The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode 19

The Biggest Smile of All

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Dec 29, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

Murray notices Jeff is asleep. Let's wake him up. 1, 2, 3, Wake up Jeff! Jeff wakes up and says it's time for a nursery rhyme.
Song #1: Hey Diddle Diddle
Sam and Dorothy sing. Anthony plays the Cat and the Fiddle. Jeff plays the cow that jumps over the moon. Wags plays the laughing dog. Murray holds the dish and the spoon.
Anthony, dressed as a king introduces the next song.
Song #2: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing - featuring Leo Sayer
Leo and Sam take turns singing lead, and the Wiggles are asked to sing in Greek halfway through the song.
Anthony arrives outside Wiggle House to check the letterbox before he goes inside. He finds a letter for him because it has his picture and his name on the front. But who is it from? He explains that sometimes people write their name on the back of the envelope to tell who it's from, but there's nothing there. Hey, look at the stamp! It's not an Australian stamp, but from another country. He wonders who would send a letter from another country, perhaps someone travelling? Looking again at the back of the envelope, Anthony realizes he missed a sticker of two featherswords. He then guesses that it's from Captain Feathersword, with some help from the audience. Inside is a photo of his very old friend, Captain Feathersword.
Song #3: The Biggest Smile of All
The Wiggles each sing about who is sleepy, who is sleepier, and which is the sleepiest. The following verses include being hungry, singing soft, having big smiles, spinning fast, and who is tallest.
Wiggles Skit Wags is outside his doghouse looking in the flowers and grass for something. The Wiggles appear and wonder what's wrong, so Sam asks him. Wags says he lost a bone and can't find it anywhere, so as he goes back to looking around, the Wiggles decide they want to help him. Sam suggests they get him a new bone, though Jeff wonders what kind of bone. Anthony thinks a meaty bone from the butcher's, but he's not sure what sort he likes. Murray suggests a chewy bone, but once he chewed it, it would be gone.
Captain now joins the Wiggles, asking if they've seen Wags. Murray tells him he's looking for his bone. Captain pulls out a toy bone, telling them he saw it at the pet store and thinks that Wags might like it. When Anthony asks what it can do, Captain squeezes it so it makes a squeak. Anthony excitedly tells Captain to hide it as Wags is approaching.
Jeff asks Wags if he had any luck, but alas Wags could not find his bone. Captain Feathersword pulls out his squeaky bone and gives it a squeak. The Wiggles explain what happened to Wags, who is thrilled with the gift and the skit ends with them all howling in delight.
Segue: Anthony, Emily, Sam and Clare promenade and bow/curtsey as elegant dancers.
Jeff, looking like a cat, introduces Duke Ellington's The Mooche
Song #4: The Mooche (Instrumental)
The Wiggles are dressed in cool zoot suits, and they sport cat noses, while the dancers are dressed up in fuller cat costumes.
Anthony the Sailor Anthony is dressed as a sailor and dances a little bit of the hornpipe. Captain Feathersword appears and asks if that's Anthony. Anthony says that it is him. Captain wonders what he's dressed as today, but Anthony tells him to guess.
Captain looks at his head and states he's wearing a racing driver's racing helmet, but Anthony tells him it's not. Captain says it is. Anthony disagrees. After more disagreeing, Captain asks him what it is. Anthony suggests he asks our friends, the audience, who tell Captain that it's a sailor's hat. Captain asks Anthony if it is a sailor's hat, and Anthony confirms that it is.
Anthony now holds out is neckerchief and asks Captain what this is. Captain correctly guesses that it is a sailor's neckerchief.
When asked about Anthony's shirt, Captain thinks it's a lumberjack's lumberjacket. Anthony says no, Captain says it is, repeat. With some help again from the audience, Captain guesses the right answer of a sailor's shirt.
When asked about Anthony's pants, Captain thinks they're cowboy pants. Another argument ensues, the audience helps, and Captain figures out he's wearing sailor's pants.
Now it's time to guess what Anthony is. Captain still doesn't know, and asks for a hint. Anthony hums and dances the hornpipe, and Captain knows now: Anthony is a sailor!
Captain asks Anthony where he is going. Anthony replies he's going with the Captain to sail the seven seas.
Song #5: See-Saw Margery Daw
Featuring Dorothy and Captain on a see-saw. Look for Muzza's guitar solo!
[Segue of the Wiggly Dancers dancing through the scene.] Song #6: One Finger, One Thumb
The Wiggles take turns singing these verses where they add another body part or action each time around. Then Captain Feathersword sings, then Captain and Sam sing the longest verse.
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