The Wiggles

Season 1 Episode m1

Magical Adventure - A Wiggly Movie (VIDEO-1997)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Feb 04, 2003 on Universal Kids

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  • It’s decent, but this is the one Wiggles video my little pup doesn’t want to see again.

    This would be the Wiggles’ feature movie, which came out straight to video in the US. The main plot is around a new guy, Wally the Great, a magician who wants to make a name by winning a magic contest. Unfortunately, whenever there’s a lot of Wally dialogue and antics, he freaks my little pup out, hence the relatively low overall score.

    Some parts of the movie play like a concert, which can be monotonous and boring, I mean how many times can you hear Can you point your fingers and do the twist before you twist your kid’s Wiggle dolls into a useless piece of plastic? Fortunately, there is a general storyline to the movie, which means it attempts to send some sort of message about being yourself and doing your best from that. Also, asking for and receiving forgiveness is a good thing.

    Character development: Dorothy gets the most airtime among the mascots, so her personality shines the most in the movie. Wags has the builder personality from the first season, which is good because it’s all downhill in later seasons and other videos. Henry, although fully a mascot, still shares his spotlight with his puppet friends. Among the Wiggles themselves and the Captain, there’s not much development; they’re just who they are.

    About the dancing: A lot of dancers participate in the movie in comparison to the show, to give it a musical feeling, but the routines are still limited to what kids can do, as opposed to what dancers did in the television series. The camera and computer graphic work is decent, and not that distracting compared to their other videos.

    About the guest characters: Not much development except for Wally as he learns to care and share from being around Dorothy. There’s also a rival magician who’s sort of a bad guy but he doesn’t really do any bad things, just acts discouraging. The school kids and teacher are okay, but add little to the movie, except for the nerdy schoolgirl with the glasses. She is so stereotypical that when she talks, what makes her funny is that the Wiggles pretend to push buttons on their palms to keep up with her logic. The Little Wiggles do show up for one song, and their acting and singing skills aren’t as dismal as when they are on The Wiggles Show. This is a bit of a spoiler, but why a sea pirate can’t swim when he falls off a pier is rather silly news to me. The few cameos from the regulars include Paul Paddick playing random characters, and Leanne Halloran (Officer Beaples) finally saying something.

    Overall it’s a renter at the public library. Your toddler might not like all the extra characters or dialogue. If you’re a fan, you should save your 70 minutes for the concert videos instead.