The Wiggles

Episode s2

The Wiggles Australia Day Concert Special (AUS TV-2011)

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Jan 26, 2011 on Hulu

Episode Recap

Opening logo: The Wiggles Big Birthday

Song #1: Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car
The Wiggles add in some lines like "We better wake him now."

The Wiggles introduce themselves. Anthony wishes everyone Happy Australia Day and wants everyone to keep Jeff awake.

Song #2: Rock-a-bye your bear
On the second time through, they have the audience sing.

Of course, Jeff falls asleep at the end of the song. Sam says on the count of three, we'll wake him up. Anthony has a soccer ball and says when Jeff wakes, he'll head the ball into the audience and cheer for the World Cup team. He hands Jeff the soccer ball, and everyone counts, "1, 2, 3, Wake Up Jeff!" Jeff wakes up, thanks everyone, and declares, "We're gonna win the next World Cup!" He then does a header on the soccer ball.

Anthony says he's hungry, as an inflatable mat is brought out. Then Ringo the Ringmaster comes out and sings about getting hot popcorn. Anthony asks the audience if you'd like some hot poppin' popcorn? The audience affirms. Ringo says the popcorn is just around the corn-er.

Song #3: Hot Poppin' Popcorn
Ringo sings this song. Captain and another dancer are dressed in popcorn outfits. They do flips and bounces on the mattress. Dorothy and Henry join in the fun.

Anthony introduces the mascots. He then talks about how Murray's been working out, and he's gotten really fit. "Have a look at Murray!" Murray comes out and he's full of muscles. He's been getting strong and he asks everyone to show their muscles with a pose. Let's all get strong together.

Song #4: Getting Strong
The mascots do some handstands.

Anthony waves bye to Muscleman Murray. Wags does a walking handstand. Dorothy dances while Captain Feathersword beatboxes. The mascots leave. Sam leads the next song.

Song #5: Joannie Works with One Hammer
Jeff's fallen asleep. 1, 2, 3, Wake Up Jeff!! Jeff wakes up and is spinning around doing an octopus dance.

Song #6: Move Your Arms Like Henry

Sam leads the next song
Song #7: The Monkey Dance

Anthony has a challenge for you. Can you put your hands on your head? Can you put your hands on your shoulders? Can you put your hands on your hips? Can you put your hands on your toes? Let's do it quickly, and then put your toe to your nose.
Song #8: Follow the Leader
Anthony and Ringo sing the first part. Dorothy joins in with a dance. Murray and Jeff join in.

Anthony asks Dorothy what she loves the best? She loves roses. How about a dance? She'd love to. Anthony asks the audience, and they cheer. He asks everyone to stand up for the next song.
Song #9: Romp Bomp A Stomp

Anthony waves bye to Dorothy. Anthony asks the grownups to sit down again. Sam asks the audience if they can count to 9. Captain answers quickly that he can: 1, 2, 3, 4, 9! Sam then counts with everyone slowly from 1 to 9.
Song #10: Dr. Knickerbocker

Murray introduces Wags the Dog
Song #11: Wave to Wags

Anthony asks Wags if he'd like to say something special. Wags does. Anthony asks if everyone understood that; he said "Happy Australia Day". Everyone says "Happy Australia Day, Wags" and wave him goodbye.

Anthony remarks that Sam is dressed in his favorite kind of fruit. What could it be? It's watermelon. Jeff is coming out in his favorite fruit: It's round, red, it's crunchy. Is it an apple? Yes, it's an apple. Anthony comes out in a blueberry outfit and a guitar and sunglasses, saying you may think I'm a blueberry, but for Australia Day, he wants to be a (plays guitar) blues-berry. Murray comes out in a banana outfit. Anthony introduces their special guest, the international, meteorological superstar, from The Today Show in America, Al Roker! Al comes out in a grapes outfit.

Song #12: Fruit Salad
The Wiggles have Al Roker sing as well.

Anthony hides his head in his blueberry outfit and waves his arms around as Jeff plays snake charm music song on his keytar. Anthony stands up and makes his way to the mattress, he then pops his head out.

Anthony and Captain Feathersword are on stage now. Anthony tells Captain to deliver a special Australia Day message. Captain says "Happy Australia …" but then he screams DAY really loudly that Anthony falls backwards. Anthony asks him to say it again: "Happy Australia Day" with a more daintly gentle arm flowing gesture. Captain does the arm gesture and says, "Happy Australia… (he starts cracking up) DAY!" Anthony falls backwards again. Anthony tells Captain to try to settle down and peaceful. He tells Captain to picture a bird, and he flaps his arms to say the phrase. Captain will try that. He starts flapping his arms like a bird. He says "Happy Australia" in a high pitch voice, twice, and then barks "DAY!" at Anthony, 'causing him to fall again. Anthony says they'll try one more time, this time with a whisper, but Anthony does some funny dancing while saying "Happy Australia Day". Captain cracks up again but he attempts to imitate Anthony. Captain says "Happy Australia…" and then dances around behind Anthony, but still barks "DAY!" so Anthony falls again. Murray joins the group asking what's going on. Anthony explains that Captain screams at the end of "Happy Australia Day". Murray tells Captain he should say it quietly and gently. Murray demonstrates. "Happy Australia….DAY!!!" He screams DAY louder than Captain ever did, that Captain and Anthony both fall over.

Song #13: Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship

Sam asks everyone to take a seat. He asks everyone to wiggle their fingers in the air like stars.

Song #14: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Captain does some ballet with Dorothy but falls over a few times. The third time, they have everyone sing.

Anthony asks everyone to put their hands up and clap with Dorothy.
Song #15: Sing With Me
Dorothy does a handstand on Anthony. Later, Anthony asks everyone to echo sing the la la la part of the song. Then Anthony says the three singers (Captain, Ringo, and Sam) are going to have a contest of who can hold the last note the longest. Captain collapses. Sam and Ringo keep holding the note, but Ringo collapses. Sam then collapses as he wins.

Al Roker and others rejoin the stage in the final song.
Song #16: Hot Potato

Murray hope everyone had a great time. It's time to wave goodbye to everyone. The mascots are waved goodbye, also Ringo the Ringmaster. The Wiggles and Al Roker then take a bow together.

Closing logo: The Wiggles Big Birthday

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