The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v31

Sing a Song of Wiggles (VIDEO-2008)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Oct 07, 2008 on Universal Kids



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  • Notes

    • In "Hush Little Baby", Dorothy holds a stitched Dorothy the Dinosaur doll that was later added to the Powerhouse Museum exhibit.

    • DVD Bonus Features
      Wiggly Bloopers from the Wiggle and Learn TV series and the Sing a Song of Wiggles video.
      Dorothy takes us to a tour of Sydney Harbour including outside the Sydney Opera House, Luna Park, the zoo, and the aquarium.
      Anthony and Murray talk about how important it is to wash your hands and face.
      Slide Show photos of folks in the video.

    • Child Performers
      Joshua Aglus, Chloe Batac, Marcfranco Cannone, Sylvie De Vallance, Julius Field, Lucia Field, Maria Field, Jason Landsdowne, Christobel Lintag, Madeline Osbon, Connor Paddick, Jade Santilli, Emlly Zarb

    • Additional Crew
      Production Resources Manager - Brett Clarke
      Assistant Choreographer - Ben Murray
      Sound Recordist - Emanuel Ruggeri
      Camera Assistant - Damien Lay
      Logging / Sound Playback - Liam Moran
      Auto-Cue - Ashley Douglass
      Set Construction - Chris Colewell
      Wardrobe - Brett Clarke, Jacinta Hennessy-Bowden
      Props - Brett Clarke, Nicole Camage
      Costumes - Marea Fowles, Liz Milnes, Maria Petrozzi, Nigel Shaw
      Hair and Make-up - Joanne Dudkin, Amanda Purvis
      Floral Design - Marie Field
      Set / Floral Assistants - Colleen Field, Jeanette Gallagher, Michele Lynch
      Stills Photographer - Gary Johnston
      Catering - Glenn Austin, Luke Field, Glenn Kayes
      Runners - Melissa Cahill, Rebecca Knox, John Martin

      Post Production Assistant - Ben Hardie, Aaron Hill
      Graphic Art - Geoff Morrison
      Colourists - Dwaine Hyde
      Music Produced By - Anthony Field
      Musical Arrangements - Anthony Field
      String Arrangments - Dominic Lindsay
      Music Engineered and Mixed by - Alex Keller
      Music Mastered By - Robin Gist
      Publicity - Dianna O'Neill

    • Friends and Family
      The boy with the curly hair in "What are little boys made of" and the "Boys and Girls" video is Paul Paddick's son, Connor Paddick.
      Lucia and Maria Field are ballerinas.
      The girl that Lyn and Sam are nursing is the daughter of Paul Field's former production manager.
      Marie Field plays Old Mother Hubbard.

    • Firsts
      Caterina sings some of her own parts in this video.
      Fernando sings in English.
      Carolyn Ferrie sings on-camera as the princess.

    • Release Notes

      Australia DVD release: September 4, 2008 (Roadshow Entertainment #R-108371-9)
      US DVD release: October 7, 2008

      Australia album release: September 7, 2008
      US album release: October 14, 2008

  • Allusions

    • Black Velvet Band is an Irish folk song and has many variants including the popular versions by The Dubliners and the Dropkick Murphys which have the main chorus in common.

    • The scoreboard in What Are Little Boys Made of video reads Tigers 22 Manly 0. This is an in-reference to Anthony Field's favorite rugby team, the Wests Tigers.