The Wiggles

Season 2 Episode 26


Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jun 18, 2003 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Greg does a magic trick that makes a ball disappear. Anthony is impressed and wants to try, too. Captain looks for Wags with his spyglass and wants him to fetch a stick, but Wags comes up with a clever plan to make the stick come back on its own.moreless

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    Jeff Fatt

    Jeff Fatt

    Henry the Octopus (voice)

    Recurring Role

    Mic Conway

    Mic Conway

    Wags the Dog (voice)

    Recurring Role

    Carolyn Ferrie

    Carolyn Ferrie

    Dorothy the Dinosaur (voice)

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Jeff rewinds the clouds, the accompanying audio clip is of Greg and Captain Feathersword's magic stick conversation sped-up and in reverse.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Captain Feathersword: (to everyone after talking to Dorothy) This will be more magical than making a ball disappear.

        Wiggles: More magical?

        Anthony: What are you gonna do? Disappear?

        Captain Feathersword: No.

        Murray: A fly?

        Captain Feathersword: No.

        Jeff: Turn your feathersword into a rabbit?

        Captain Feathersword: No!

        Greg: I know! You're going to turn that stick into an umbrella.

        Captain Feathersword: (chuckles) No, but you're close, Greg. It has to do with the stick.

      • (Camera approaches the Wigglehouse front door.)
        Flora Door: (to camera) Stop! Are you here to see The Wiggles?
        (Camera nods.)
        Flora Door: First, you have to do as I say. All right? Look up. (Camera looks up) Look down. (Camera looks down) Let me hear some giggles. (giggling) Come in and see The Wiggles.
        (Camera moves forth and screen fades into next song.)

      • (Murray walks into a meadow at night, humming and strumming his acoustic guitar.)
        Murray: The stars are so beautiful. I just have to serenade them. (plays guitar and sings)
        O starry skies above us all. You seem to be so very small.
        That's because you're far away. "How far", you ask. I cannot say.
        Do you hear my song, I wonder?
        If you do then make some thunder.
        (Murray laughs.)
        Murray: It's a silly song I know. Oh, I wish I could just see my favorite star formation: The Great Guitar!
        (Murray looks around and spots something.)
        Murray: Wow! Look!
        (Guitar music continues while a constellation in the form of a guitar appears.)
        Murray: I've always wanted to play with the big stars!

      • (Jeff and Murray are lying down on the grass.)
        Murray: Jeff, do you think before there was TV, people used to just lay out on the grass and watch the sky?
        Jeff: Oh, absolutely. There's so much happening up there.
        (A cloud does a loop-dee-loop in the sky with a Whooshing sound. Murray and Jeff gasp.)
        Murray: Did you see that?
        Jeff: Boy, did I ever!
        Murray: I guess that's why grass was invented.
        Jeff: Why is that, Murray?
        Murray: So people would be comfortable while they watched the sky. Hmm.
        (Jeff opens the rock next to him and takes out a TV remote.)
        Jeff: I wonder if the rewind button works?
        Murray: What?!
        (Jeff presses the rewind button with a zap. The cloud loops backwards in the sky.)
        Murray and Jeff: Wow!
        Murray: Hey, Jeff. See what else is on.
        (Jeff changes the channel; the entire screen fuzzes briefly and changes to the next song.)

    • NOTES (2)

      • The Monkey Dance / Wiggly Big Show / Toot Toot concert has multiple camera angle versions. The one used in this episode matches that of the Animals episode presented earlier in this TV series, where, in the opening verse, the camera alternates between Greg and Jeff.

      • This episode can be seen in its entirety on the video: Wiggly Play Time.

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