The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode 12


Aired Daily 4:30 PM Sep 24, 2002 on Hulu
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Anthony has a dream where he transforms into Foodman: a superhero who assists the Wiggles in eating right and avoiding junk foods. Of course that means he gets to eat the foods, and he eats the cake that Dorothy prepared Henry the Octopus tells his friends about outer space. Captain Feathersword tries to set the pirate cartwheel record when a storm arrives.moreless

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    Anthony Field

    Anthony Field


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    Jeff Fatt

    Jeff Fatt

    Henry's Voice

    Recurring Role

    Leeanne Ashley

    Leeanne Ashley

    Dorothy the Dinosaur

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    Carolyn Ferrie

    Carolyn Ferrie

    Dorothy's Voice

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      • Anthony: (back to his normal self) My tummy hurts.
        Jeff: (waking him up) Anthony, Anthony, wake up!
        Murray: You were having a bad dream, Anthony.
        Anthony: It was a terrible dream, Murray. It made my tummy hurt.
        Greg: I don't think it was the dream that upset your stomach.
        Anthony: I only ate it so Dorothy wouldn't be tempted to eat too much.
        Greg: You ate the whole thing! I don't think you're much of a superhero, Anthony.
        Anthony: Maybe you're right but I've learned my lesson. It's not too good to eat too much of (to Dorothy) What kind of cake was that?
        Dorothy: Rose petal cream cake.
        Anthony: Rose petal cream cake. (opens jaw) You mean that cake was made out of roses?!?
        Dorothy: My favorite food.
        (Anthony groans sadly while the others all laugh.)

      • Murray: (distributing peas one at a time) Eight for me and nine…
        Greg: (sadly) Forget it, Murray. I'm not hungry anymore. The food's gone gold.
        Anthony: (as Foodman) Let me check it for you. (tastes peas with a spoon) Correct, Greg. The food is cold. (puts the spoon down while Greg becomes stunned) I suggest: reheating.
        Murray: Now look what's happened. I'll have to start again.
        Greg: Oh, I can't stand this! I'm off to my room. (stands up and leaves)
        Murray: But Greg? Greg? (leaves after him)
        Anthony: (as Foodman) Being a superhero is tough work. It makes me hungry, too. (takes Dorothy's cake) I'll be doing Dorothy a favor. If I eat this, then she won't be tempted.

      • (Anthony dresses up in a superhero costume, posing.)
        Anthony: I'm Foodman.
        Jeff, Murray, Greg: Foodman?
        (Fruit Salad song humming in background)
        Anthony: That's right. Foodman. Able to eat tall sandwiches with a single bite. Faster to a table than a speeding train. I'm Foodman. The hungry hero.
        Narrator: Will Foodman save the day? Do The Wiggles need saving? If not, can he save himself?

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    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Anthony transforms into Foodman by spinning around. This is characteristic of how Diane Prince transforms in the Wonder Woman TV series.

      • Anthony's Foodman statement is similar to the introduction to the Superman TV show.

        Superman opener:
        Faster than a speeding bullet.
        More powerful than a locomotive.
        Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.
        It's a bird, it's a plane, it's superman!

        Foodman statement:
        Able to eat tall sandwiches with a single bite.
        Faster to the table than a speeding train.

        Also the foodman costume consists of a red cape, blue tights and red trunks, and a bib size diamond with the initials FM.