The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode 24

Farmer Brown

Aired Daily 9:00 AM May 19, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Greg And Jeff Say Hello Hear We go it's the Wiggle Show.
Murray Ask Would you Like to Dance with Dorothy? lets all Dance with Dorothy!

Song #1 Dorothy would you like to Dance with me?

Jeff's Animal of the Week is a Baby Chicken called a Chick chicks Hatch out of an egg and they make a sound like this cheep, cheep, cheep!

Wiggle house It's Time for Greg's Magic Trick Show! "WAHOO" say's Anthony another one of Greg's Shows you never know what might happen hear! Today Greg Shall Perform The Rabbit-out-of-the-hat Trick, Anthony Says he used to play Cricket and he got a hat Trick once Greg laughs Very Good Anthony, Now in a very short time the Rabbit will come out of the Hat! Anthony Interrupts Greg I hate to Disturb you but were does the Rabbit come from? Greg says well I guess it come from a "Burrow" OH! a burrow Ok continue on says Anthony ok Well I wave My Magic Wand, GREG says Anthony, sorry to diserb but what's a "burrow"? What's a Burrow? "yeah" Greg: A burrow it's a Series of holes in the Ground you know Rabbits dig them and that's were they live. Ok I see says anthony.. Can I continue with my trick now ask Greg. Of course! says Anthony we all want to see the beautiful bunny bounce out of the beautiful Black "BAT" I mean Hat! all Right so with the Magic words I say "Abracadabra" GREG! yes. whets the rabbit's Name? The Rabbit's's name? ask a confused Greg yah whets the Rabbit's name! umm I don't know.. Carla says Greg Carla continue on Greg says anthony thank you All Right hear we go "ABRACADABRA"... GREG! Yes.. Has Carla got Brothers and sisters? Greg says Brothers and sisters? I'm only pulling out one rabit but umm yah I guess she's got two Brothers Dominick and Joseph, Ok? There rabits NOW can I continue with my trick Anthony? Of course! all right thank you. and now for the magic words.. Greg what color is she? and dose she like to eat carrots rabits LOVE to eat carrots greg says yes they do but I have a feeling your not ready to see my trick I'm leaving! Greg leaves in a huff but Greg I was only asking Anthony looks down and sees the rabbit, Hello Carla the Rabbit how you going? carla says good thanks but she's hungry can she have the carrot? Of course but Anthony want to know were Carla's brothers Dom and Joe are POOF Dom and Joe appear G'day Anthony! Anthony says WOW Greg is Fantastic at these Magic tricks can't wait to see his next one!

Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet: Today's letter is V for VEGETABLES Alfonso does a Vegetable Dance

Jeff says it's time to go to a wiggly concert

Song #2 Shake your hips with wags the dog

Song #3 Wake up jeff

Captain plays peek-a-boo with his feathersword, and then says Hello!

Murray and Jeff say A-Bing-bang-bong A-ring-rang-rong that's a pirate Song

Sailing Around the World - Each member talks about their pirate items:
Captain Feathersword talks about his pirate ship.
Elefterios talks about his Pirate Bouzouki.
Alfonso tells us about his Pirate Pie in Italian.
Captain talks about his Pirate ship going Pirate Sailing.
Ben talks about his Pirate Toothbrush.
Lyn tells us about her Pirate Boot-Scoot dance.
Caterina and Lucia talk about Pirate Exercises.
Aido is upside-down and standing on his Pirate Hands.
Gallant George talks about his Pirate Muscles.
Dapper Dave talks about Jolly Pirate Tea.
Clarky B Cool talks about his "Cool Pirate Hair".
Captain says, "A bing-bang-bong, a ring-rang-rong. That's a pirate song!"

Song #4: Bing Bang Bong (That's a Pirate Song)

Dorothy Says Hello Everyboday

Greg and Jeff says it's time for Wiggly Animation

Song #5 Vegetable Soup (Wiggly Animation)

Little Wiggles - Jeff is in the kitchen for breakfast and he's in a good mood as he's gotten plenty of rest. Greg arrives and sits down tiredly. Murray arrives and sits down tiredly. Same with Anthony. Jeff asks why they are tired. Greg
says he was reading a book, Anthony was reading a recipe book, and Murray was
watching the cricket matches. They all fall asleep at the table. Jeff asks
everyone to help wake the wiggles up, and he wakes up each of the Wiggles
individually. As each Wiggle gets up, they have food all over their face. Oops

Anthony does a Rimshot

Jeff Has Another Animal it's a Lamb, When Lambs grow up to be Sheep There fur gets Long and Fluffy Thats were we get our wool from!
Fanfar Plays

Song #6 Sorry Again

Greg Laughs

Song #7 Farmer Brown

Caterina, Murray, and Clare say goodbye.