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  • Wigglehouse

    It sure would be nice if somebody wanted to create a Wigglehouse DVD on this page. You see, Wigglehouse is the Wiggles' home resident first seen in "The Wiggles Movie". In fact, the king rolling on the grass at the end of the last track "Roll the Acrobats" is Jeff Fatt, a former purple Wiggle. I'll show you examples.

    9tohoj40Y&hd=1 - "Who's in the Wigglehouse?" 0AJ7GGcqis - Jeff cameos at the end of this last song. 1nhLI - This version lasts longer than the video.
  • Awesome group, awesome show

    This foursome never fails. So what if they have new members now? Some people may say that The Wiggles have gone downhill because of this, but I say that The Wiggles are still excellent at what they do best, which is singing, dancing, and wiggling.
  • This show is very mediocre, but hey it's not such a bad show compared to other little kid shows.

    This show isn't as bad as I originally made it out to be, but it's still not that great either. The songs are somewhat catchy, but the lyrics are really cheesy, and most of the times they're about food which isn't very educational in my opinion. Well I suppose this show is supposed to entertain kids much rather than educate them. It can be tedious to get past a song in the episodes sometimes. The backround music is good, the sets are good and colorful, the characters are okay but the only ones I can't stand are Dorothy and Wags. The older episodes are better, but the show started to go downhill ever since the most recent seasons. This show isn't really anything special, but it's much better than Barney and Caillou I must say.
  • silly

    Can't believe you put a girl in the wiggles common get her off it BRING BACK SAM, Much better than a girl. Very sad

  • Real awesome show for the youngsters.

    And to think I used to not like this show! Sure, it may be annoying to older people like me, but at least a lot of the kids love it! Believe me, like some others, I used to hate this show, too. I thought it was really annoying, especially with people like Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog. But now I just have the urge want to wiggle along every time it comes on. My little cousins love it as well. I have to say, my favorite character out of all of them is Captain Feathersword, because first of all, pirates are cool, and he is hilarious! So overall, the Wiggles is a much better choice for your kids than Barney, Teletubbies (even though I don't think it's that bad), or any other lame show, especially Boohbah.
  • Let's see.

    The band is actually pretty good. It's the characters who tick me off. Especially Dorothy.

    Here are my ratings:

    Music: Okay

    Band members: Good

    Characters: Horrible

    Concerts: Fair

    Attitude: Okay

    Comments. Good band members, HORRIBLE CHARACTERS!!!! PLEASE IMPROVE!!!

    Overall Performance: Fair

    Final Decision: Okay show!
  • Wiggles

    My little grandson whom is autistic loves this show we try to pick up the dvd's when we see them although they are getting harder to find so my prayer is that they will keep them on the Internet . Thank You So Much
  • Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, JUST STOP THE MUSIC!

    I never got into The Wiggles as a little kid, and never showed interest in the videos. I did get one video for my sixth birthday (it was from one of my dad's friends who didn't know what I liked), and I think I watched it once. Then mom put it on for my little brother when he was one (she was sick of Barney) and he loved them. He had the toys, CDs, coloring books, and MILLIONS of videos/DVDs. I remember once when they were having a concert in our state, and mom and dad made me go with them with my bro, because, being seven, I couldn't stay home by myself (unless mom was running to the mini-mart down the road). Dad didn't want to go either, but mom dragged him along with me. The week before the concert, mom took me and my bro to the mall to buy us Wiggles T-shirts. I wanted to get one with Ren & Stimpy on it, but mom made me get one with The Wiggles on it. And she got my brother one to match, because she thought it was "cute". being laughed at by your entire second-grade class cute? (The concert was on a monday night). Well, the music drives me nuts. I remember when we were in the car and I was listening to my Powerpuff Girls CD on my headphones (no iPod yet). The batteries died, and I was stuck listening to the Wiggles on the main radio the rest of the day. Oi. The DVDs/Videos are just as bad. My bro had them on all the time when he was little. I'd be on Neopets and I'd hear the stupid songs coming from the living room. The worst one was "Yummy Yummy", because that DVD didn't have a main menu, so once it ended, it replayed. That got annoying once when my bro had it on and it repeated over five times. This started to drive me and my parents crazy.

    By the time he was two, he started to get sick of them. He started watching KaBlam! with me on Nicktoons around that time, and sadly, he got more into Barney.

