The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 17

Let's Do the Sporting Salsa

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 26, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

The phone rings, and Jeff picks it up. Someone's on the line; they'd like to hear a nursery rhyme,
Song #1 The Grand old Duke of York
Murray introduces Troy Cassar-Daley, a guitarist and singer. He will help sing the next song.
Song #2 Old Dan Tucker - featuring Troy Cassar-Daley
The PostLady Comes and Puts a Letter in the Letter Box Sam comes out and Waves he says he came to see if the Postie left a Letter in the Letter Box he Looks There we are! he takes it out, he Wonder who it's for? he looks at it, it's a White Envalope with Lots of Yellow S's on the Front Sam Says his name start's with "S" and he weres Yellow so it Must be For him! but who sent it? he turns it over Look! there is a Picture of a Dog bone on the back it must be from Wags! Sam opens the Letter, inside is a Picture of Wags Sam says he will take it inside to show The Wiggles Song #3: I Spy with my Eye,
Anthony sings an intro verse about the different Wiggles being there and what happens next is up to you.
The Wiggles are in Front of Wigglehouse, Captain FeatherSward is there too the Captain is Pretending to Play Tennis But he does not have a Tennis Racquet or Balls, Murray says Maby we can Play with Something Else Anthony ask but what? wait a Wiggly minute. He steps out and sings a verse of "what happens next is up to you" song. he ask we don't have any tennis Balls but we Want to Play Tennis what do we do? he hears something from the audience, OH! you think we can Play Tennis with some other Balls that's a Great Idea! anthony turns to the guys, I just got a great Idea we don't have any tennis Balls to play with but we could use some other balls! Sam Finds 2 blow up Beach Balls and Jeff finds 4 Toy Racquets, Sam and Murray and Jeff and Captain Pair off and hit the Beach Balls to each other and Anthony stands in the Middle and Trys to cath the Balls with his hands, Captain says that was Great fun! Anthony finishes off with a final verse of the "what happens next" song. Anthony Says Speeking of Sport and fun Lets all do the Sporting Salsa!
Song #4: The Sporting Salsa,
Song #5: Jack and Jill,
Anthony is Dressed as a Bumblebee Sam comes in and ask if thats Anthony, Anthony affirms. Sam asks what he's dressed as today. Anthony replies, "Guess." Sam Looks at Anthony's head he says those look Like Cow horns, Anthony replies "Oh, no, they're not" Sam answers, "Oh, yes, they are." After a few exchanges, Anthony tells Sam to ask the audience. Sam asks the camera and gets the message that there Bumblebee antnnae Sam gusse that he's Right!
next Anthony Points to his Sleves what do you think these are? Sam Gusses they are Bumblebee Strips he got that one Right!
next Anthony Points to his Wings Sam says there Aeroplane Wings! "Oh, no, it's not." "Oh, yes, it is." The arguing goes again. Anthony tells Sam to ask the audience again. Sam asks the camera and learns that they are Bumblebee wings.
Anthony points to his Stinger Sam says it's a camal's hump! Oh, no, it's not." "Oh, yes, it is." After a few rounds of that, Sam asks the audience and learns it is a Bumblebee Stinger.
Now it's time to guess what Anthony is. Sam still doesn't know, and asks for a hint. Anthony starts makeing Buzzing sounds Sam says your a Bumblebee!
Sam asks Anthony where he is going. Anthony replies we are going visiting a garden!
Jeff introduces the next nursery rhyme
Song #6: Ring a Ring a Rosy
The Dancers dance across the Stage
Song #6: Skip to my Lou
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