The Wiggles

Season 2 Episode v12

Hoop-Dee-Doo! It's a Wiggly Party! (VIDEO-2001)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Apr 09, 2002 on Universal Kids



  • Trivia

    • Hoop Dee Doo Ice Cream Trick
      At the beginning of the Hoop-Dee-Doo song, Dorothy drops a piece of her ice cream on the floor. By the last verse of the first stanza, the ice cream and nearby buckets are gone!

    • Wardrobe Malfunction?
      On the Fun on the Farm video, Greg only has one of his overalls straps on.

  • Quotes

    • Greg: Hi, everyone. I'm Greg, and hoop dee doo, it's a great day. Guess what? We're off to a wiggly party! Whoo-hoo!

    • (Anthony is wearing Captain Feathersword's jacket)
      Anthony: Greg, I heard you are going to the farm.
      Greg: That's right.
      Anthony: You've planned the trip.
      Greg: Yes, indeed.
      Anthony: (to camera) No need to go the farm, everybody! The farm can come to us.
      Greg: Uh, are you saying that you're gonna do the farm noises?
      Anthony: All the farm noises, all the farm animal actions. I can help to do the Captain's magical musical pirate buttons.
      Greg: Fantastic! All right. Well, let's see how it works. Um, I'd like to hear a cow. (Greg hits one of the magic buttons.)
      Anthony: (flapping arms) Cock-a-doodle-doo! (laughs wheezingly)
      Greg: That doesn't sound quite right. That sounds more like a rooster, doesn't it?
      Anthony: Try another one. I must be doing it wrong.
      Greg: All right. Let's try the rooster button. This must work. (Greg hits another magic button.)
      Anthony: (imitating cow) Moooooooooooo! Moooooooooooo!
      Greg: Hmm. That doesn't seem quite right either. That seems more like a cow. Let's try a sheep. (Greg hits another magic button.)
      Anthony: (imitating dog) Ruff, ruff, ruff, ruff!
      Greg: That sounds more like a dog.
      Anthony: Does too.
      Greg: (sighs) Doesn't seem to be working too well. (turns to Anthony) Anthony, perhaps you should take the jacket back to Captain Feathersword.
      Anthony: (sadly) Great idea, Greg. (walks away)
      Greg: Actually, while you're at it, why don't you see if you get a pair of overalls. You can wear them on the farm.
      Anthony: That's another good idea. Greg, can I try one more thing?
      Greg: Yeah, sure.
      Anthony: (imitating as Captain Feathersword's laugh) Whoo-hoo! (walks away quickly)
      Greg: That's the Captain's laugh! (laughs and then turns to camera) All right. Let's go to the farm. We'll have lots of fun on the farm.

    • Greg: I like the slow button.
      (Greg pushes Captain's button.)
      Captain: (moving arms slowly and singing in a low tone) Quaaaaack Quaaaaaaack
      (Anthony arrives.)
      Anthony: Hey, captain. Captain.
      Captain: Yesssssss, Anthoooonnnyyyy??
      Anthony: Everyone, did Greg press the slow button?
      Captain: Whhhhhaaaatt doooooo…..
      Anthony: He did, didn't he?

    • (Anthony pushes Captain's Opera button)
      Captain: (singing operatically in a high tenor) Quack-a-doodle doo de deeeeeeeeeeeeehhh….(Anthony pushes a button and Captain changes to his normal voice.) ohhhhhhhh

    • Jeff: Hi, I'm Jeff, and I'm staying awake for the Wiggly Party.

    • Murray: Well everyone, I think we're set. I think we're all ready. Let's go to Marie's Wedding.
      Captain: Murray's Wedding?!
      Murray: No no, captain, it's a song called, Mar-ie's Wedding.
      Captain: Oh, Mar-ie's Wedding. Excellent! (takes more pictures)

  • Notes

    • Release History
      Album release: 2001
      Original VHS release: 2001 (Roadshow/ABC Video #103114), 45 mins
      Original DVD release: 2001 (Roadshow/ABC Video #1031149), 52 mins, also re-released 2005 as #105178-9
      US album release: June 24, 2003
      US VHS release: April 9, 2002 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #2510)
      US DVD release: April 9, 2002 (Lyons/Hit Ent. #24000)
      US DVD re-release: October 9, 2007 (Warner Home Video)

    • Closing credits
      The mascots are shown on a split-screen. On the left side is their character. On the right side is the actor dancing along.

      On Screen Crew
      Director: Chisholm McTavish
      Producer: Paul Field
      Director of Photography: Borce Damcevski
      Choreography: Leeanne Ashley with assistants Angel Kyral and Naomi Wallace
      Gaffer assistant: Ian Barwick
      Gaffer: Graham Holder
      Boom Operator: Alex Keller
      Sound Recordist: Craig Abercrombie

    • After the end credits, the US DVD release contains a preview of The Wiggles' videos including ones from Australia.

    • Where's Morgan?
      Morgan Crowley sings with the Wiggles on the song Zoological Gardens. He is credited as a guest singer although he does not appear on the video which has picture stills.

      On the CD, Duncan explains how the Dublin Zoo is a full-featured animal park with a safari area, lions, tigers, kangaroos, penguins, and wolves.

    • This is the first time we see Anthony wearing Captain Feathersword's jacket in the "Fun on the Farm" intro skit since the time he used to play Captain Feathersword in the early pre-TV series Wiggles videos: "Wiggle Time", "Yummy Yummy" and "Big Red Car." The Captain back then did not have the gimmick of having the buttons produce different sounds and actions.

    • Greg's daughter is named and seen during the Emu skit.

    • Caveland features computer-generated versions of the Wiggles.

    • La Cucaracha is sung entirely in Spanish.

    • Wiggly Party Concert tour
      December 2001 in Australia: Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane, Sydney.

      Footage from their concert tour was used in their Wiggly Safari video and a TV documentary broadcast in Australia called The Wiggles Take On the World.

    • CD Notes:

      "Let's Spend a Day at the Beach" is the only song from the related album not to be made into a video.

    • This is the first DVD to show a sign language translator.

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