The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 11

Henry Goes to Gawa

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 18, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Song #1:A Frog Went a-Walking
Sam sings this song with Murray as the frog, Dorothy as Miss Mousey, Anthony as the pig, and Jeff as the chef.
Song #2: I Drive The Big Red Car
Sam sings about a favorite activity of each of the Wiggles and friends, while they drive in the Big Red Car.
Song #3: Pop Goes the Weasel (Murray)
Murray turns the box while singing and out pops Captain Feathersword.
Anthony the Butterfly Anthony is dressed in a blue butterfly costume singing and flapping his arms. Sam appears and wonders if it's Anthony and what he's dressed as today. When Anthony says "Guess" Sam thinks he's wearing a motorcycle helmet. The two argue ("Oh no I'm not!", "Oh yes You are!") so Anthony says to ask the audience. They think they're butterfly antennae. Anthony agrees that they're right.
Anthony points to his shoulders and asks Sam what these are. Sam correctly guesses that they're butterfly wings, so it's on to his body. Sam thinks he's wearing a moth's body, but Anthony says no. They argue back and forth again, so once again it's up to the audience to tell Sam the correct answer of a butterfly body as it's more colorful than a moth's body.
Given these three things, Anthony again asks Sam if he knows what he's dressed as. Sam still needs another hint, so Anthony returns to singing and flapping his arms as at the start. Sam knows it now, Anthony's a butterfly! When asked where he's going, Anthony says he's going to look at a garden, so off they both go.
Song #4: Over In The Meadow
A counting song sung by Sam.
A quick scene of the Wiggly Dancers leads to the next segment. Henry Returns to Gawa Anthony is outside Wiggle House juggling when Henry arrives with his travel bag in hand(tenacle). When asked if he's going somewhere, Henry says he's going to Gawa. Anthony wonders that hadn't he already been there before, and Henry says yes, but he had such a great time singing and dancing that he's going back to visit. The people of Gawa are going to show Henry their Fish Dance and school. Anthony says Henry's sure to have a good time, and believes that they have their own language in Gawa. Henry explains that they do, Warramirri, but they speak English too. Anthony wonders where Gawa is, Henry tells him that it's in Northern Australia and he's taking an airplane. Anthony now remembers and suggests that Sam can take him to the airport in the Big Red Car.
Music plays as Sam drives Henry to the airport. With a wave and a thank you, Henry climbs into the airplane and off he goes. Bon voyage, Henry! A graphic shows the airplane flying across Australia, then footage of Henry landing in Gawa, taking a walk on the beach and dancing on some rocks. As the music fades, Henry on a beach greets us and teaches us the Warramirri word for octopus. He says he's off to the fish trap and is sure to meet somewhere there to tell him all about it.
Arriving at the fish trap, Henry encounters Elders and children who welcome him. Henry asks about what they do there and how they fish, along with some more Warramirri words. He asks them to show him how to catch fish in the fish trap. Henry watches the children practice spearing fish.
A child offers to show Henry their school, which is filled with children. Song #5: Move Your Arms Like Henry (in Warramirri)
The kids decide to dance and sing the song "Move Your Arms Like Henry" but in Warramirri. Henry bids them goodbye and walks off into the sunset. Song #6 Beach, Beach, Sandy Beach Emily the Postie wonders if she has mail for someone at Wiggle House. She does! She puts the letter in the letterbox and blows her whistle as she leaves waving.
Sam comes outside to check the letterbox as saw the Postie leave a letter in the letterbox. He finds a yellow letter which must be for him as it says "For Sam". He wonders who it from, and finds a pink rose on the back, so it must be from Dorothy. Inside is bookmark with roses all over it, so Sam goes back inside to ring Dorothy up to thank her.
Song #7: The Turkey in the Straw (Featuring Troy Cassar-Daley)
Troy is back to sing this duet with Sam, starring Jeff as the Turkey.