    The Wiggles, to me, have very annoying songs, and the background characters, like that green female Barney the dinosaur, that freaky looking dog and octopus, as well as the stupid pirate, were even worse. It gets worse when the videos and DVDs are being watched five times a day. If you have a bad headache, don't watch this show. And there's nothing really educational anyway in this show! You only learn one thing: how to make a headache worse.
  • Every young child I have met hates this show. And I know the reason why.

    Alright, I salute the Wiggles for their efforts at bringing fun to education.... but I think that they need to stop. I was okay with seeing commercials for this band or being forced to hear them when at a relative with a young child's house. But when the show came on i was flipping though the channels and I realized that this show is neither FUN or EDUCATIONAL.

    Last time I checked, singing about mashed potatoes isn't fun. And it isn't educational. Do the wiggles sing about math, science? no. They sing about Big Red Cars and food.

    Please take this show and put Sesame Street in its place. At least that show was educational, fun and good. This is just filth. Go back to Australia.

  • The dumbest show ever!!!

    This show has to be one of the worse on TV! It scares me a little and it really has no point. The characters seem to be a little off and random scenes come up at certian times (like Jeff sleeping in a elvevator?!)Lots of bright color and people in costums may amuse children under 5 , but 6 and over, stay away at all costs!
  • Less than wonderful

    The new format is too adult & my grandkids have quit watching it(their choice)BUT they love the DVD's & tapes we have of the Original group. Who's idea was it to make it for older kids? They already have enough for that age group. They need to go back to the ORIGINAL formula. They also need to include more for little boys, enough of the girly stuff and more general fun stuff! And keep the songs simple, what's with the Beetle music?? Let the little kids be little kids!! We know Greg can't come back but if Sam doesn't want to work with the younger set maybe someone else will.
  • I don't get it.

    This show is stupid,dumb, and why do kids watch it? This show doesn't teach you anything it's filled with lies! Example pirates are nice with feather swords. First of all pirates if they even existed would kill a kid and they are teaching kids that they are nice people, right... Parents this is not a good source of education. Another thing rosy tea is what dinosaurs eat. Wrong they eat people this show is brainwashing kids. It's filled with lies I agree 100% with XxSprtybabyxX and all the other abysmal people because this show sucks hard. I mean hard don't ever watch it.
  • Two words; Absouloutly RETARDED!!!

    no no no no nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
    This show is unbelievably dumb!!! I cannot believe children even want to watch it!!!!!! I have watched it specifically just to be able to review it. The dinosaur drinks something called \"rosy tea\"??? And the pirate has a \"feather sword\"??? it makes no sense. The music is also horrible. Bad lyrics, the music is fake the wiggles cannot play instruments, and the lead singer does not have a good singing voice at all. It is so dumb i can\'t even believe i watched it!!! I would not even recomend this show to children that the show is meant to entertain!!! I can describe this show in three words; don\'t watch it!!!
  • This show is all about singing and dancing with very little interaction with the television audience.

    I can't stand the season 6 (Wiggle and Learn)! My 2 year old won't sit in front of the TV and watch it any longer. Who thought it was a good idea to do such long songs and skits? Why don't they do any Big Red Car skits any longer? Is it just me or did the new format come out the same time Sam took over the lead roll? I can't stand the smug look on that guys face all the time. Also, who thought it was a good idea to use 70's and Beetles themes in the songs? My 2 year old doesn't know who the Beetles were and could care less for most of the songs. The producers need to drop Sam and the Wiggle and Learn format and go back to the Wiggle Show!
  • Better Than Bad ITS GOOD

    This Is So Good Better Than Bad Its Good Yellow Red Purple Blue I Think Murray Is The Best Fruit Salad Yummy Yummy Hot Potato Is Everybody,s Favorite Song But Likes Another Song I Love Quack Quack And Fruit Salad I Have All Their Videos In My Collection For Real
    The Best Is They Sing So All You Haters Go Away Or You Will Pay For Saying You Hate The Wiggles Again And Again I Have A DVD With Both Yellow Wiggles If I Had A Youtube Account I Would Upload It I Will Make It July 30th.
    Thanks Guys Bye
  • Even though I've outgrown all baby stuff, I still like listening and watching The Wiggles.

