The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v29

Pop Go the Wiggles (VIDEO-2008)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Mar 11, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Wiggles introduce themselves. They're going to sing and recite some nursery rhymes.

Song #1: This Old Man
All the Wiggles are dressed up as old men. Wags gets the bones.

Song #2: Pop Goes The Weasel (Sam)
Sam turns the jack-in-the-box and Captain pops out.

Song #3: Skip To My Lou

Sam introduces the next song and opens the music door.
Song #4: Murray Had A Turtle
Captain Feathersword plays the turtle. Jeff plays the doctor. Anthony plays the nurse. Caterina plays the lady with the polka-dotted purse.

Song #5: Hickory Dickory Dock
Sam sings this one.

Song #6: English Country Garden
Dorothy sings the first verse where she lists a bunch of flowers.
Captain sings the second verse where he lists some insects.
Dorothy repeats the first verse.

Rhyme: Jeff recites Round the Garden Like A Teddy Bear

Song #7: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.
Wiggly kids dance around. Sam, Dorothy, and Captain sing different verses. Then the Wiggles sing a verse together.

Anthony introduces the next song.
Song #8: Pussycat, Pussycat
Sam sings. Anthony sings as the pussycat. Debut of Queen Michelle.

Rhyme: Anthony recites What Do You Suppose?

Song #9: See-Saw Margery Daw
Featuring Dorothy and Captain. Look for Muzza's guitar solo!

Song #10: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around
Featuring the Teddy Bear mascot and Larissa as a ballet dancer. The Wiggles are in a music box and they turn around individually like those music figurines. Sam sings this one.

Song #11: Mary Had A Little Lamb
Lyn plays Mary as she dances with the Wiggly kids.

Pop Goes the Weasel (Anthony)
Anthony turns the jack-in-the-box and pop goes the captain.

Song #12: Three Little Kittens
Sam holds a book and sings, Murray plays guitar. Jeff, Captain, and Anthony play the three kittens. Caterina plays the mommy kitten. (Carolyn Ferrie sings Caterina's part.)

Song #13: Two Fine Gentlemen
This plays out like Where is Thumbkin?
Sam leads with the thumbs.
Dorothy is next.
Captain wears an English bobby's hat and does the tall man.
Dorothy goes again.
Sam and Captain do the babies (pinkies), but Captain does his falsetto voice of the babies, and they don't quite finish singing the song.

Rhyme: Anthony recites Gregory Griggs

Song #14: Hey Diddle Diddle
Sam and Dorothy sing. Anthony plays the Cat and the Fiddle. Jeff plays the cow that jumps over the moon. Wags plays the laughing dog. Murray holds the dish and the spoon.

Murray introduces the next song which involves some French, and opens the guitar door.
Song #15: Frere Jacques
Dorothy sings the first verse in French. Sam sings the second verse in English. Then both of them alternate French and English verses. Murray and Anthony

Song #16: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Sam sings this song while sitting on the moon. The Wiggles and mascots are sitting in the stars. Lyn, Kristy, and Caterina are the ballet dancers.

Pop Goes the Weasel (Jeff)
Jeff turns the jack-in-the-box and pop goes the captain.

Song #17: There Was A Princess
Sam recites and sings this tale about the princess. Murray plays the guitar. Lyn plays the princess. Emily plays the queen. Later after the princess falls asleep and the forest grew around, there's supposed to be a gallant prince. That would be Sam. Captain takes over and sings the second half of the story.

Rhyme: Murray recites Diddle Diddle dumpling

Song #18: Incy Wincy Spider
Sam sings this one and does the motions. Jeff plays the keyboard.

Captain greets Anthony. Captain asks if he saw the song that just played, but Anthony hasn't. So Captain recites the rhyme, Anthony demonstrates the spider. When they get to the "Down came the rain and washed the spider out" part, Captain pours the watering can on Anthony's hands. Afterwards, Captain asks what he thought, and Anthony likes it. He wants to hear another one. So Captain grabs the big watering can and sings the next rhyme.
Song #19: It's Raining, It's Pouring.
Captain pours the watering can on top of Anthony's head and Anthony gets really wet.

Captain arrives with a spider on his head and introduces the next song
Song #20: Little Miss Muffet
Sam sings the song. Emily plays Little Miss Muffet. Captain plays the spider.

Song #21: The Grand Old Duke of York
Captain sings the song. Ben plays the duke. The 10,000 men are Anthonys and Jeffs all computer copied into the scene.

Song #22: The Farmer in the Dell
Sam and Dorothy alternate singing verses and the Wiggly dancers play the different characters as they dance in a circle. Anthony announces each of the verses.

Jeff introduces the next song, and recites/demonstrates the verse.
Song #23: Ring a Ring O' Rosy.
Sam, Dorothy, and Captain each sing a verse. The kids dance.

Rhyme: Sam recites A Star (higher than a house, higher than a tree…)

Song #24: Oranges and Lemons
The Wiggles and Friends are dressed with their heads like bells.
St. Clemens - Sam
St. Martin - Jeff
Old Bailey - Murray
Shoreditch - Anthony
Stepney - Caterina
Bow - Captain
Afterwards, Sam is in his pajamas. He and Dorothy sing the last verse.

Pop Goes The Weasel (Murray)
Murray turns the jack-in-the-box and pop goes the captain.

Song #25: Miss Polly had a Dolly
Sam sings. Kid plays Miss Polly. Anthony plays the doctor.

Song #26: Jack and Jill
Sam sings this one. Ben plays Jack. Lyn plays Jill. Then Dorothy sings a verse. The Captain sings a verse. Then all the Wiggles sing a verse.

Song #27: Lavenders Blue
Sam and Dorothy sing this one. Sam is dressed in a king robe. Anthony and Murray play blue and red guitars.

Song #28: Little Bo Peep
Larissa plays Little Bo Peep. Anthony plays conga drums. Captain plays the lost sheep. Lyn, Caterina, and Kristy are the three sheep in the background.

Rhyme: Sam recites Cobbler Cobbler Mend My Shoe

Song #29: London Bridge is Falling Down
The Wiggles play London Bridge, and the dancers do another London Bridge.

(Australian version only) Dorothy introduces the next song and opens her rosy door.

Song #29b: Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba
Anthony is dressed in black clothes and a top-hat. His wife and baby also appear. Sam, who is also dressed in black clothes and a top-hat, sings this song. Jeff plays the accordion, and Murray plays the mandolin. After the first round, Anthony and Sam throw their top-hats into the theater. The Wiggly Dancers all sing and dance; Ben and Brett hold the top-hats Anthony and Sam threw.

Song #30: Did You Ever See A Lassie?
Ben and Lyn play the laddie and lassie. In the background, Jeff plays a big tambourine drum. Murray plays guitar. Sam sings, and dances with Anthony.

Rhyme: Pat-A-Cake
Lucia, Isabel, and Maria are playing with colored dough with Anthony and Sam. They recite and do the actions. The second time, Anthony says let's do it really fast, so they do just that.

Song #31: Dry Bones
Sam sings the song as a professor (not singalottasonga though). Captain is on the wall chart, and he shakes each part as Sam points. The others dance in Top Hats with the Wiggly dancers lining the sides.

The Wiggles hoped you enjoyed singing and reciting the nursery rhymes. They say goodbye. There is also video footage of the different characters during the closing credits.
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