The Wiggles

Season 3 Episode v16

Space Dancing (VIDEO-2003)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Sep 09, 2003 on Hulu

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  • i love this dvd it is animaion

    what do the wiggles look like in jeffs dreams? do you know? in jeffs dreams the wiggles are outside and they found a space ship wich has landed in wiggle house and the captain press the buton and the wiggles and captain and friends are all on trap on the space ship and captain knew it was his fault for doing that and they landed in rock star land and they helped out king mondo (who is vocied by ROSS WILSON) and captain says to the wiggles that he will take them home but then he did not take them home they landed in teenie winne land and then wags has fixed the ship and they got on borad and they went closer to glommie world and they helped them out and the captains dance made the glommie go away and they went to get the other fuel from the other old ships and the wiggles all go home and the the zeepzap left and jeff woke up from his dream
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