    Even though I've outgrown baby stuff, I still like listening and watching The Wiggles. I've enjoyed The Wiggles ever since I was born. I still have heaps of VHS tapes of them, even one dating back to 1994! I like the fact that The Wiggles aren't just a kiddies group, they actually promote healthy living/lifestyle. In some of their songs they say to eat fruit and vegetables and you'll feel strong. Not only that, but as well they are all Catholics which when at Christmas, The Wiggles sing beautiful Christmas carols as well. The songs The Wiggles have aren't just for the kiddies but adults too. You'll find that The Wiggles' songs are very much enjoyed by adults and teenagers. I know everyone has been carrying on about how bad The Wiggles have gotton since Greg left but that's life. The show must go on and for Sam Moran as the new Yellow wiggle: He is doing a great job. Keep it up Sam!

    The Wiggles are:
    Murray Cook (the Red Wiggle)
    Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle)
    Jeff Fatt (the Purple Wiggle)
    Sam Moran (the Yellow Wiggle who replaced Greg Page, the original Yellow wiggle)
  • I just have to write a review of The Wiggles because they help me get through my day - by making my 2 1/2 year old so completely happy!

    I never in a million years thought I'd appreciate The Wiggles. I am a serious TV addict - and pretty secure in my love of broadcast primetime programming. So why write about a cable kids show? My 2 1/2 year old son is completely in love with the 4 Aussie guys in their colorful skivvies. And for that I am elated. I just had a new baby girl, and sometimes I just need a few minutes to take care of her. Turn on that DVR where I recorded my secret weapon, The Wiggles, and I get a good 20 minutes! This is the ONLY show he'll watch. I have to give them credit too, their show seems mainly comprised of excerpts from their DVDs and their live shows interspersed with skits by Captain Feather Swords Pirate Crew and the "Little Wiggles." The actual Wiggles themselves shot very little new material for the show. Genius! Sure some criticize for this, but my POV is that if the kids are happy, who am I to complain? The smile on my son's face, and all the cute little dances they "taught" him are so adorable. The songs are catchy and not as annoying as many other kid's shows. They teach and a goofy and sly way, but don't get preachy. I'd like a little more original material, but hey like I said, from a 2 year old's POV, it's all good. Let's Get Ready To Wiggle!
  • Pleasant sing-along for the very young set.

    This is an Australian show with a cast of singers and funny creature sidekicks. They lead the audience in cute little dance numbers, which should keep the viewer's interest as well as get the kids to exercise. It's very simple, but that's fine for the pre-school audience for which this is probably intended. The animal friend characters are fun to watch, and the songs are all cheerful and paced just right. The jokes and songs are also fairly universal in focus, so audiences outside of Australia won't have too much trouble picking up on the themes. This is a good show for parents to watch with young kids.
  • It's great for preschoolers.

    I don't really like this show, but I guarantee that preschoolers will love it! They have 4 colorful wiggles that sing and dance that will make preschoolers wiggle their body. It also have other characters like a purple octopus, a green dinosaur, a pirate, a dog and other characters. It doesn't just teach kids to wiggle, it sometimes teaches them imagination, sharing, and other things. The little ones will laugh at this as The Wiggles wiggle their heart out. The songs are great for kids and they will be sure to dance to them. Recommended for ages 3 to 6.
  • A really good show until they got the new wiggle.

    This show is an absalute classic I could go on about it for hours.(But I won't) I loved all of the people especial Greg he was so cool.(Yellow wiggle if you don't now)they where my childhood heros. I was really sad when they said Greg was having to quit the wiggles, but when they said they where getting a new one I was excited. But when they said he was going to be yellow as well I was furiaded, but when I
    saw his face he was really scary. I hate him I would have given them 10 out of 10 if they where still the same, but now they get a 7.5 because of him.
  • My Bro watches this

    The Wiggles is my three year old brothers favourite show. I have seen some episodes and think they are pretty cool. When I first heard about what happened to the yellow wiggle, Greg, I felt so sorry for him and his family. It must be a really hard time for them as they are looking out for him, so it dosent get any worse. I hope that he gets better soon as he is really cool. I read in an interview with the wiggles that Greg actually didnt want to be the yellow wiggle, he wanted to be the blue.
  • You simply must dance along to this show. It is the only way to watch! The dances are really fun, and the songs are addictive too. These people rock, and the show is pretty great too.

