The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode 14

Picnic Without Ants

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Sep 10, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

Greg appears and greets everyone.

Murray loves to dance, and asks who else likes to dance? That's right: Dorothy the Dinosaur. Let's all dance with Dorothy.
Song #1: Dorothy (would you like to dance)?

Captain Feathersword says hello. Dorothy says hello. Henry says hello. Wags woofs.
Wigglehouse - Anthony and Greg greet each other in the kitchen and talk about going on a picnic. Greg has a big picnic blanket, water, drinks, and cups. Anthony replies he is going to bring lots of food, and shows off his stash: a carrot, a container of fruit salad, an apple, and a sandwich. Greg replies that is great but does not think there is enough. Anthony says there is enough for himself, but Greg clarifies that he should get enough food for everyone. Anthony agrees and gets off to it.

Greg enters the living room and asks if Jeff is ready for the picnic. Jeff has all ready with a new pillow, but Greg replies he doesn't have enough pillows for everyone. Jeff replies it is enough for himself but he will get pillows for everyone else.

Now it's Murray's turn. Murray is bringing his guitar, since he is the King of Guitars There is a brief scene where Murray wears a crown and Greg bows to him respectfully. Arise, loyal subject! Greg suggests he bring something everyone can share like sporting equipment, and Murray agrees.

Greg says, "This is going to be great!" Anthony leads Greg to the kitchen where he has a whole table full of food; enough food for everyone. Jeff leads Greg to the living room and hands Greg a pile of pillows, enough for everyone and then some. Murray hands Greg a pile of sporting equipment: Tennis, football, cricket, and these balls, and a hat, and more balls and gloves. The Wiggles start sporting their sporting equipment. Greg says that at first they didn't have enough, but now there is too many things. Oops. Jeff suggests they have the picnic indoors. Everyone agrees. Anthony suggests that you can't have a picnic without ants, so let's sing a song about one.
Song #2 - Little Brown Ant

Jeff plays a riff on his accordion.
Captain Feathersword and the dancers dance inside their cabin.

Murray and Anthony dance and introduce Wiggly Animation
Song #3: Hats – animated
Dorothy says hello. Greg says hello.

Song #4: Get Ready to Wiggle – beachside

Greg is wearing a crown and tells everyone to put on their crowns to get ready to play their guitars at the Wiggly concert with the King of Guitars, M-M-Murray!
Song #5: Play Your Guitar with Murray – Santa's Rockin' concert version where the Murray balloon keeps falling on Anthony and the dancers.

Little Wiggles - Anthony suggests they go to the Beach. The beach? Let's do it. Uh-hunh. They open their doors to their respective rooms and come out with swimming googles and swim trunks.

Greg asks about towels? Towels! They go back and get towels.
Murray asks about sunscreen? Sunscreen! They go back and get towels.
Anthony asks about sun hats? Sun hats! They go back and get sun hats.

Murray says they have got to be ready now. Captain Feathersword arrives with an Ahoy There, and informs the Wiggles they missed the ferry to Wiggle Bay. Awww! Murray tells everyone to cheer up; at least they will be ready for tomorrow!

Jeff does a dance, and then Murray dances.

Greg introduces the next song about going to the beach, remember to swim with a friend.
Song #6: Having fun at the beach

Murray and Anthony bob up and down and alternate saying, "Now it's time for Wiggly animation!"
Song #7: Wiggly Party - animated

Jeff says goodbye. Greg says toodle-roo. Murray says buh-bye.

Ryan, Anthony, and Lucy say the goodbye tagline: We hope you all enjoyed the show; Now it's time for us to go. Goodbye!
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