The Wiggles

Season 4 Episode v22

Sailing Around the World (VIDEO-2005)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jul 19, 2005 on Universal Kids

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  • The latest Wiggles video combines the cultural skits and songs from the newest Wiggles season without the bad acting of the Little Wiggles.

    The latest Wiggles video is self-explanatory. Captain Feathersword and his crew travel to different parts of the world. It starts with an introduction from one of the main Wiggles, then a skit starring Captain Feathersword and the Friendly Pirate Crew. Then the Wiggles sing a culturally related song.

    Although it appears they’re sailing around the world, you can tell they’re just cruising around Sydney Harbor on their yacht, or dancing in the same studio set. The most traveled cast member would be Captain Feathersword, as he walks the streets of London and boards an escalator in San Francisco. Sometimes, the Wiggles’ pictures look like photo edits. I thought the Wiggles could easily get shots from all their world touring?

    One of the destinations is Mexico City, which means the Moguel family (Fernando, Fernandito, and Julio) gets to sing in their familiar mariachi costumes. I can understand going to the Moguels, whom you know well, to make a video, but how does a sailboat get to the center of Mexico City? I guess there’s a river or something.

    Asia is not represented at all. You’d think with one of the Wiggles being Asian, and with the licensing of The Wiggles to Taiwan, they would devote at least one segment to China and India, which has one-third of the world population? Same with Africa and the Middle East, although with the Middle East, that’s probably a good thing for now. Maybe in a sequel?

    After each cultural song comes a regular video, some of which are animated. This includes Here Comes The Chicken, wich is more infective than the bird flu, but my little one loves it, so I won’t protest. These are done in a cel animated format.

    I must say I’m impressed by Sam Moran’s opera voice in the Sydney segment. The world segments are well done in capturing the culture of the area, especially Greece. Alfonso is having a ball speaking a lot of Italian, and doing his sound gimmicks.

    As with all children’s videos, it’s worth a rental, but if your little ones love it, you’ll be visiting the store again to buy. There's quite a bit of conversation, so the kids might tune out but you can always skip to the songs or the playlist. The best thing about this video is what it doesn’t have: Little Wiggles.