The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v34

Hot Poppin' Popcorn (VIDEO-2009)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Feb 23, 2010 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

The Wiggles introduce themselves. I'm Sam, I'm Murray, I'm Jeff. Anthony says, "I'm hungry!" Huh? Anthony says, "I'm Anthony, and I'm hungry for a circus," and then he leaves. Jeff says he's ready for the circus parade, and leaves. Murray will go tune his guitar, and leaves. Sam will warm up his voice.

Opening credits with each of the four guys, then Captain Feathersword, Dorothy, Wags, Henry, and special guest Jamie Redfern.

Anthony arrives in a ringmaster outfit. Is everyone ready? He announces that it's showtime.

Song #1: It's a Wiggly Circus
Anthony is on some rings, while the others are marching in the ring. Captain rides a bicycle. Some of the dancers are on the trapeze while others are in the ring in different costumes. A guy in the back is doing some flips on the harness. Wags and some dancers join in, and the other mascots and dancers also join.

The Wiggles have the ring, clowns, acrobats, balloons, and circus music. But where's the popcorn? They turn around and there's Jamie the popcorn seller.
Song #2: Hot Poppin' Popcorn (featuring Jamie Redfern)

Jeff is sleeping on the lyra hoop suspended in the air. Sam arrives and wants to wake up Jeff. Sam tries, on the count of three, by clapping his hands three times, but it doesn't work, so he leaves. Anthony arrives, and tries to stamp his feet three times, but that doesn't work either. After Anthony leaves, Murray arrives, and suggests on the count of three to rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time. That doesn't work either. He asks the audience if they have ideas.
Song #3: How Are We Going To Wake Up Jeff?
At the end of the song, they do the usual "1,2,3, Wake Up Jeff!" and Jeff wakes up!

Sam talks about different ways to travel, like walking. Murray talks about hopping.
Anthony walks in to robot sounds and says you can robot around. Jeff arrives in a scooter-like bicycle and says his favorite is to cycle around.
Song #4: Circus Cyclists Circling!
The Wiggles try out different foot pedaled vehicles in the ring.

Dorothy is sitting on the trapeze. Murray arrives with some balloons. Murray says how lucky we are to have Dorothy as one of their friends. She loves to eat roses, she loves the circus, and she loves to dance. Let's all say hi to Dorothy. Hi Dorothy! Dorothy greets everyone. Murray asks Dorothy if she can do a Wiggly circus dance with us. Dorothy agrees.
Song #5: Dorothy's Dance

Anthony is with Foodman, who is holding a large tray of fruit. Anthony says that Foodman assures him that if he eats fruits, he'll be healthy and even have energy to do a handstand. Foodman agrees. Anthony asks Foodman again, and Foodman says that's right.
Song #6: Doing a Handstand
The Wiggles and mascots do handstands and then roll down foam wedges. Jeff and Murray each sing a verse.

Anthony talks about and then juggles one ball, two balls, three balls, and four balls.
Song #7: Juggling, Juggling, Juggling Balls
Each of the Wiggles sings a verse and juggles.

Murray talks about doing more circus skills, and that you can even be a ringmaster.
Song #8: The Ringmaster's Song

Jeff is with three circus performers (one of them is Paul Paddick without his Captain Feathersword outfit). Jeff says it's time for some fun with the Wiggly flying squad. After the three performers salute, Jeff says wait there's usually four. Where's the other gymnast? Anthony arrives and the four perform a bar routine on a cube while the next song plays as background music.
Song #9: Waltzing Matilda (instrumental)

Sam introduces the next act which has two girls up in the air; one on a lyra (aerial hoop) and another on a trapeze bar.
Song #10: High Up On the Trapeze

The Wiggles are with Henry the Octopus. Let's say hi to Henry. Hi Henry! Henry says "bree-bop" which is hi in Octopulian language. Anthony asks if he wants to dance, and Henry replies "Boppily Booples" which is "I'd love to". Sam says "beepily booples" which is "we'd like to dance with you too" Henry then says "bree-bop-a-doodle skinee googa-skoodle. Let's have a dance" Uh oh, Jeff fell asleep so let's wake him up in Octopulean. "Cray-jib-joe cay-niv-larel Jeff!" Jeff wakes up with a blubber and thanks Henry. Let's dance!
Song #11: Henry's Song

Jeff cartwheels in and introduces the somersault king, Captain Feathersword.
Song #12: Captain Featherword's the Somersault King
Captain jumps from the ringmaster box onto a mini-tramp and does a flip. The other dancers follow and they all do various flips. Captain and the dancers line up to do more through the entire song.

