The Wiggles

Episode 0

The Wiggles Live at Disneyland Park

Aired Daily 4:30 PM Dec 20, 1998 on Hulu
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The Wiggles Live at Disneyland Park

The Wiggles visit Disneyland and do fun things such as performing at a concert at the Fantasyland Theatre and looking for Mickey Mouse.

Song List:

1. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear

2. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)

3. Hot Potato

4. DOROTHY (My Favorite Dinosaur)

5. Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)

6. Wake Up Jeff!

7. We're Dancing with Wags the Dog

8. Quack Quack

9. Henry's Dance

10. Wiggly Medley


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    Elisha Burke

    Elisha Burke

    Henry the Octopus

    Guest Star

    Leeanne Ashley

    Leeanne Ashley

    Dorothy the Dinosaur

    Recurring Role

    Edward Rooke

    Edward Rooke

    Wags the Dog

    Recurring Role

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    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Greg: (looking at a Disneyland map) Wow, this sure is a big place. I think we have to split up.
        Jeff and Anthony: Yeah.
        Greg: OK well, Murray and I will go together and uh, Anthony and Jeff, you go together.
        Jeff and Anthony: Great idea.
        Anthony: I want to see Tomorrowland.
        Murray: I want to go on Splash Mountain.
        Jeff: I want to see Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
        Anthony, Greg and Murray: (sternly) Jeff, no sleeping.
        (Jeff shrugs nervously.)

      • (Jeff is sleeping in front of the entrance to Disneyland. Anthony, Greg and Murray arrive.)
        Greg: Wow, we've made it! We've made it at Disneyland but look at Jeff. He's asleep. (We look at Jeff sleeping in close-up.) He still thinks we're on the plane. We better wake him up so when I count to 3, let's all say "Wake up, Jeff". 1, 2, 3.
        Anthony, Greg and Murray: Wake up, Jeff!
        Jeff: (waking up) What happened?!? Where are we?
        Murray: In Disneyland.
        Jeff: Disneyland?!? That's where Mickey Mouse lives here.
        Greg: That's right. C'mon, let's see if we can find him.
        Wiggles: Yeah!

    • NOTES (5)

      • The Wiggles performed at the Fantasyland Theatre in Disneyland twice daily from September 29, 1998 to October 1, 1998. Parts of their performances were recorded by Disney Channel Australia for this special.

      • End Credits:
        Sound - Chris Brooks, Alan Ferguson
        Staging Assistant - Matt Acland
        Choreography - Leanne Halloran
        International Consultant - Wayne Covell
        Accounts - Karen Smith
        Logistics Co-ordinator - Paula Dunn
        Tour Manager - Paul Field

        Thanks to Quantas - Sherry Woods and team

        WDA - Whitney Small

        Publicity/Co-ordination - Chris Fruean

        WDTV-I - Su-Mei Thompson

        Thanks to EMI Music Publishing, John Anderson


        Location Camera - Brian Hall, Bill McQueen

        Online Editing - Zero 1 Zero, Mike Baber

        Publicity/Promotions - Sanchia Curran, Allison McHenry, Kristy Prisk

        Production Co-ordinator - Sam Skipper

        Marketing Director - Susan Metcalf

        Thanks to The team and friends at Disneyland

        Producer/Director - Gary Mathisen

      • Captain's Magic Buttons
        The Wiggles debut a gimmick where Captain Feathersword's coat has magical musical pirate buttons that can be pushed to do different things, such as making him talk fast and slow. For the concert version, the final button press makes confetti come out.

      • Captain Feathersword does a gimmick where he says "Blow me down" and one of the Wiggles such as Anthony blows him down.

      • The special aired on Disney Channel Australia on December 20, 1998 in the spot normally scheduled for "The Wonderful World of Disney". It was also broadcast on Prime Television. It has neither aired on Disney Channel in United States, nor been released to video.

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