    I love some of their videos better than the episodes; but the show really is very good. They do a few dances each episode, and they also do some other skits to entertain the viewers between songs (because constant dancing would get tiring, wouldn't it?); the whole episodes are worth watching. I'm not really sure what's going on with this show now that Mister Page (the yellow-shirt dude) is gone though. Regardless, I would definitely consider The Wiggles to be the best band ever. Their songs are wonderfully addictive, the dance moves are usually really fun too (some songs are better with freestyle, in my opinion), and the random other stuff the Wiggles (and their friends) do isn't bad either!
  • The songs they sing are alright.

    I do have to say, that although this show is for little kids, the songs that they sing are pretty good. They're quite catchy. The songs are WAY better than songs that are on some other children shows like Dora the Explorer and Barney and Friends or Barney Treehouse Friends or whatever it's called now. The Wiggles' song aren't half bad. Sometimes I think it's a little weird that four grown men are doing this kind of show and sometimes I think it's a little creepy. And I'm not implying anything either.

    To sum up, the songs they sing aren't bad. Some of it is acutally pretty good.
  • This, like many other kid's shows, is really strange but it's not meant for adults. My family enjoys it.

    The Wiggles is a really fun show for kids. They love the bright colors and catchy tunes. This show is totally weird from an adult perspective, but try and abandon that while you watch and you'll see that is is kind of fun. Singing, dancing, cute characters...that is what the Wiggles are about. They are a great kid's music group. You can feel comfortable letting your children watch, not having to worry about offensive language and adult themes in the songs. This is also why The Wiggles sell out concerts. Its fun for children to have a group they can go to see live. It gives them the experience of live music at an early age with easy songs they can sing along to.
  • The wiggles Is a great show for the children to watch!

    The wiggles Have great songs.. I always used to watch them on the disney channel. And I had alot of the videos. It was easy to learn all the songs and the dances that they do on their videos. It is too bad that one of the wiggles is leaving the show. It just wont be the same. It is great that the show teaches children alot of things such as shapes colors and body parts with their songs. I know that the wiggles were always something that I looked forward to watching.My favorite songs was Heanry and the underwater band!
  • This show is endearing and it makes my laugh.

    The Wiggles rock! In a world wear kids are growing up faster and faster and expected to behave as little adults - a show as childish and harmless as The Wiggles is a breath of fresh air. I find it entertaining as well. The kids grow out of it - I never will ;-)
  • This show is not the number one show for children to watch.

    This show is a complete waste of time. I don\'t get why this program was even made. There are way better shows out there that teaches children than this. I got confused before but it won't happen again. Other than that, I actually saw an episode of it, it didn't really put out a spark to the flame. I honestly didn't like the show. I can't believe that I compared this to another show. This show isn't that good but it is not too bad. I wouldn't watch it again though.
  • This show is idiotic, stupid, odd, dumb, and generally disgusting!

    This show is about 4 men singing about something. Food, waking some one up, etc. I had to watch it once, and I vowed there I would NEVER watch the show AGAIN! This show is idiotic, stupid, odd, dumb, and generally disgusting! Who gave it a 10? I don't understand, I just could not, could not, could not, could not, could not, and could not get into it because it's dumb! I don't care how many people disagree with me because I know in my soul that I am right. I will never get into this show! NEVER WILL! NEVER
  • Live shows beat TV anyday

    The live shows of the Wiggles are so much better than the TV show. I have seen them live 3 times (I think) - they came out to central Queensland and my mother was organising their show for our town. Sorry - I digress

    As a children's show and music group, you can't go past the Wiggles. They beat High 5 hands down. The people who knock them obviously aren't their target audience - the preschool-age and under. They have good, catchy tunes, and educate children at the same time - their background in early childhood education really shows.

    Quotes from Spicks and Specks when Murray was on:
    Kate Cebrano: You have stolen my child's love from me!
    Alan Brough: Seriously though, what sort of mother asks her child to come away from the television when The Wiggles are one?
  • i think its a great show

    i think it is a great show for kids my 2 year old daughter she watches there dvd movies all day long keeps her quiet and still she loves them i think it is a perfect show for little kids.i also think its a learning thing to cause the show is mostly about sing and its helping my daughter learn more words every day she tries to sing with the words its so cute
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