The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v36

Let's Eat (VIDEO-2010)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Feb 15, 2011 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Sam, Anthony and Murray introduce themselves when they realize that Jeff's asleep. Murray asks everybody to help Jeff wake him up. 1, 2, 3. Wake up, Jeff! Jeff wakes up and says "Let's Eat"!

Opening credits with each of the four guys, then Captain Feathersword, Dorothy, Wags, Henry, and special guests: Mental As Anything, Mic Conway, Paul Field, Tom McGlynn, Kathleen Warren.

The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword and the band Mental As Anything take turns walking by holding a plate of food:
Jeff walks by with a stack of pancakes and says, "Let's cook."
Martin Plaza walks by with a sandwich and says, "Let's cook."
Anthony walks by with a bowl of fruit salad and says, "Let's eat."
Reg Mombassa walks by with a bowl and says, "Let's eat."
Murray walks by with a cake and says, "Let's growl." and does that tiger clawing motion with his right hand.
Peter O'Doherty walks by with a bowl and says, "Let's growl."
Sam walks by with a plate and says, "Let's work."
Greedy Smith walks by with a bowl and says, "Let's work!"
Song #1: Let's Cook! (featuring Mental As Anything)
The background is a kitchen counter, with the Wiggles and Mental As Anything singing and playing instruments on top of pots, colander, salt shakers, and other cooking utensils. Two kids are in front dressed up as cooks. Dorothy joins in later on.

Dorothy has a question, and the question is this: "Can you clap your stamp your feet like this? Wonderful. Can you clap your hands? Heeee. Then you're ready to clap your hands and stamp your feet with Dorothy."
Song #2: Clap Your Hands with Dorothy
This take place outside Dorothy's house from her TV series. The Wiggles are on the left side, Dorothy is in the middle, and the kids are on the right side.

Anthony says, "What a wonderful day is Monday, a magnificent day, a day full of merit." Anthony thinks that Monday has to be a muffin day.
Song #3: Monday Is Muffin Day!

Song #4: England Swings
The Wiggles are in their Beatles clothes but without the wigs. Jeff, Anthony, and Murray play guitars. Captain is on a rope swing. Wags is on a bicycle with Sam. The Wiggly dancers and two kids also participate.

Song #5: Alabama Jubilee
The background looks like a Southern US church revival stage with the Wiggles playing instruments in the middle and Jeff playing the organ. The dancers and kids are dressed in white as the choir. Mic Conway is dressed up as a one-man band.

Song #6: Have a Laugh! (Funny Faces)
The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword are at the dock. Captain Feathersword makes funny faces and laughs. While the Wiggles are at the right.
Song #7: I Love Waffles in the Morning

Sam says, "Tuesday is a terrific day, a terrific day for Tacos."
Song #8: Tuesday Is Taco Day!

Anthony is outside Wigglehouse on the Big Red Car. He puts his seat belt on and is ready to ride. Then he tells everybody to come with us and have lots of fun. "We're gonna meet lots of people, dance and sing. It's gonna be beaut! But hang on a second. The other Wiggles aren't here." That's because they'll be coming out of Wigglehouse soon. Anthony asks if you know who might be coming out first. Anthony gives a hint: he wears red, he plays guitar. It's Murray! Murray comes out with his guitar and gets in the red seat. Anthony says the next Wiggle is purple and likes to sleep a lot. Can you guess? It's Jeff! Jeff comes out and gets in the purple seat. Anthony says the next Wiggle is yellow, he sings and drives. It's Sam! Sam comes out and gets in the yellow seat. Anthony tells the guys to buckle the seat belts. And here we go!
Song #9: Go Far, Big Red Car
The Wiggles ride in the Big Red Car. They pass by the fairies, Dorothy and Henry, some dancer friends, some kids, Wags, Captain Feathersword and Tom McGlynn, Kathleen Warren, and Mic Conway with some more dancers, two kids at a hot dog stand, and circus performers.

