The Wiggles

Season 4 Episode v23

Here Comes the Big Red Car (VIDEO-2005)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jan 03, 2006 on Universal Kids

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  • The latest offering rehashes old Wiggles songs in the new Wiggles Show format. What's so new about that?

    While a Wiggles fan who’s never heard the songs would enjoy the content, this video has little else to offer if you have already seen Wiggles Dance Party several hundred times. In fact, you can just read this review or a future recap for the details.

    Everything’s updated to The Wiggles Show format. One of the Wiggles introduces the song. The song’s video though is completely interchangeable as it cuts among scenes of the studio, the roadway, and the beach

    Dances: Clare, who's been in a bunch of the videos as a kid, is a bit older now. She and three other girls do an Irish dance, which technically is the best dancing in the DVD. It's the only part that the preschool children will not be able to do without taking dance class. Clare also joins the Wiggly Dancers as a regular.

    Skits: The new Captain Feathersword skits involve a visit from an admiral, and another where the Captain becomes accident-prone. They’re as good as the ones on the Sailing Around the World video, and also show off the Wiggles’ newest material asset, the Big Red Boat.

    Thoughts about the dancers: The headcount apparently doubled to about 10-12, so many of the dancers had to adopt gimmicks to stay noticeable. Adrian does back flips regularly, Brett wears shades, Alfonso does his usual Italian jabbering, and Sam Moran wears a top hat. My favorite is Ben Bandicoot Murray with his trademark head shaking, but now he’s added some corks to his hat so when he shakes he looks even sillier. No Larissa though; maybe she’s taken a break and escaped with her sanity?

    Thoughts about the mascots: They’ve really lost their personality in the newer seasons. The Dorothy skits scored well with my little one, and was about the only thing she wanted to immediately see again. Wags hasn’t acted smart-alecky in ages, and Henry’s still a vague afterthought, although he’s gotten chunkier. They can still dance, but it’s such a waste of mascots. You can see the mascot dancers in some of the regular dance scenes. Speaking of which, following the credits, the DVD immediately hits you with HIT’s video lineup. Barney haters, you have been warned!

    A second viewing has inflated the score back up to 8, since my little one really got into the songs and that's gotta be worth something.