The Wiggles

Season 6 Episode v33

The Wiggles: Big, Big Show! (VIDEO-2009)

Aired Daily 9:00 AM Sep 29, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

US Release: September 29, 2009 on Warner Home Video
Wiggly Big Big Show
The theatrical release (UK and AUS) features an introduction by Anthony where he is excited about the upcoming show. It's gonna be lots of fun. He visits each of the other Wiggles as they prepare. Jeff is dressed up as Humpty Dumpty; he's asleep. Wake Up Jeff! He tells Jeff he's eggs-cellent. Murray is tuning his guitar; is everyone ready to play your guitar with Murray? Great. Sam is sitting in the Big Red Car; he's putting on his seat belt. Fantastic. Captain Feathersword is jumping off some block onto a small trampoline and then bounces back. He does that a few times while talking with Anthony and greeting the movie viewers. Then Anthony goes to another part of the stage where he sees some of the acrobats who are walking across on their hands. Anthony says he can do that too, but instead of walking on his hands, he crouches down and puts his hands on the ground and walks sideways.
Jeff runs out to the middle of the stage and waves to the crowd. He goes to his keyboard. He makes a knuckle crackling gesture and sound, and the proceeds to play "Chopsticks." He receives some applause. Then he falls asleep. Wake Up Jeff! Jeff wakes up. He smiles, and then starts playing part of the first song as dancers come out.
Song #1: Swedish Rhapsody (instrumental)
Jeff helps some of the dancers finish their back walkovers. Jeff and the dancers leave. Some dancers walk in on their hands. Sam comes in with a group of dancers; they dance and leave. Murray arrives by himself and plays the melody on his red guitar, Murray leaves; Anthony arrives, hopping in on one leg, and leading a large group of dancers. Anthony leaves as the dancers stay around and do more acrobatic and gymnastic stunts, leading to a cheerleader back flip toss in the air. Now it's time for the familiar intro song as the Big Red Car rolls out.
Song #2: Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga, Big Red Car
The Wiggles get out and greet everyone at Sydney. Anthony asks if they're ready to sing and dance? He tells Jeff to sleep. Are you ready to wake up Jeff? Jeff falls asleep. Wake Up Jeff! Jeff wakes up. Now it's time for Rock-a-Bye Your Bear.
Song #3: Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
The second time through, they ask the audience to sing it while they sing the backup part.
Sam and Murray notice everyone's telling them Jeff has fallen asleep. Anthony says maybe if we wake Jeff up, he might do something fun like shout "Whoo! Hey! Whoo-Whoo!" and say that he feels like Don Ameche in Cocoon. Then he might jump up the stairs. Anthony goes to the staircase and has the audience count the five steps as he jumps up. Then Jeff might jump from the top onto the trampoline and do multiple somersaults. Anthony jumps down. Jeff starts chuckling. The others mention he might be sleep-laughing. Let's wake up Jeff. 1, 2, 3, Wake Up Jeff! Jeff hops up and goes, "Whoo, hey, whoo-whoo! I feel like Don Ameche in Cocoon". He heads to the stairs and jumps: everyone counts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5! Then he steadies himself above the trampoline and jumps on it, but only does a single somersault. Good enough. Well done, Jeff. Now it's time for a ballet with Captain Feathersword.
Song #4: Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship (Quack, Quack)
Captain Feathersword comes out with a bunch of ballet dancers. Two guys dressed as ducks get onto the rings and do stunts. Anthony gets on the rings as well.
Anthony says it's time for a special type of music. Time for left handed ribbon twirling. He starts twirling one of the ribbons with his left hand while lifting and holding his right leg up in the air. Then Anthony lowers himself down for a split but he's stuck. He laughs and says, "Then I'm gonna stay here for the rest of the show." Murray asks if he can get up. Anthony will try. He slowly bends over and pushes himself up with his hands. He stands up. Murray asks everyone to help out for the next song. Every time Sam says, "Hoop-Dee-Doo!" we want you to clap along. They practice a few times and then it's time for the Wiggly polka song.
Song #5: Hoop-Dee-Doo
Anthony decides to do a handstand during the song. More dancers go around the stage while the Wiggles go out into the audience and greet their fans. Anthony comes out later with some balloons and gets lifted up by the dancers.

The song ends; Anthony calls out for Sam who is still in the audience. Anthony's got another ending for the song, a Hoop-Dee-Doo ending Number Two. They replay the ending music; Anthony and the dancers form a line and do Chorus Line kicks and then drop to a split.
Anthony calls out for Sam again; he's got another ending: Hoop-Dee-Doo ending Number Three. They replay the ending music; with the Wiggly Dancers' help, Anthony, Jeff, and Murray do handstands.
Anthony calls out for Sam once more. He tells him to take his time as he has one more ending: Hoop-Dee-Doo ending Number Four. They replay the ending music. The dancers form a human pyramid two levels high. Jeff and Anthony climb on top to form the third level and then stand.