Anthony has knelt down at a ringmaster box where there are two plates of food. Murray is dressed as a doctor's coat, and he's with Sam, Jeff, and Captain Feathersword. Murray talks about popcorn being a good treat for movies, and that some foods are for special occasions, like the plate on the left which has sweets and snacks. Murray also talks about the plate on the right, which has fruits and vegetables, basically foods you can eat quite often since they are healthy. Anthony says he wants to eat all the food he can. He reaches for the plate with the cupcakes, but Murray says to eat from the healthy foods or the occasional ones will give you a tummy ache, and we'll have to call in Foodman. Anthony promises to eat just a little bit. Captain says once he starts eating he can't stop, so be careful.
Song #13: Anthony's Eating Again!
Captain sings the song. Lots of food props decorating the instruments and platforms. Anthony does some somersaults on the foam wedge. Murray's on the trapeze.

Anthony has a tummy ache while he holds a plate with a bowl of popcorn and a cream pie. He has to eat it; he says he can't resist. He needs help; he needs Foodman, who arrives just in time. Foodman asks Anthony if he wants the tummy ache to end. Anthony does. Foodman tells Anthony to eat no more, that's enough. Instead, drink water and exercise, or eat fresh fruit and vegetables. Your tummy will feel better, the world will be a better place, and best of all. Anthony says "Yes?" Foodman says "Best of all…" Anthony says "Yes Yes?" Foodman says "best of all…" Anthony says yes three times. Foodman says "Best of all, you'll have so much energy, you might be able to do that handstand you've been trying for the last 45 years." Anthony thinks that's brilliant, and since he has some food on his plate, he offers Foodman a cream pie. Foodman says he'll have the fruit instead, and states that he runs away from cream pies, in fact, he flies away from them. So he does just that.
Song #14: Fly, Fly, Foodman
Foodman is on a harness where he can do flips.

Anthony twirls a ribbon. He tries a trick where he lifts his leg in the air and twirls the ribbon around that. It gets tangled a little bit so he stops and introduces the next act.
Song #15: Wave Your Ribbons In the Air
Sam sings the song, while Dorothy, Adrian, and Clare do a ribbon dance.

Jeff is with Wags the Dog. Let's greet him with a big woof, woof. Woof, woof, Wags. Wags answers with a ruff, ruff. Jeff asks about what new circus trick Wags has learned recently. Wags will walk the balance beam with two legs instead of four.
Song #16: Wags the Balancing Dog

Murray introduces the next act with Dmitri, Karl, Adrian, and Megan, aka the Wiggly clowns.
Song #17: We're Watching the Clowns Fall Down
The Wiggly clowns are doing flips and stunts on a big trampoline, while the Wiggles play their instruments from the side.

The Wiggles are all in a line.
Anthony walks towards the camera, saying, "We hope you had a wonderful time at the Wiggly circus."
Sam walks forward, saying "I loved the clowns" and gives a big two thumbs up.
Jeff walks forward, saying "I loved the cycles" and gives a thumbs up.
Dorothy walks forward, says "I loved the trapeze."
Henry walks forward, and says "Beeble, bub-bub-bub, bebble! I loved the popcorn."
Wags walks forward, says "ruff, ruff," and waves.
Captain walks forward with Murray but he's crying. He's so sad that it's ending. Murray tries to comfort him, like he did in Five Little Ducks but without the laughing. He says the circus will be back next time. Murray will play Captain some of his groovy music. Murray plays a guitar riff and Captain is happy. Murray asks if that cheered him up. Captain replies that he feels better already, and that Murray's guitar playing is ace and saved the world. He sings ha-ha-ha in falsetto loudly.
Song #18: Murray's Guitar Saved the World
Anthony, Murray, Sam, and the dancers are all in the ring. Jeff is on the harness doing flips.

Closing credits.