The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode v3

Dance Party (VIDEO-1995)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Apr 03, 2001 on Hulu
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Dance Party (VIDEO-1995)
One of the earliest Wiggles videos c. 1995.

Song List
1. Can you point your fingers and do the twist?
2. Wags the dog
3. Five little joeys
4. Di dicki do dum
5. I'm a cow
6. Do the flap
7. On your holiday
8. Hat on my head
Greg's Magic: The magic bag
9. Brown girl in the ring
10. Georgia's song
11. Our boat is rocking on the sea
12. Nicky nacky nocky noo
13. Dorothy's dance party
14. Big red carmoreless

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    Anthony Field

    Anthony Field

    Captain Feathersword

    Guest Star

    Emma Buter

    Emma Buter

    Dorothy the Dinosaur

    Guest Star

    Alex Harfield

    Alex Harfield

    Wags the Dog/Dancer

    Guest Star

    Jeff Fatt

    Jeff Fatt

    Henry's Voice

    Recurring Role

    Mic Conway

    Mic Conway

    Wags' Voice

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • Fashion Nitpicks
        Anthony wears a green polo shirt or a green long sleeved shirt for the bulk of the videos. In other words, he's not the Blue Wiggle yet.
        None of the Wiggles have logo shirts, logo belt buckles or coordinated pants yet. They just wear whatever styled black pants.
        Anthony's hair looks frizzy on this video as with TV Series One.
        On the song, "Dorothy's Birthday Party", Anthony Silvestrini wears a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt.

      • Instruments
        Murray plays a Fender Telecaster electric guitar.
        Jeff plays a Yamaha acoustic guitar on "Georgia's Song".

    • QUOTES (9)

      • (Anthony, Murray and two kids are sitting on a couch. Murray is showing the girl some pictures from a photo book.)
        Anthony: Murray's showing us some photos from his holiday. (looks at photo album and then turns to boy) What did you do on your holiday, Shaun?
        Shaun: I went to my friend's house and I built a billy cart.
        Anthony: You built a billy cart.
        Murray: And Sarah, what did you do on your holiday?
        Sarah: I went to the beach and I collected some shells.
        Murray: Some shells. I love collecting shells.
        Anthony: (to camera) Holidays are fun. What did you do on your holiday?

      • (The Wiggles all wear cow suits. Jeff shakes his head like a cow while Greg clanks his cowbell.)
        Jeff: Cows can be big. Cows can be brown. They can be black and white as well. (points to his horns) Some of them have horns on their heads. And some just wear a bell. (laughs)
        (Greg clanks his cowbell again.)

      • Greg: We're trying on different hats. When I go out in the sun, I put my sunhat on my head. (does just that)
        (Murray, with a fishing hat and rod.)
        Murray: I wear this hat while I'm fishing. Ooh! I think I got one! (pulls rod and catches a fish)
        (Jeff wears a cowboy hat while riding his horse)
        Jeff: Whoa! This is the hat I wear when I'm riding my horse. Giddy-up! (rides off)
        (Anthony, with bagpipes.)
        Anthony: I wear my feather bonnet when I play the bagpipes.
        (Anthony plays "Di Dicki Do Dum" on his bagpipes loudly. Greg, Jeff and Murray comes in while covering their ears.)
        Greg: (shouting) Here's a song about wearing a hat on your head!
        Jeff and Murray: What?!?
        Greg: (shouting) I said, here's a song about wearing a hat on your head!
        Anthony: (stops playing) Why are you shouting, Greg?
        (Greg says nothing but Anthony smiles.)

      • (Greg gets a velvet bag with a handle on top that looks like an offering bag from church.)
        Greg: Have a look at this, everybody. This is my bag of magic hankies. It's a very special bag because when you have a look inside, there's nothing there. (flips bag inside out and shakes bag) Hello, hello, hello? Anybody home? Nope. Nobody there. (flips bag back to normal) However, when I get out my magic wand, (gets out wand) and wave it over the top of the bag of magic hankies, (puts his wand away) and then, if we have a look inside, there'll be a magic (flips bag inside but sees nothing) hankie there. There's no magic hankie. Oh, hang on. I know why it didn't work. Heh. Of course. I forgot to say the magic word. How silly. Perhaps you could help me say the magic word. I'll need everybody's help right now. The magic word today is: Wiggle Waggle. Well that's two magic words, actually, isn't it? "Wiggle Waggle", but never mind.

