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  • Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, JUST STOP THE MUSIC!

    I never got into The Wiggles as a little kid, and never showed interest in the videos. I did get one video for my sixth birthday (it was from one of my dad's friends who didn't know what I liked), and I think I watched it once. Then mom put it on for my little brother when he was one (she was sick of Barney) and he loved them. He had the toys, CDs, coloring books, and MILLIONS of videos/DVDs. I remember once when they were having a concert in our state, and mom and dad made me go with them with my bro, because, being seven, I couldn't stay home by myself (unless mom was running to the mini-mart down the road). Dad didn't want to go either, but mom dragged him along with me. The week before the concert, mom took me and my bro to the mall to buy us Wiggles T-shirts. I wanted to get one with Ren & Stimpy on it, but mom made me get one with The Wiggles on it. And she got my brother one to match, because she thought it was "cute". being laughed at by your entire second-grade class cute? (The concert was on a monday night). Well, the music drives me nuts. I remember when we were in the car and I was listening to my Powerpuff Girls CD on my headphones (no iPod yet). The batteries died, and I was stuck listening to the Wiggles on the main radio the rest of the day. Oi. The DVDs/Videos are just as bad. My bro had them on all the time when he was little. I'd be on Neopets and I'd hear the stupid songs coming from the living room. The worst one was "Yummy Yummy", because that DVD didn't have a main menu, so once it ended, it replayed. That got annoying once when my bro had it on and it repeated over five times. This started to drive me and my parents crazy.

    By the time he was two, he started to get sick of them. He started watching KaBlam! with me on Nicktoons around that time, and sadly, he got more into Barney.

    The Wiggles, to me, have very annoying songs, and the background characters, like that green female Barney the dinosaur, that freaky looking dog and octopus, as well as the stupid pirate, were even worse. It gets worse when the videos and DVDs are being watched five times a day. If you have a bad headache, don't watch this show. And there's nothing really educational anyway in this show! You only learn one thing: how to make a headache worse.
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