It's time for another Wiggles cIassic.
Song #6: Here Comes a Bear
Jeff and Anthony alternate stanzas in singing this song. Jeff gets on the stage floor to do the snake slithering. Jeff and Anthony crawl for the wombat part.

Murray comes out with a vest and plays guitar. Sam comes out and asks if they would like to meet Henry the Octopus? Great! Would you like to meet a friend of ours, Wags the Dog? How about our other friend, who is … uh … Sam ponders, but the audience shouts out the answer. That's right; would you like to meet Dorothy the Dinosaur? Yeah!
Song #7: You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
In the first part of the song, Henry comes out, and then Wags comes out during the part where they talk about the dog. Dorothy comes out in the second part of the song. In the third part they ask everyone to sing along in Greek, and everyone does so.

Murray does a cool guitar riff. Anthony asks him to do that again. Cool. The Wiggles feel like getting strong. Captain starts beat boxing and rapping about getting strong; he spins to the floor and poses. Murray invites everyone to sing the next song.
Song #8: Getting Strong!
Dorothy does a handstand during the strong. Afterwards, Anthony asks Wags to come over and has Wags do a handstand as well.

Anthony says we're ready to play a game called Follow the Leader. He asks the audience "Can you do this?" He does some actions and the kids imitate. This repeats a few times like a Simon Says game. That's great. Let's sing the song.
Song #9: Follow the Leader
Anthony sings the first part. Dorothy sings the second part. Murray sings the third part.

Murray introduces the next song. Anthony is going to dress up as Old Dan Tucker. Sam teaches everyone the main chorus and clap along for the song.
Song #10: Old Dan Tucker
Some of the highlights include when Jeff stands on a dancer's shoulders and tries to toss the hat right onto Anthony's head (he does it on the second try). Anthony gets on the rings again and does a split. He also does a handstand and splits his legs; the dancers put his hat on his foot. As he rights himself up, Anthony tries to kick his hat from his foot onto his head, which he almost does.

Murray introduces Sam who is dressed in a white coat and he has something on his neck. Anyone know what it is? A stethoscope. What is he dressed as? A doctor. That's right. This doctor likes to count to the number 9. Let's all count together. They all count to 9.
Song #11: Dr. Knickerbocker

Murray says how lots of people like to dance. We have a friend who likes to dance. She's green and she loves to eat roses. It's Dorothy! Dorothy comes out and greets everyone. Murray compliments her dress. It's a tutu, which is what you wear for ballet. Dorothy does some ballet moves while Jeff plays the Swedish Rhapsody melody on the keyboard. She loves to dance but she also loves something else. She loves roses. Murray asks everyone to hold up his or her roses. It's that time of the show where you can give your roses, bones, and other gifts to Dorothy and friends. Some of the dancers head out to the audience to handle the pickup. Now let's dance Dorothy's favorite dance.
Song #12: Romp Bomp a Stomp
Anthony has Dorothy thank everyone for the roses. What do you do with those roses? Eat them! And if she doesn't eat them, she puts in them in a lovely …vase. And if she doesn't put them in the vase, she takes the petals and makes rosy…tea. That's right. Let's have a tea party.
Song #13: To Have a Tea Party
Sam says let's all wave to Wags the Dog!
Song #14: Wave to Wags

Murray says the Wiggly Dancers have collected lots of bones. Now it's time to dance with the big monkey man. Sam teaches the main verses and actions "I never saw him, I only hear him, hugging up the big monkey man"
Song #15: Monkey Man
Sam sings Kylie Minogue's parts. Ben Murray is dressed up as the Monkey Man. Ben, Anthony, and Jeff get on the rings briefly. Later on Captain Feathersword comes out in a horse costume and sings a part.
The song is over but Jeff is still monkey dancing. Jeff slows down. He's fallen asleep. But before we wake Jeff up, Anthony says let's speculate on what he'll do. He will go "Whoo-whoo-whoo! I'm the Monkey Man!" then go to the stairs and jump up them. Anthony heads to the stairs and jumps up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Then he'll jump onto the trampoline and grab the rings, and spin around 25 times. He calls out for the acrobat performer Dmitri who jumps onto another ring and spins around on the ring. It should be easy. Murray notices Jeff is sleep laughing again.
Let's try it: 1, 2, 3, Wake Up Jeff! Jeff wakes up, makes some wooing noises and says, "I'm the Monkey Man!" He goes to the stairs and jumps: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps. Then he steadies himself over the trampoline and jumps. He bounces and catches the ring and starts spinning. Anthony counts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…25! (He skips the numbers in between).

Let's sing another counting song. Dorothy is playing hide and seek. When you see her, be sure to wave your arms in the air.
Song #16: One, Two, Three, Four, Five
Sam sings the main part. Dorothy appears from a backdrop and sings; the Wiggles and the audience wave at her. That was wonderful.

