The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode v26

Racing to the Rainbow (SPECIAL, VIDEO-2007)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Mar 19, 2007 on Universal Kids

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  • Just when you thought the Wiggles were recycling material, here's a video that doesn't really.

    Storyline – This is considered The Wiggles' second feature movie. It starts with the usual skits and fun and then shifts into a story where The Wiggles race in the Big Red Car against Captain Feathersword to find the end of the rainbow. Not too hard to follow.

    Songs – The new songs make up half of the repertoire and all have some sort of hook that keeps interest. The nursery rhymes add some familiarity to those who enjoy Greg's voice and get tired of unfamiliar songs. Wiggles tunes like Five Little Ducks – a straightforward presentation not like Wiggle Time, Here Comes a Chicken with Anthony and Jeff clucking away, and Music Box Dancer; all these round out the collection. No more pointing your fingers and doing the twist. No more hot potatoes or rehashing overplayed tunes. Whew! They're relegated to background music at most. Dances – Some of the songs follow the tried and true formula of singing out what action the kids should do next, and then performing it. That's the Wiggles at their best.

    Mascots – Pretty good involvement, better than previous videos, even though they're up in the balloon most of the time, they chime in. Wags tries to make some puns.

    Guests – Most have a cameo role at best, but it's good to see Kamahl with an extended role. Claire the painter seemed to have more lines than Smoky Dawson, Scottish Dave, or most of the guests.

    Characters - The regular dancers and pirate crew were quite good and their acting has improved over the TV series. Captain's voice range continues to impress me. And who can forget Larissa's smile as she returns to the Wiggles cast?

    Overall – Nice way to round out your Wiggles video collection. From here onwards, it'll have Sam replacing Greg, and the Wiggle and Learn series looks really, really promising.
  • the wiggles rock!!! This is the last video that greg did and he was AWESOME!!! I will miss greg very much!!!!

    Well I am not much of a reviewer but I will say that the Dreams were AWSOME!!! "harv" did a great job writing the movie!! velvet Antonio is soooooooo cool!!! greg was great Muzza ROCKED!! and I just loved it so much!!! My fav part was "bump a deedle" and "Rainbow of colors" lets see Muzza the Rock star was SWEET!! Antonio was great dancing to Huddle Huddle Huddle Along he was alse great in Tra La La Muzza's gutier ROCKED in "The Pricess of the Sea" Greg told about His caddy in "The Kings Cadillac" and Antonio taught us "How to kick a Football" Oh Jeff was AWESOME!! of course man does he ever change??