The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode 21

Musical Bonanza!

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Feb 04, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Jeff says, "Hello here we go. It's the Wiggles show!" Song #1: Move like an Emu Murray says it's time to visit Captain Feathersawerd and his crew today. Captain Feathersword segment - The Captain and the crew are having a race! The Captain and crew are on the beach. Captain says it's time for the great pirate race. He asks if the crew is ready. The crew responds, "We are." Indeed. Captain asks how each pirate will race. Gallant George says he will smile at everyone in the race, and run as fast as he can. HA HA! Benny Bandicoot says he will jump like a kangaroo to get to the end of the course real fast! Caterina and Lucia say they will skip rope the entire way. Dapper Dave says he will sip his tea and enjoy the race at the end of the course. Kristy and Katherine say they will be with Dave and hold the finish line Cool Clarky says he will run today with milk in a cup, and at the end of the race it will be all shook up! Lyn says she will boot scoot. Alfonso says he will run with an egg on a spoon. Aido The Acrobat says he will do the race on his hands, not his feet! Ready.... set.... GO!! They all take off and race. At the end, Dave asks who the winner is. Everyone says, "Ooh it's Captain Fethersword!" Song #2: Ooh it's Captain Feathersword Jeff introduces The Miniature horse. They don't grow very big, They love to eat grass and gallop around, and they neigh and whinny. Jeff even neighs and whinnies as he feeds one of the horses. The Wiggles dance around. Song #3: Little Brown Ant Greg opens a door and says hello. Jeff opens a door and says hello. Anthony says how it's lots of fun to form a circle with people and sing and dance to "Brown Girl in the Ring." You can even change the words around to "Blue Wiggle in the ring." Song #4: Brown Girl in the Ring Murray and Anthony says it's time for some Wiggly Animation Song #5: Here Comes the Chicken Dorothy's Dancing Alphabet - Anthony shows us the letter O. O is for Octopus. Let's do one with Captain Feathersword and his friendly pirate crew. Each pirate enters and exists the scene doing an octopus dance to "Move your arms like Henry. In approximate order are: Alfonso, Lucia, Captain, Caterina, Elefterios, Ben, Guy with moustache Dorothy dance some more. Alfonso, other pirate, Anthony, Captain, Caterina, Elefterios Dorothy dances some more. Lucia, Alfonso, Moustache guy, Captain, Caterina, Elefterios, other guy, and Alfonso. Murray says it's time to go to the Wiggly Concert! Song #6: Great Big Man in Red - concert Jeff tells Greg he likes to go riding in the Big Red Car because he likes to sleep. Greg reminds everyone to buckle up for safety. Song #7: Big Red Car (Jump in the car and buckle up) Murray and Anthony close out the episode with "We hope you all enjoyed the show; Now it's time for us to go! Goodbye!"
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