Captain Feathersword comes out; he has a surprise. He has seen some fairies and they made him an honorary fairy (i.e. he is wearing fairy wings). Let's sing a song about fairies.
Song #17: The Fairy Dance
Dancers in fairy costumes arrive one at a time. Anthony is Fairy #6; he comes out driving a little motorbike. When Fairy #8 (Clare) comes out, she gets on the motorbike and rides with Anthony. After the song concludes, they acknowledge Fairy Clare saying she needs to get back to her town of Keats Landing.

Sam and Murray drag out some large gym mat pads. One is placed as a mat and the other is set up like a block, which is the wall for their next skit. Jeff comes out dressed as Humpty Dumpty. Humpty looks around. Sam and Murray wonder what he's looking for. Oh, he sees the wall. Humpty climbs on the wall and sits on it. We know what's going to happen but let's sing the verse anyway.
Song #18: Humpty Dumpty
Some dancers come out as the king's horses and king's men and they circle Humpty who fell and landed on the mat.

Anthony comes out dressed out as a sailor along with the Wiggly Navy. Anthony says they can do some wonderful gymnastic stunts. Dmitri Zorin is first as he does some stunts. Adrian Quinnell is next; he does a back flip and some more stunts. Megan and Kyle are next. Kyle hoists Megan up and she does a handstand on Kyle's hands!
Song #19: Six Months in a Leaky Boat
Sam sings the main song with Captain Feathersword. At one part of the song, Kyle and Dmitri do combined cartwheels. Towards the end of the song, the dancers unravel sheets to form a boat, hoist one of the dancers to form a mast, and they "sail" away.

It's time for some marching. Anthony goes to the drum set and starts playing. Captain Feathersword comes out marching. Anthony speeds up his drumming. Captain Feathersword marches faster. Anthony speeds up even faster. Captain Feathersword runs and arrives at the center of the stage with his spider hat. He is going to tell the story of Little Miss Muffet.
Song #20: Little Miss Muffet
Captain wears his spider hat and recites the story while Little Miss Muffet comes out. He makes really noisy slurping sounds whenever Little Miss Muffet eats. The first time through the rhyme, he frightens Little Miss Muffet away. He then tells Little Miss Muffet, "You can come back; there's no spider." The audience disagrees. Captain says, "You can't see him." The kids yell. Captain says, "Oh no you can't." The kids reply, "Oh yes we can." Captain says, "Oh no you can't." The kids reply, "Oh yes we can." This repeats a bunch of times like with the skits in the Wiggle and Learn series. Captain gives up and says okay there's a spider. He recites the second rhyme, but this time he doesn't scare Little Miss Muffet, but they link arms and head together offstage.

Sam, Jeff, and Anthony come out in their Beatles hairdos. As they each bow, Anthony's wig falls off. They say, "Help! We need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help we need…Murray!" Murray comes out and it's time for the next song. Murray tells everyone to play guitars.
Song #21: Play Your Guitar With Murray
No putting up big balloons in this one. Murray plays while the dancers do jumps and flips on a long bouncing mattress. Murray evens lie down on the mattress as people jump over him including Jeff!

Sam teaches everyone the next dance: first, shake your arms like this, and then shimmy your shoulders. Let's put it together.
Song #22: The Shimmie Shake!
Wags comes out and joins in the dancing.
Anthony and Captain are on stage. Anthony says, "Ahoy there, Captain Feathersword." And Captain answers back. Anthony remarks how they're in beautiful Sydney; people are watching us all over the world. Captain says he better tell them about a man. Anthony goes over to the drums. Captain says he knows a man. Anthony does a drum roll. Captain says he's a big man. Anthony drums again. He's got a big coat. He's got a long white beard. He's got lots of reindeer. Do you know whom I'm talking about? That's right; it's Santa! Let's do a reindeer dance, everyone!
Song #23: Here Come the Reindeer
Santa makes an appearance on stage.

After the song concludes, Anthony has Santa tell everyone Merry Christmas. He stands on two of his elves. Murray says go out to the audience and say hello. Santa does just that.
Song #24: Great Big Man in Red
Santa goes out into the audience and greets the kids.

Santa needs to go to the North Pole now but the Wiggles want him to show off his Santa's Rockin' dance. He does just that and then the Wiggles tell everyone to wave goodbye to Santa Claus.

Anthony tells the audience that they're going to dim the lights for the next song, so please bring your children back to their seats and make sure they aren't running around in the dark. We need starlight. They ask the audience to turn on their light sticks, hold up cell phones, and you can use camera flashes for the stars when the lights dim. Ready? Here we go. The lights dim, and the camera flashes make the audience area look like a carpet of twinkling stars. Sam begins to sing as ballet dancers come out.
Song #25: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
The lights come back up. They're nearing the end of the show, so they give thanks to the show's real stars, who are the children. Murray reads some signs from the audience. Murray asks everyone to stand up for the song.

Song #26: Hot Potato
Murray thanks everyone for coming.

The dancers are acknowledged by name as they come out one at a time. Then each of the Mascots comes out - credits of who is in the costume show on screen. Captain calls each of the Wiggles for the curtain call. Confetti flies and falls gently in the air as the Wiggles say goodbye and see you next year. Credits roll as the audience leaves.