The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 14

Let's Get the Rhythm of the Feet

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 22, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

*Sam, dressed as a king, introduces the first song

*'''Song: '''Dr. Knickerbocker

*Captain Feathersword acts like a show host and introduces the next song.

*'''Song: '''The Shimmie Shake
*Anthony is on stage with three drummers. Each of them go "Rump-a-Tump-Tump". On the third try, the 2nd drummer says "Rump-a-Tump--Ahoy there!" and Anthony realizes he's CF.

*Anthony sings "Pop Goes the Weasel"

*Murray sings the "What Happens Next?" song, this time while playing guitar. He arrives in front of Wigglehouse with the others, Captain & Henry. They play a game of "Freeze Dance". Sam sings a song and when he stops, everybody stands still like a statue. After the game, Murray suggests a song.

*'''Song: '''D is for Dorothy

*Captain & Captain are dressed up as british bobbies introducing the next song.

*'''Song: The Four Rhymes'''

*Anthony introduces the next segment.

*'''Dorothy and Wags:''' Wags doesn't feel good. Dorothy figures out what the problem is. He ate 4 sticky bones for breakfast.

*Anthony and Jeff do some rhyming with things that rhyme with "op". The last one is "Drop" so Anthony falls down and Jeff says it's time for a nursery rhyme and then he falls.

*'''Song: '''The Farmer in the Dell