The Wiggles

Daily 9:00 AM on Universal Kids Premiered Mar 01, 2002 In Season





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  • You simply must dance along to this show. It is the only way to watch! The dances are really fun, and the songs are addictive too. These people rock, and the show is pretty great too.

    I love some of their videos better than the episodes; but the show really is very good. They do a few dances each episode, and they also do some other skits to entertain the viewers between songs (because constant dancing would get tiring, wouldn't it?); the whole episodes are worth watching. I'm not really sure what's going on with this show now that Mister Page (the yellow-shirt dude) is gone though. Regardless, I would definitely consider The Wiggles to be the best band ever. Their songs are wonderfully addictive, the dance moves are usually really fun too (some songs are better with freestyle, in my opinion), and the random other stuff the Wiggles (and their friends) do isn't bad either!