      • (Greg's magic show continues)
        Greg: Take a look at this, everyone. It's my vase of magic flowers. Yes, a vase full of magic flowers. (shows top and bottom of vase and looks through it like a scope, but you can see through it.) Uh, well I know that it doesn't look like there's any flowers in now, but if we do a little bit of magic, we can get a vase full of beautiful flowers. So what I'll do is I'll use this big magic hankie to cover up the vase just like that and now there is where we need to do a little bit of magic. If you wouldn't mind helping me out one last time, to have those magic fingers through the air, and to help me say, "Wiggle, Waggle," if you don't mind. Here we go. One, two, three. Wiggle, Waggle! (pulls hankie off, revealing) A vase full of wonderful magic flowers!
        Anthony: (arrives) Wow, Magic Greg. (to camera) Did you help Magic Greg do that magic? Well, give yourself a magic clap!
        (Anthony claps. He and Greg disappear.)

      • Greg: So, when I count to three, let's say "Wake up Jeff."
        Greg, Murray and Anthony: One, two, three. Wake up, Jeff!
        (The Big Red Car's horn toots. Jeff wakes up and gets out of the Big Red Car and the other Wiggles laugh)
        Murray: Oh, Jeff, are you awake now?
        Jeff: I'm awake now, Murray.
        Murray: Well, don't fall asleep again, Jeff, because we need you, for the next song. (does Wiggly fingers with Wiggles) Zingle, zangle!
        Jeff: I won't fall asleep again. I won't.
        Greg: Well, that's good, Jeffrey. Don't fall asleep, please, because you know what? We need you...
        Anthony: (looking at Jeff off-screen) Oh, no!
        Greg and Murray: Oh, what?!?
        Anthony: Oh, no!
        Greg and Murray: Oh, what?!?
        Anthony: Oh, no!
        Greg and Murray: Oh, what?!?
        Anthony: He's asleep!
        Greg and Murray: Oh, no!
        Greg: He has fallen asleep again. Oh, well look. Let's try the trick one more time. When I count to three, let's all say, "Wake Up Jeff." And I hope it works this time. Are you ready? One, two, three.
        Greg, Murray and Anthony: Wake up, Jeff!
        (Jeff wakes up again with a blubber.)
        Anthony: Hey, Jeff. Are you awake now?
        Jeff: I am awake now, Anthony.
        Anthony: That's great, Jeff. (to audience) Thanks for waking Jeff up.

      • Anthony: (about Di Dicki Do Dum) Here's some music you can dance to. You can dance anyway you like. You might like to sing along with us as well. Now the words are...
        Di Dicki Do Dum Di Dum Do
        Di Dicki Do Dum Dicki Dicki Di Dum
        (speeding up)
        Di Dicki Do Dum Di Dum Do
        Di Dicki Do Dum Di Dum Do!
        Greg, Jeff and Murray: Huh?!?
        (Anthony gives thumbs up to the camera instead)

        First Do in each verse is pronounced as do.
        Second Do in each verse is pronounced like dough.
        Di is pronounced like Princess Di.

      • Jeff: Hey, Murray. Where are you going with those bones?
        Murray: (while holding plate of dog food) This food's for Wags the Dog. He kept me awake all last night. He was barking because he was hungry.
        Anthony: Food? Did you say food, Murray? I'm really hungry.
        Greg: Oh, Anthony, you're always hungry.
        Murray: Anthony, this food's for Wags the Dog, not Anthony the Wiggle.
        (Anthony squats and puts his hands up in a begging position. He barks like a dog. Greg, Jeff and Murray laugh.)

      • Murray: Rose, can you close your eyes and smell this (holding something) and tell me what it smells like?
        Rose: (smelling something while closing her eyes) All sorts of flowers. (opening her eyes)
        Murray: All sorts of flowers. (showing a flower) Yes, it does. It's a lovely flower, isn't it? Now, Michael, I've got one for you. (giving something else to Michael) Can you close your eyes and can you crush this up in your hand and tell me what it feels like?
        Michael: (crushing something while closing his eyes) Chips.
        Murray: Chips. Have a look of what it is. (Michael does so.) Oh, it's a crushed up leaf. It does fill a bit like chips. Now let's use our eyes to watch and our ears to listen.

