The Wiggles

Season 5 Episode v25

Splish! Splash! Big Red Boat (VIDEO-2006)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jun 06, 2006 on Hulu
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Splish! Splash! Big Red Boat (VIDEO-2006)
The Wiggles show off their Big Red Boat in their latest video with plenty of redone Wiggles classic songs, and even four classics that are animated and sung in Spanish, like Ensalada de Fruta Fresca. Many skits from The Wiggles Show season that have yet to be broadcast on Playhouse Disney at the time of the DVD release of June 6, 2006. Song List Big Red Boat Dressing Up Ensalada de Fruta Fresca Get ready to Wiggle Dorothy, my favorite dinosaur Captain’s Magic Buttons Let’s Go (We’re Riding in the Big Red Car) Subo Diez Escalones I wave my arms and swing the baton Do the owl Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo Mueve los Brazos Como Henry Ponies Move like an Emu Little Brown Ant Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on His Pirate Ship (Mariachi version) Wiggly Party Say Ahh at the Doctor’s Hatsmoreless

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  • It\'s not really the peak of the Wiggles season since that happened back at the Live! Hot Potatoes video, but it does involve a boat, and Captain Feathersword does get on some water skimming apparatus much like The Fonz.moreless

    Storyline - More remakes of Wiggles songs set to interchangeable videos. This also introduces the Mariachi Wiggles, which are animated and sing all their songs in Spanish; their song selections are rather complicated to learn the lyrics without replays, and the animations won\'t keep you interested to do that. There are plenty of new Wigglehouse skits (many more than their previous two videos) and a few Captain Feathersword Pirate Crew skits; the best being when Captain Feathersword does his Magic Buttons personalities, and the worst being the attempt to stretch and repeat the \"Oh really? No, O\'Reilly\" pun into several minutes.

    Songs - only one new song (Big Red Boat) plus a video of the Wiggles Classic song Little Brown Ant from their Wiggly CD's. Everything else has been played many times on other videos and the TV show. At least there\'s no pointing your fingers and doing the twist. Some bonus nursery songs like \"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star\" and the variants of "Where is Thumbkin?" ensure that little toddlers will enjoy the music.

    Dances - Most of the same old stuff but with hardly any kids dancing. Captain\'s Magic Buttons is fun to try out, except for Adrian\'s back handsprings. My little pup really liked Nicky Nacky Nocky Noo; that\'s a classic; I wish the Wiggles would do more songs like that.

    Mascots - Not much participation. I think Dorothy does one skit, and Wags does some talking in a shopping skit. What happened to Henry?

    Characters and Guests - Anthony gets to show off his bass voice several times, which is a hoot. Two Australian celebs join in on the fun: Beccy Cole, an Aussie country music singer, and Amanda Keller, a TV personality. Their spots were OK, nothing terribly interesting. There might be others but I don\'t know whether they are really guests or just Wiggles dancers and crew. Except for Professor Singalottasonga of course.

    Because of all the new Wigglehouse skits, you\'ll be ahead of the TV broadcast after renting this one at the library. But only add to your collection if:

    1. You loved the skits.

    2. You've ignored anything made by the Wiggles before 2005.

    3. You want to support the dancers.

    P.S. I boosted the score since my pup wants to watch this one instead of Top of the Tots. And you know what? Those little ones are the real critics!moreless
Lyn Moran

Lyn Moran


Guest Star

Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole

Beccy Bluegrass

Guest Star

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller

Dr. Verygood

Guest Star

Lyn Moran

Lyn Moran

Dorothy the Dinosaur/Friendly Pirate Lyn

Recurring Role

Jeff Fatt

Jeff Fatt

Henry's Voice

Recurring Role

Sam Moran

Sam Moran

Friendly Pirate Dapper Dave

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Credits goof - scroll away will ya?
      After the scrolling credits, Chris Walker's name is stuck at the top of the screen while they list the Songs and some of the other credits.

