The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v40

Surfer Jeff (VIDEO-2012)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Jun 21, 2012 on Universal Kids



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    • The Wiggles, Captain Feathersword and Gino the Genie hum along to "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" while Dr. Johnny Taitz gives allergy tips before the song "Ooey, Ooey, Ooey Allergies!".

    • A new uniform design for the Wiggles was debuted in the song "Waltzing Matilda" - the pants now have two stripes instead of just one, and the shirts have two shiny v-neck strips. The rest of the video features their previous uniforms.

    • Greg Page returns as the Yellow Wiggle.

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  • Notes

    • The video was shot on location at: Sydney & Gold Coast, Australia; Abu Dhabi, UAE; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; Paris, France; and Rome, Italy. Some of the scenes were at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney.

    • The closing credits give "Special Thanks" to "Pauline and Paul for the use of their driveway.", referring to producer Paul Field. They also give thanks to Larry Malone for driving the boats, and Anthony (Field) for use of his boats.

    • Release History

      Australia DVD release: June 21, 2012

      Australia CD release: May 3, 2012 (R-301688-2)

    • Song Notes

      "Rolling Down the Sandhills/Running Up the Sandhills" is from Wiggle Bay.

      "C'est Wags, C'est Bon" is also from Wiggle Bay but appears to be re-recorded with Anthony's bass voice emphasized during the lyric "The doggie with the dancing feet."

      "Balla Balla Bambina" is from Toot Toot! and has been re-recorded so that the main melody doesn't have just Greg and someone else singing but also a bass voice.

      "An Irish Dinosaur Tale" is based on "Pipers Waltz" but has Dorothy singing some lyrics.

      "Would You Like To Go To Scotland?" is based on "A Scottish Christmas" from Yule Be Wiggling but with lyrics.

      "London Barcarolle" is the third barcarolle version The Wiggles have done to the tune of Offenbach's Barcarolle. Simon Pryce sings this version. They have previously done a Sydney Barcarolle on Sailing Around the World, and a Christmas Barcarolle on Santa's Rockin', both of which feature Sam Moran singing. Dorothy the Dinosaur (Carolyn Ferrie) also did a Seashell Barcarolle for her TV series in 2009. On November 2012, Anthony Field posted "French Barcarolle" on Facebook sung by Gino the Genie.

      "Ooey Ooey Allergies" has undergone several revisions as documented on their website and Youtube channel.
      * The original version of The Allergy Song was featured as a behind-the-scenes video clip by Murray showing Greg, Simon, and Dorothy (in costume) singing in studio. The version posted on their Youtube on February 2012 "covers a wider range of allergies (this version includes eggs and dairy).", includes Wiggly dancers and Gino the Genie, and Jeff doing the Wiggle groove. Also the Wiggles are promoting the organization Anaphylaxis Australia.

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