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  • This is a fun show for kids--my daughter loves watching it and loves to dance along.

    I only recently discovered The Wiggles, but I think it's great--mainly because my 16-month-old daughter loves it. It holds her attention, and it INVOLVES her. She dances along and really participates. Anytime TV gets children up and moving, actively participating rather than just passively watching, is a good thing in my book. I think Greg, Jeff, Anthony, and Murray really do a good job of staying bright and energetic, and they look like they are enjoying themselves. The reviewer who commented that this show was neither fun nor educational is incorrect. It is fun for my daughter to dance along to the music (and it's fun for me to watch her doing it). And physical movement is part of public schools education program--it's called PHYSICAL education.
  • Excellent show ever

    No show is as good as this with learning and singing! Greatest thing ever since the first car!
    It takes great guys like these to make a funny show abiut fun and songs. The live concert footage, and songs are usually the best to see them perform for their fans!
  • The new "Wiggles Show" episodes are complete rubbish.

    Unlike a lot of people, I always liked The Wiggles. I found the show to be great, campy fun, and the guys seemed to be having a great time.

    The newest episodes, carrying the new title "The Wiggles Show," however, are absolutely awful.

    First, it appears that they shot basic videos for their songs in a few different locations, and then edited them together to create virtually the same video for each song.

    Dorothy the Dinosaur is apparently too good to do anything interesting as well, as she now introduces "Dancing with Dorothy," which is inappropriately named as the band dancers do the instructing and dancing.

    Now, let's come to by far the worst part of the new episodes - the Little Wiggles. First, let me say that if it was one of my children in this segment, I'd think it was the cutest thing ever and would be going on about how great it is. I think that's the problem. These kids are obviously related to TPTB, who can't see what a train wreck the segment is.

    The resulting segments are what we used to call "hot death on a plate" in the theatre. The line readings are completely flat and stilted, the singing is terrible, and the kids seem bored by it all. My toddler feels the same way, as he invariably finds something else to do when this segment comes on.

    I understand that these are children. I'm not expecting Poitier, but they should've gone out and gotten actual child actors for the segment instead of relatives. It's not the kids' fault that the segments are so bad, and I hope that I don't come off as bashing them. They're just kids. It's purely the fault of TPTB for putting them in such a horrid position.

    The Wiggles make their money touring and not from TV. Unfortunately, they realized this, and it seems that they stopped putting any effort into their on-air product.

    Luckily for everybody involved, the old episodes, which I still consider to be great fun, are still aired.
  • my 2 year old loves this show

    kids love songs..and this show surly has lots of it, educational and intertaining..i'd rather see this show than barney!! if you don't like barney then this show is a better alternative. the charachters are simple and fun to watch for small children.not as annoying as some of the other shows out there.
  • The Wiggles are a great show for kids and I highly recommend it to other parents.

    The Wiggles is a wonderful kids show and has so many positives to it. For one thing the show educates children through song. I also like the fact that 3 or the Wiggles have degrees in Early Childhood Education. It's like having 3 teachers in the comfort of your own home. I love the colors they use, their very bright and all the characters are funny and active and just so child friendly. This show is very underappreciated here in the U.S. but they must be doing something right because they've been on in Austriala for 10 years. Keep Wiggling.
  • What's with the four Star Trek guys with the silly songs and big smiles?

    First of all, this show is for toddlers and pre-schoolers. If you're not one or the parent of one, why are you watching this show?

    My first impression of the Wiggles was that the Star Trek guys were doing a kiddie show in Australia. You have the yellow shirt leader Greg, his science officer in the blue-shirt Anthony, a red-shirt engineer Murray, and there's a purple-shirt Asian guy named Jeff.

    Well, since then they've become mandatory viewing in the household for anyone who has toddlers. They just LOVE watching the Wiggles. These guys really know how to entertain with their addictive rhymes and dances that even a one-year old would want to follow along. And their songs are original, unlike Barney's stealing old nursery rhymes and rewriting the lyrics. Your kids can learn about Barney later anyway.

    There's also a slew of mascots: Captain Feathersword as a friendly pirate who adds a bunch of humor and talent, Dorothy the Dinosaur with a young lady's voice and infectious giggle, Henry the Octopus who looks like a purple light bulb, and Wags the Dog - who doesn't like smart-alec dogs?

    They're not targeting anyone going through K-12 or college, so if you're in that demographic and not babysitting toddlers, why watch?

    But if you're a parent, and don't want to turn into a vegetable from watching Baby Einstein videos, or are concerned about the inappropriate content of other kids cartoons, give this a shot. Most episodes in the series are self-contained so they can be watched in any order, and there are plenty of episodes airing daily on Disney not to get bored. You might even find yourself dancing along and singing "rock a bye your bear", "hot potato" or "fruit salad (yummy yummy)". Eventually, you'll be taking your little ones to a live concert, that is, if you can land tickets.

    My reservations about this TV show is that there isn't much new material shown on Disney, so until they air new TV episodes, you might be shocked when you find there are even more songs you've never heard before that they are promoting in Videos and other places. Also the Lights, Camera, Action, Wiggles format is fairly structured so it might be mundane for those who don't like routine.

    Still, it's getting a perfect 10 because my little ones wouldn't have it any other way.
  • The Wiggles provide pleasant, upbeat music, antics and little life lessons for pre-schoolers

    The continuing worldwide appeal of these 4 Aussies speaks for itself. Since 1998, The Wiggles have been entertaining children everywhere that English is spoken.

    Their music is pleasant and easy to listen to over and over again - which is a good thing if you are a parent of a baby, toddler or pre-schooler.

    The Wiggles' manner is polite and straightforward and the show moves along nicely. My little boy has been a fan for over 2 years and just turned 3.
  • Absurd and annoying

    In flipping around, I've caught the Wiggles a few times, and each time, I can't get the channel to change quick enough. The acting is horrible and it's so condescending to kids. There's too much going on at all times, it's not surprising that kids have such short attention spans. Show like this are so fast paced and have such quick changes in scenes that kids crave more and more stimulation. Slow down, for goodness sake! And write some better songs, while you're at it!
  • I loved this show back then & i still do today.

    The Wiggles is one of faves. The songs are awesome, the humor is hilarious, & my favorite character is Captain Feathersword. Capt. Feathersword is my favorite character because of all the sketches he does with Wags. My favorite part of the show was Captain Featherswords Pirate Show. I always loved that part. If you like humor, & music then this show's for you.
  • Hey, It's betetr then Barney!

    Disney is showing various versions of ' The Wiggles ' now a days but when it comes down to it, the first series was by far the best. The show was fun and educational.
    Like most things, We brought greg, anthony, maury, and jeff ( and of course captin feathersword) to the USA and destroyed a classic show. The first change is when the Door became a total jerk and started demanding people do math problems in order enter, and Dorthy became a little more obnoxious.
    Today, The wiggles have taken yet another new concept by having puppets of themselves and also having children acting as little versions of the stars.
  • I personally don't like it, but many little kids do.

    In my opinion, I don't really like this show, but I'm sure most younger kids will like it. The problems are easy enough for really young children. The three Australian guys, Murry, Greg, and the others sing songs and live in a house with a talking door, a talking green dinosaur, and more. Although many little adoring kids will love this show, it is DEFINITELY not for anyone older than maybe eight year olds, some might say a little younger. Most older kids will not like this show because it seems too silly, but that's just older kids. I encourage younger children to watch this if they like silly funny songs, but do not encourage it to those who are older and more mature.
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