The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v39

It's Always Christmas With You (VIDEO-2011)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Oct 25, 2011 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

The Wiggles introduce themselves. Murray talks about how in some parts of the world it's a hot Christmas, and in other parts, it is cold. They're going to travel around the world, so why not come along. Jeff falls asleep. Anthony tells everyone to count "1, Christmas, 2, Christmas, 3, Christmas" before they wake up Jeff. They do just that, and Jeff wakes up and wishes everyone Merry Christmas.

Song #1: It's Always Christmas with You!

Sam sings this song. Santa is on a sled. The children are decorating a tree.

Murray is with Garrath from Anuna in Ireland at the Valley of Glendalough (Irish for "the valley of two lakes". They're going to sing the cherry tree carol, which is about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Song #2: The Cherry Tree Carol (featuring Anuna)

Sam and Anuna walk along the lake and sing, while Anthony, Murray, and Jeff following and playing instruments.

Anthony introduces the next song and the Wiggly Choir with Blathnaid, Brad, and Simon. They sing the chorus of "Angels We Have Heard on High" but when they get to "In Excelsis Deo", Anthony makes them sing in a wavering voice. He then introduces the special guest: Joey Fatone. He asks Joey how he celebrates Christmas, and that includes singing Christmas carols with the family. Joey also loves food.

Song #3: O Holy Night (featuring Joey Fatone)

Anthony is at Darwin, the top end of Australia. He is joined by two of the Chooky Dancers: Wakara and Lionel. They say "Yo, nha mirri!" (G'day). They are from Elcho Island.

Song #4: It's a Long Way From the North Pole (featuring the Chooky Dancers)

The Wiggles dance with the Chooky Dancers and Santa. Paul Paddick is dressed as a reporter.

Captain Feathersword is in Glendalough and he introduces the next song while someone is standing on his shoulders, who turns out to be Jeff!

Song #5: Ding Dong Merrily On High (featuring Anuna)

Anthony introduces John Paul Young and the next song. There are some children dressed up for a nativity scene.

Song #6: Miracle in a Manger (featuring John Paul Young)

Dorothy the Dinosaur joins John Paul Young in the singing.

Dorothy walks out in the snow. She hears sleigh bells. It reminds her about her favorite song:

Song #7: Jingle Bell Rock

Dorothy sings this song and dances with Santa. Murray even has a guitar solo.

Anthony is with Captain Feathersword. Captain is going to get a singing lesson from Anuna so he can sing "We Three Kings". Michael from Anuna gives the first lesson. He sings, "We three kings of orient are" but Captain sings "We three kings of orient ARR!!" Michael plugs his ears and leaves. Anthony has Emily come and she tells Captain to sing softer. Emily sings, and Captain imitates except he screams "ARR!!" again and scares her off. Anthony has Rory come and teach Captain. We will sing this together. They sing "We three kings of orient..." then they pause and scream ARR! at the same time, scaring each other.

Song #8: We Three Kings (featuring Anuna)

Sam sings the song as Captain, Anthony, and Jeff are dressed in kings robes and crowns and holding small chests. Anuna sings the chorus, and one of the girls sings some of the verses.

Captain talks about a Christmas feast. He was going to have a turkey pie when the turkey (Jeff in costume) jumped right out of the pie. They start gobbling.

Song #9: The Turkey Jumps Right Out of the Pie

Captain sings this song at a table with the Wiggly Dancers. Jeff plays the turkey.

Murray is with Henry the Octopus. Murray asks Henry what his favorite Christmas song, and Henry says he loves "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

Song #10: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Anthony leads the song and makes comments in between verses.

Jeff loves to sleep. He can sleep anywhere except for one night:

Song #11: I Just Can't Sleep on Christmas Eve!

Jeff sings this song from a bed.

Sam and Captain are at the lake. They do a magic instrument buttons skit. The first button is a guitar button where Captain sings and does air guitar. The second button is a trumpet. Sam pushes the button and Captain trumpets about. The third button is the drums button. Sam pushes that, and Captain plays drums. Captain loves plays drums, and he starts beat boxing and dancing off screen. Sam introduces the next song.

Song #12: The Little Drummer Boy (featuring Anuna)

Sam sings the melody with Anuna backgrounding.

Jeff is with Santa, who works year round to make sure children get the right present. He reads all of your letters. Santa holds up a letter from Bobby, who wants a puppy dog for a long time. Now he's old enough to take care of it. Be sure to give him water and food, and exercise.

Song #13: Bobby Wants a Puppy Dog for Christmas

Sam and the Wiggles sing at a sleigh with Santa and Clare. Bobby is played by a boy in a cowboy hat and flannel shirt.

Murray is with Dorothy and they are decorating a Christmas tree. Murray talks about the traditions of decorating a tree.

Song #14: Will You Dance With Me Around the Christmas Tree?

The Wiggles say goodbye. Each Wiggles talk about their favorite part of the video.