    • Mariachi Wiggles
      The videos for the Mariachi Wiggles show the original Wiggles in Mariachi hats, but the songs are sung by the new Spanish Wiggles who have their own spinoff show. The yellow Wiggle is voiced by Fernandito Moguel, who's sung on the Wiggles videos before with his father.

    • Cruising with the Wiggles
      During the Dressing Up video, the Wiggles pass the same auto dealership and Midas store three times.

    • Instant Italian
      Greg says he doesn't know any Italian songs, until Prof. Singalottasonga teaches him a simple song. Then Greg for some reason knows how to sing another Italian song, Balla Balla Bambina.

    • Missing lip sync: Little Brown Ant
      The song is clearly pre-recorded as there are female backup singers from the album itself that never make it on screen. You'd think they would at least put in one of the Wiggly Dancer gals.

    • Is Jeff Asleep or Awake? Continuity Goof:
      In the video for Let's Go (We're Riding in the Big Red Car) Jeff falls asleep, and Murray says to let him sleep. In the final scene, Jeff is shown awake and looking around, while the music shows he is yawning and waking up.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • (after Anthony gets his drums back from Bill O'Reilly)
      Greg: Are you ready, Anthony?
      Anthony: I'm ready, Greg. (plays drum motif from "Five Little Joeys")
      Greg: Are you ready, Jeff?
      Jeff: I'm ready, Greg. (plays "Can You Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?" on his keyboard)
      Greg: Are you ready, Murray?
      Murray: (looks confused) Um, not quite. Sorry guys.
      Jeff: Where's your guitar, Murray?
      Murray: Well, Bill's band were playing at another concert, and I lent my guitar to Bill O'Reilly.
      Greg, Anthony and Jeff: Oh, really?
      Murray: No! O'Reilly!

    • (The Wiggles give Wags their order)
      Greg: We need (singing to the tune of "12 days of christmas")
      Four Crunchy Apples…
      Six Guitar Strings…
      And a Two Pillows for Jeff-rey.
      Murray and Jeff: Two pillows!
      Greg: (singing) for Jeff-rey.
      Anthony: (singing in an extremely low bass voice): He likes to sleeeeep.

    • Anthony: After our last show, I gave our drums to our friend, Bill O'Reilly, so he could use them at his school fete.
      Greg: Who did you say you gave your drums to?
      Anthony: Bill O'Reilly.
      Greg: Oh really?
      Anthony: No. O'Reilly.
      (Anthony plays a "drum flourish" with his drum sticks and smiles. Then he looks down and realizes he's still playing air drums while a "boing" sounds.)

    • (The Wiggles notice Anthony's playing air drums)
      Murray: Anthony, what are you doing?
      Anthony: Murray, good question. I'm a r-r-rockin' on my drums. Yeah!
      Jeff: Anthony, you might think you're drumming but I can't hear anything.
      Anthony: Well, that's because they're very quiet drums.
      Greg: Anthony, they're not quiet drums. Ha! You don't have any drums at all.
      Anthony: Ohh! Well I was hoping you wouldn't notice, Greg.

    • Captain Feathersword (in a proper English voice): And now we'll hear the operatic sounds of Paulo Pianoforte.
      Friendly Pirate Dave: Ooh, Paulo Pianoforte, I'm such a fan!

    • Captain Feathersword (in a DJ voice): And now we'll hear the Hit of the Week. It's a solid hit. It's a solid gold number one hit. It's hot. It's hotter than hot. It's Hot Hot Hot! (pause, then singing like Elvis) Hot Potato, Hot Potato…

  • NOTES (3)

    • Release history
      US release: June 6, 2006

    • The character Bill O'Reilly makes his first appearance. His name has been used as a recurring gag "Oh Really? No, O'Reilly." in the series.

    • The Spanish Henry is voiced by Mario Martinez Dias who can be seen in Wiggle Around the Clock and during the Big Red Boat song.

      The Spanish Captain Feathersword is voiced by Johnny Martin who is a nephew of Greg Truman