Murray greets Aunt Nellie (Kathleen Warren), who has a very unusual farm. Murray asks her about her farm. Aunt Nellie says that she has a dog that barks like cat, and a duck that quacks like a train. Murray thinks that the farm is very unusual. Let's all go to Aunt Nellie's farm!
Song #10: On Aunt Nellie's Farm
Sam and Murray are at the windows of Aunt Nellie's house. Aunt Nellie is on the porch of her house. Anthony, Jeff, Wags and some dancers are in front of the house.

Song #11: Cook, Captain, Cook!
Captain Feathersword cooks below on the S.S. Feathersword while The Wiggles are above singing.

Song #12: Have a Laugh! (Handstand)
Same as the previous Have a Laugh, except he does a handstand.

Murray loves watermelon and especially loves to eat watermelon on Wednesday.
Song #13: Wednesday Is Watermelon Day!

Anthony says "Shalom, everybody. We've got a wonderful friend of ours from the Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick. His name is Doctor Johnny." Doctor Johnny greets Anthony and everyone. Anthony asks Doctor Johnny about Hanukkah. Doctor Johnny says that Hanukkah is a very special festival, a Festival of Lights for the Jewish people. He also talks about the menorah, food, and a dreidel. We also exchange presents. Anthony thinks that they'll sing a song about a dreidel.
Song #14: Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel
This is the popular Jewish dreidel song.

Anthony's dressed up as a Scottish bagpiper. Bagpipes are at celebrations all around Scotland. They go along with music and food. Anthony talks about parts of the outfit he's wearing:
Scottish brogues which are shoes, garters which are straps to keep his socks up, a kilt which the pattern on the kilt is called a tartan, a sporran which is a purse or wallet where you put keys, toys and money. He also has a dirk, which is a knife but he is quick to say it's for ceremony only as he puts it away. The dirk was for hunting and other things. He also has bagpipes for playing at the ceremonies. He wears a bow tie for formal occasions. Here's a song about Tom Love-Eatin'.
Song #15: Tom Love Eatin'
Sam sings this song while Anthony plays Tom Love Eatin'.

Song #16: Clean Your Teeth
The Wiggles are each in colorful rectangle backgrounds brushing their teeth.

Song #17: Yellow Bird
The Wiggles perform this on their circus background. Caterina dresses up as a yellow bird on a trapeze and later on a rope spinning around. Sam sings the song, but later on Jeff also sings a verse.

Anthony says, "Thursday is a beautiful day. It's the fourth day of the week. And for me, Thursday is Bratwurst day!"
Song #18: Thursday is Bratwurst Day!

Song #19: Have a Laugh! (Wacky Dance)
This time, Captain Feathersword does a wacky dance, which is pretty much his Captain Feathersword usual dancing.

Anthony thinks that there's nothing better for him than to eat an apple and enjoy some lovely hot tea. But have you ever wondered what happens when you swallow food and how do you digest it? Anthony says we've got an expert coming to tell us and his name is Doctor Mic. Doctor Mic arrives with his one man band outfit. Anthony asks Doctor Mic to present with his wonderful sound machine what happens to our food when we chew it and when we swallow it. And I guess that we digest it. Mic gulps and Anthony laughs. Anthony starts apple chewing while Doctor Mic uses his sound machine. Anthony uses his finger to point his esophagus and into the stomach while Doctor Mic uses the slide whistle and horn. Anthony says "Fantastic!" and now tea sipping. Anthony sips his tea while Mic makes a slurping sound and then a rattle with this sound machine. Anthony thanks Doctor Mic.
Song #20: That's What You Call Digestion!
The Wiggles are in front of Wigglehouse. Sam sings, then Doctor Mic takes over the chorus at a stage with some dancers dressed as doctors.

Song #21: Sound Your Funky Horn
The Wiggles, mascots, and friends are standing on large records. Dorothy plays trumpet, Wags plays sax, and Henry plays congas. The dancers are dressed in 1970s outfits.

Song #22: Rag Mop
The Wiggles and Captain are aboard some ship. Captain leads the song where he spells the words mop and then rag. The dancers are on deck with some mops and dressed as sailors. Later, Captain Feathersword spells the letters A through I.

