses his balance and falls into the rigging. After he gets up again, he asks, "Perhaps you want to meet my pirate crew?" He hails the crew who are all inside the cabin below. They Ahoy there back. Captain says he doesn't think they can dance as well as the Captain, but the crew reply, "Of course we can!" Let's go below deck and meet the Friendly Pirate Crew!

Alfonso is at the kitchen. He introduces himself in Italian then in English. He loves to cook beautiful food. He is also called the dancing chef. He dances around.

Lucia and Caterina introduce themselves. Lucia loves to tap dance. Caterina loves to tap dance too, and they tap dance together.

"Hello, chappies!" The guy with the top hat and tea cup is Dapper Dave, speaking with an English accent. He loves to dance, but prefers something less Horatio Hornblower and more Johann Strauss, if you catch his drift. Oh, they're adrift at sea (haha). He likes to waltz, but it is better to dance with a partner. He asks Miss Lynn for a dance, and she replies she'd be delighted. They waltz together.

"G'day! G'day!" Benny Bandicoot greets everyone. He lists a bunch of cities he is from, and they all begin with B. Benny can jump like a kangaroo, and he also likes to spin around. He spins quickly and feels a little dizzy.

"I'm George. Ha Ha!" The other pirates respond with, "Hello, George. Ha Ha!" George is (trumpet fanfare) here to help. The captain calls him Gallant George. Whenever you need help, he is (trumpet fanfare) here to help. He is also not afraid to pirate dance. He dances a bit.

"Yiassou!" Elefterios introduces himself. He speaks a line in Greek and then in English. He loves to safely climb the mast of the SS Feathersword. He also loves to play the bouzouki. He does just that.

Aido the Acrobat is next. He does an "Ahoy there!" and then does a back flip. The rest of the crew appear and do "Ahoy there!" but don't attempt a back flip. Ha! Aido then talks about how he likes to do an acrobatic dance. Aido then does three back flips!

"Hey daddy-os, I'm Cool Clarky!" Cool Clarky invites everyone to head to the beach and do some more pirate dancing. Captain agrees that it's a great idea. Let's do it. Uh-huh. The crew responds with "uh-hunh."

Song #1 - Hey, we're all pirate dancing.

Jeff's Animal of the Week: Jeff holds his hands up like little paws and sticks his tongue out briefly. His animal this week is the blue-tongued lizard. They love to eat snails and fruit. They stick out their tongue which is blue.

Anthony dances.
Henry says hello.

Greg asks Dorothy what thing she loves the best in the world. Dorothy replies that she loves roses! But besides that, what else? She loves to dance. Great. What dance would you like to do? Dorothy replies her favorite dance is the Romp Bomp a Stomp.
Song #2: Romp Bomp A Stomp

Greg and Anthony get us ready for the Mariachi Wiggles
Song #3: Ensalada de Fruta Fresca (Fruit Salad) - Mariachi Wiggles

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - Anthony introduces the letter m. M is for mashed-potato dance. Anthony does a mashed-potato dance, which looks like he moves his hands about a pretend space for a potato.

Greg invites everyone to a Wiggly concert.
Song #4: Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car - concert version

Dorothy wiggles and says hello everybody, it's great to see you. She dances some more.

Song #5: Dressing Up

Caterina, Greg, and Clare say goodbye.
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