The Wiggles

Daily 9:00 AM on Universal Kids Premiered Mar 01, 2002 In Season





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  • Even though I've outgrown all baby stuff, I still like listening and watching The Wiggles.

    Even though I've outgrown baby stuff, I still like listening and watching The Wiggles. I've enjoyed The Wiggles ever since I was born. I still have heaps of VHS tapes of them, even one dating back to 1994! I like the fact that The Wiggles aren't just a kiddies group, they actually promote healthy living/lifestyle. In some of their songs they say to eat fruit and vegetables and you'll feel strong. Not only that, but as well they are all Catholics which when at Christmas, The Wiggles sing beautiful Christmas carols as well. The songs The Wiggles have aren't just for the kiddies but adults too. You'll find that The Wiggles' songs are very much enjoyed by adults and teenagers. I know everyone has been carrying on about how bad The Wiggles have gotton since Greg left but that's life. The show must go on and for Sam Moran as the new Yellow wiggle: He is doing a great job. Keep it up Sam!

    The Wiggles are:
    Murray Cook (the Red Wiggle)
    Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle)
    Jeff Fatt (the Purple Wiggle)
    Sam Moran (the Yellow Wiggle who replaced Greg Page, the original Yellow wiggle)