    • NOTES (11)

      • Release History
        Third Wiggles Video
        Original Australia title: Big Red Car
        Original release: 1995 (Roadshow/ABC Video #102786 and ABC Video #17128)
        US VHS release: April 3, 2001 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #2516)
        US DVD release: Feburary 4, 2003 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #24018)

        Album release: 1995
        US album release: June 24, 2003

      • Big Red Car

        Closing Credits
        Written by: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Gregory Page
        Directed by: Philip Cullen
        Produced by: John Spence
        The Wiggles are: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Greg Page
        Prop Designs: Dani Haski
        Cow Suit Maker: Michelle Charlton
        Special thanks to Borce Damcevski

        Wags the Dog: Alex Harfield, Jacqui Field
        Dorothy the Dinosaur: Emma Buter
        Henry the Octopus: Vanessa Fallon-Rohanna
        Captain Feathersword: Anthony, John or Paul Field

        "Georgia's Song" Dancers
        Alex Harfield, Mary Ann Hull, Rhiannah Kitching

        Choreographer: Leanne Halloran
        "Brown Girl in the Ring" and "Di Dicki Do Dum"

        Choreographer: Leanne Halloran
        Assistants: Donna Halloran, Judy Halloran

        Children appearing provided by the Donna Halloran School of Dance, Moorebank, Sydney
        Keiran Bianco, Alyssa Bryce, Nicole Butler, Sarah Cornale, Daisy Cousens, Rose Cousens, Jessica Halloran, Cassandra Halloran, Kate Halloran, Shaun Higgins, Naomi Higgins, Ben Jones, Emma Ryan, Sian Ryan, Melanie Scott, Kristen Shaw, Sarah Sneddon, Michael Walsh

        Thank you to all the mums and dads for their help and co-operation

        Other Children Appearing
        Georgia Munro-Cook, Vincent Bettens, Luke Field, Claire Field, Dominic Field, Joseph Field, Anthony Silvestrini, Sofia Silvestrini, Leonardo Silvestrini, Nicholas Hull, Timothy Rioseco, Blaine Charlton, Samantha.

      • During the closing credits, the cameras show the entire cast dancing in front of the green backdrop to the tune of Henry's Dance. The cameras also pan about the entire studio area to include some of the camera and stage crew, and even a peek towards the outside. Murray is holding his daughter Georgia.

      • Videos not on the companion album
        On Your Holiday is found on the Big Red Car CD in Australia, but not the US version.
        Even though The Magic Bag is listed in the credits, it's really a skit not a song.

      • Debuts
        Irish dancing, which is the Halloran Dance school's specialty.
        Jeff wears pajamas.
        Wags the Dog makes his video debut as a Wiggles character. He originally appeared as a guest in the Wiggles' concerts around 1993.
        The Big Red Car and the SS Feathersword appear. They are just props for the studio instead of actual vehicles.

      • Song Debut
        Our Boat is Rocking on the Sea - from The Wiggles Present Stories and Songs album in 1993.

      • "Camptown Races" and "Long Long Ago" serve as background music during Greg's Magic Show.

      • Jeff drives!
        Also shown on the later Wake Up Jeff video, Jeff drives the Big Red Car which is cut out of cardboard.

      • Family and friends
        Captain Feathersword was not only played by Anthony Field, but also his brothers Paul and John Field
        "Georgia's Song" was written by Murray for his baby daughter, Georgia, who also made her video debut.
        Leanne, Donna and Judy Halloran appear on the "Henry's Dance" instrumental during the credits.

      • CD Notes:

        The related CD includes the following songs that were not on this video.

        1. Henry's Dance

        2. The Four Presents

        3. Teddy Bear Hug Here We Go Dorothy

        3. Pufferbllies

        4. Joanie Works with One Hammer

        5. My New Shoes

        6. I Am a Dancer

        7. Sanctissima

      • The Big Red Car was made of plywood, and held up on plastic milk crates. It was constructed by Jeff.

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