The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 13

I Drive the Big Red Car

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 21, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Song #1: I Drive The Big Red Car
Sam sings about a favourite activity of each of the Wiggles and friends, while they drive in the Big Red Car.

Anthony, dressed as a king, introduces the next song.
Song #2:A Frog Went a-Walking
Sam sings this song with Murray as the frog, Dorothy as Miss Mousey, Anthony as the pig, and Jeff as the chef.

Emily the Postie wonders if she has mail for someone at Wiggle House. She does! She puts the letter in the letterbox and blows her whistle as she leaves waving.
Anthony comes outside to check the letterbox as he heard the postie's whistle. He finds a pink letter covered in rose stickers. The name on the front is "A Wiggle". He realizes that A is for Anthony, so it must be for him! He then guesses that it's from Dorothy. Inside is an invitation for a tea party, so Anthony goes back inside to tell the other Wiggles the wonderful news.

Anthony and Fernando introduce the next song. Anthony plays a guitar riff, and Fernando recognizes the song as La Bamba.
Song #3: La Bamba (Featuring Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr.)
Mario and Caterina dance, while the Moguels and the Wiggles are up on balconies. This is done entirely in Spanish. Later on Mario and Caterina tie a ribbon with just their feet.

Song #4: Miss Polly had a Dolly
Sam sings. A child plays Miss Polly. Anthony plays the doctor.

Murray pops and asks if we can hear those sounds, and thinks Anthony's gone to investigate.
Three Guitarists Anthony introduces three guitarists (Murray, Captain, Aussie Donnie) and each "plays" a riff. When Anthony returns to the second guitarist to play, he again sings, sounding like a guitar, but ends with "Ahoy There". Anthony corrects the guitarist, though he sings again, ending in Ahoy There. They repeat this several times.
Anthony begins to wonder who this second guitarist is. The audience thinks it's Captain Feathersword, so Anthony begins to compare the second guitarist to the other two. The first guitarist has a rock star jacket on, but the second has a pirate jacket. The first guitarist has sunglasses cooly put in his rockstar hairdo, but the second has a pirate eyepatch with a rockstar hairdo…until he agrees, nods, and his hair falls off revealing Captain Feathersword's head.
Anthony now thinks the second guitarist is in fact Captain Feathersword, but the second guitarist still says he isn't. Anthony says he is, the guitarists says no, repeat several times. Finally, Captain admits that it's him and he loves rocking with these fine guitarists.

Murray is dressed in a suit. He is getting ready to go to the ball. It's Achilea the Mouse's ball. Come on and dance.
Song #5: Swedish Rhapsody (Instrumental)
Lots of ballroom dancing as Jeff and Murray play accordion and guitar up in the balcony.

Wiggles Skit
Captain Feathersword and Sam enter the SS Feathersword's dock. Captain asked Sam what his favorite number is. Sam thinks for a moment and says that he doesn't think he has a favorite number. Captain says his favorite number is 3 because there are three masts on the SS Feathersword. Sam says he'll have to think about it and exits.
Anthony enters, Captain asks the same question. Anthony says 2 because he's got two feet to dance with. Anthony dances off
Dorothy now enters and Captain asks her what her favorite number is. She ways it's 1 as she's holding one rosey bouquet. She leaves as Wags enters, telling Captain his favorite number is 4, because he's got four paws. Murray enters after Wags leaves, and says his number is 5 because he uses five fingers to play is guitar. He plays five cords on his guitar and leaves giving his best Elvis impersonation.
Henry appears and says 8 is his favorite because he's got 8 tentacles. He counts them and leaves. Jeff enters, answers Captain that his favorite number is 7 because there are seven nights a week that he can sleep.
Finally, Sam returns when Jeff exits and Captain asks again what his favorite number is. Sam now says his favorite number is 6, because no one else picked it as theirs!

Song #6: Mary Had A Little Lamb
Lyn plays Mary as she dances with the Wiggly kids.

Song #7: Oranges and Lemons
The Wiggles and Friends are dressed with their heads like bells.
St. Clemens - Sam
St. Martin - Jeff
Old Bailey - Murray
Shoreditch - Anthony
Stepney - Caterina
Bow - Captain
Afterwards, Sam is in his pajamas. He and Dorothy sing the last verse.
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