The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 9

Let's Go to the Beach

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 16, 2008 on Universal Kids

Episode Recap

Sam meets Dorothy and compliments her on her ballet tutu. He asks Dorothy what is on her back, and Dorothy replies those are fairy wings. Dorothy is going to do a fairy dance. Sam thinks that's a great idea and goes off to get his fairy wings for the next song Song #1: The Fairy Dance Sam and Dorothy narrate this counting song. Anthony is with Fernando and both are wearing mariachi uniforms. It's time for dancing. Anthony plays a guitar riff, and Fernando recognizes the song as La Bamba. Song #2: La Bamba - featuring Fernando Sr. and Fernando Jr. Mario and Caterina dance, while the Moguels and the Wiggles are up on balconies. This is done entirely in Spanish. Later on Mario and Caterina tie a ribbon with just their feet. Song #3: Pop Goes the Weasel (Anthony) Anthony is in "studio" with three ballet dancers. From right to left it's Kristy, Captain Feathersword, and Dorothy. As Anthony narrates, only referring to each one as first, second, and third, each ballet dancer responds with the move he or she is doing, starting with a demi-plié, and then a pas de bourrée. When they get to the third round of moves, Kristy and Dorothy each do a bourrée, but the second ballerina does a "bourrr-Ahoy There!" Huh, what was that? Anthony asks them to do it again. Captain says bourr-ahoy there again. Anthony looks skeptical and repeats the phrase bourrée, but Captain keeps saying "bourrr-Ahoy There!" Anthony suspects that the ballerina is Captain Feathersword, but to confirm that he will review their outfits. The first ballerina has a tiara for a hat. The second ballerina has a…pirate hat? The first ballerina has a beautiful blue tutu. The second ballerina has a black tutu, and a pirate vest?! This first ballerina has ballet shoes with ribbons wrapped around. The second ballerina has pirate boots with ribbons wrapped around. Anthony says the second ballerina must be Captain Feathersword, but Captain replies "Oh no I'm not". Anthony replies, "Oh yes you are." Captain and Anthony repeat this several times with increasing speed. Anthony summarizes all the evidence that indicates it is Captain Feathersword, and Captain gives up and admits he is the Captain; he just loves ballet. Captain arrives with a spider on his head and introduces the next song Song #5: Little Miss Muffet Sam sings the song. Emily plays Little Miss Muffet. Captain plays the spider. Anthony and Jeff are together. Anthony plays the keyboard part of the accordion as Jeff does the other half. They play a tune and receive applause. They play another part of the tune, but Anthony gets stuck so he calls someone over. It's Sam with the trumpet and he plays a motif to finish off the segment. They all bow to the applause. Anthony says it's time to paint a picture with music. Painting with Music Murray and Jeff are at the beach. Murray plays some guitar, and then Jeff plays his keyboard. They need your help. They're at the beach and they have sunscreen on but what's next? What do they need? Waves. Let's say "Waves!" Murray plays that surfing motif on his guitar as waves in the background are drawn in. What else do they need? How about boats? Let's say "Boats!" Jeff plays the Captain Feathersword theme song as boats appear. What else? How about seagulls. Let's say "Seagulls!" Murray plays his guitar with some wah wah sounds with his whammy bar as seagulls get drawn in. Murray thanks everyone for helping paint the picture song #5: Getting Strong Anthony is juggling and talks about how Wags wants to practice tightrope walking Wags and Dorothy Wags strings a rope across two chairs. He greets Dorothy, and asks her if the rope is strong enough. Dorothy asks what that is. Wags says that's a tightrope; it is for walking across. Dorothy asks if they're expecting a tightrope walker. Wags replies he will be that walker. Dorothy suggests he put the rope on the floor and practice walking on that. Wags does so, and makes it across. Now he needs a parasol and fan? Dorothy hands Wags her parasol and then a fan. Wags walks across the rope again. He thinks that's a bit tricky. He'll need a lot of practice he goes again, and back and forth. Dorothy claps Dorothy teaches the bus stop. Step to the side, back, side together. Then we go the other way. Then you turn around and clap and then heel toe, down and jump up. And that's the bus stop. Song #6: Do The Bus Stop