The Wiggles

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Daily 4:30 PM Apr 24, 2001 on Hulu
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The episode is about the importance of family. The Wiggles want to go inside but Flora won't let them in. They need to take care of Jeff first. Captain Feathersword gets a present from his parents.

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    Jeff Fatt

    Jeff Fatt

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    Leeanne Ashley

    Leeanne Ashley

    Dorothy the Dinosaur

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    Edward Rooke

    Edward Rooke

    Wags the Dog

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      • (Greg is hopping around in order to lure a rabbit out of his hat. Wags arrives.)
        Wags: Ruff! (zeroes in on Greg)
        (Greg is hopping frantically while being chased by Wags around the garden. Anthony watches them.)
        Anthony: Hey! Stop, Wags.
        Greg: Wags, stop. It's me, Greg.
        Wags: Ruff!
        Anthony: (laughing) That was a great imitation of a rabbit, Greg. Wags really thought you were one.
        Greg: Boy.
        (Rabbit chattering noise from Greg's hat is heard.)
        Greg: So did the rabbit. (holds nose) Ouch! My nose has a cramp.
        (Wags licks Greg's nose. Greg and Anthony stare at him.)
        Wags: Ruff!

      • (Greg picks up his magic wand and waves it over the hat while the other Wiggles watch from a couch.)
        Greg: Abracadabra, rabbit in my hat. Come on out so we can have a nice chat.
        (Anthony, Jeff and Murray laugh.)
        Jeff: That doesn't sound very magical, Greg.
        Murray: Come out and have a chat?
        Anthony: What are we gonna chat about?
        Jeff: Carrots? Lettuce? The weather?
        Greg: Oh, sure. Go ahead and laugh but one day that rabbit will appear. (gasps when the rabbit in the hat grabs his wand and waves it. POOF!)
        Greg: (to others) There! That will teach you three Wiggles.
        (The couch now has three rabbits in different colors.)
        Anthony: I was only kidding, Greg. We believe in your rabbit.
        Murray: Yeah. We believe in your rabbit.
        Anthony, Jeff and Murray: We do, we do.
        Greg: Well, you may be rabbits but you can still wiggle…wiggle your noses, that is.

      • (Captain Feathersword is trying out his new baby feathersword on Wags.)
        Captain: Tickle your tummy, tickle your toes, tickle your ankles, and tickle your nose!

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      • This episode can also be found on the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles DVD as Wiggly TV Episode 15 and also as part of the Wiggly Play Time video.

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