The Wiggles

Season 3 Episode v19

Cold Spaghetti Western (VIDEO-2004)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Mar 30, 2004 on Universal Kids

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  • This video plays on the Wiggles themselves and shows off some of the talents of their friends.

    This video’s set at some ranch place since you can see all the signs, which seems pretty nice to rent out for a party or a retreat. Apparently you can rent donkeys too, which I assume has less liability than a horse.

    Storyline - The Wiggles assist their friend, Alfonso, in a cooking competition. It’s fairly predictable but flows fairly well anyway to keep the little pup’s interest.

    Songs – They are medium to long in length. That’s different from their other videos. Some songs are partially sung in Italian and Spanish songs so keep the captions on.

    Dances – stuff that kids can do. The Wiggly Dancers wear not only their band uniforms, but also those wild 70’s clothes with the big belts. Lucy’s not a blonde yet.

    Mascots – They’re around but aren’t the focus of the story.

    Characters - In the regular seasons, Murray’s been the inquisitive and scientific guy of the bunch, and this is emphasized in this feature, as he gets excited over his silly inventions. Anthony’s history as having an Imaginary Friend and pretending to be a superhero is also brought out as the legendary Foodman makes his return, although this time around only he can see him, plus he’s played by someone else (could be Paul Paddick?) The other noticeable talent is the banana swinging done by Anthony and Captain Feathersword. I don’t know if that’s special effects or a skill like juggling but it looked fun. One of the jokes is overdone though.

    Guests - Alfonso goes beyond being some random Wiggles extra that speaks Italian by singing a couple of songs that really show off his tenor voice; it looks like Sam Moran has some competition! We also get to see the Moguels, who still wear their Mariachi uniforms, but Fernandito gets to lead a song and do some easy acting. Clare also does a little acting and dancing; it’s good to be related to the Wiggles!

    Rent at the library. There are no guns or bar fights which is a good thing.