Dorothy loves to dance and her favorite flowers in all of the world are roses. Come dance and pick roses with me.
Song #23: Dorothy, Pick Roses with Me
The Wiggles are on the left side. Dorothy is in the middle and the Dancers are on the right side. The dancers are in ballet outfits. The first and third verse are done in front of Dorothy's house, while the second is front of a castle.

Jeff says that Friday is fantastic and so is fish.
Song #24: Friday Is Fish Fry Day!

Song #25: Have a Laugh! (Wobbly Walk)
This time, Captain Feathersword does a wobbly walk where he just wiggles his legs while patting his tummy.

Sam introduces Tom McGlynn who is a fisherman all the way from Dublin in Ireland. Tom says "Dia dhuit" that means "God be with you". Sam asks Tom what we say back to you. Tom replies that we say "Dia is Muire dhuit" that means "God be with you too". Sam says that Tom loves to go fishing and asks what they're fishing for today. Tom says that they're fishing for squid. Sam says why don't we all go fishing together with Tom and Captain Feathersword who appears. Let's go squid jigging!
Song #26: Squid Jiggin' Ground (featuring Tom McGlynn)
The Wiggles, Captain, and Tom are aboard the SS Feathersword. Henry the Octopus is seen briefly with a fishing pole. Captain and Tom sing the main verses.

Anthony is with Paul and a woman holding a baby. Anthony says, "Everyone loves babies. We love babies and we're very, very happy to have a wonderful baby with us today. His name's Levi and Levi's mum is Bernadette." Anthony asks Bernadette about Levi and how old is he. Bernadette says that Levi is four weeks today. Anthony asks is he a big baby or just average Bernadette that Levi was a big baby and he was born 9lb 2oz. Anthony says "Levi, like all babies, has got little ears, little eyes, little nose, little mouth and little fingers. He's absolutely beautiful. Now babies are beautiful but they're also very helpless." Anthony introduces his brother Paul who has some tips to keep your baby safe while sleeping and help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Paul gives some tips:
* Always sleep your baby on their back from birth.
* Sleep your baby with their face uncovered.
* You should have a smoke-free environment before and after your baby's born.
* Provide a safe sleeping environment, a safe cot, safe mattress and safe bedding.
* And finally, sleep your baby in its own cot next to the parents' bed for the first 6-12 months of their life.
Anthony says here's a great song about safe sleeping.
Song #27: Sleep Safe, My Baby (featuring Paul Field)
The background is a bunch of clouds like heaven. Paul sings at a microphone.

Sam and Wags the Dog are in front of Wags's house. Sam says, "Some dogs love to do doggy tricks and Wags - well, he's no different. You know what? He loves to do cartwheels." Sam asks Wags to show us one of those wonderful cartwheels? Wags does a cartwheel. Wags has another trick. Sam says that some dogs love to walk on their hind legs but Wags loves to walk on his front legs. Sam asks him to show us, and Wags does a handstand and walks on his front legs. Sam tells Wags that he truly is a wonderful dog.
Song #28: Wonderful Wags
Circus background. The Wiggles, the kids and their parents are at the ring looking up. Wags is on a trapeze doing spins and then later swings on a ring.

Sam says, "Saturdays are sensational. You know what makes them sensational? Sultanas!"
Song #29: Saturday Is A Sultana Day!

Song #30: Wash Your Hands
This is their UNICEF song done to the tune of Frere Jacques but with new video footage, and includes kids washing their hands at bowls.

Murray loves making sandwiches. You can put all sorts of fillings on there. Murray says that he's got some ham, some cheese and some lettuce on his sandwich and it's delicious. You can make a sandwich too and put your own fillings on there. Murray especially loves to eat sandwiches on a Sunday.
Song #31: Sunday Is Sandwich Day!

The Wiggles had a great time today and hope you had fun too. We'll see you next time. Goodbye. But Jeff says "Let's sleep!" and sleeps instead.